RiutBag R15.3 Commuter Laptop Backpack Cordura Waterproof

Monday, August 05, 2019

Sometimes, it is not about inventing an entirely new concept but adapting ideas in small and subtle ways to greatly enhance them!
The concept of conveniently carrying one's belongings has been beautifully implemented on the RiutBag R15.3, which it's a snazzy commuter backpack with a suitcase style and stealthy design that can be used for commuting to work and for transiting airports and underground stations.
You won't find any zips on the front of the RiutBag R15.3 as the backpack is completely sealed from the outside. All outer zips are hidden behind your back, making it virtually impossible for even the craftiest pickpocketer to reach in!
YKK zips
The RiutBag R15.3 backpack has been reinforced with thick TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) fabric to protect the bottom of the backpack against water ingress and accidental scuffs.
Not all commuter backpacks have a reinforced bottom so it's nice to see the RiutBag R15.3 featuring a waterproof base that is also easy to clean and resistant against dirty puddle water.
Speaking of cleaning, the RiutBag R15.3 can be washed on a regular washing machine cycle but has to be allowed to dry out naturally. Detergent or softener cannot be used either because these will remove the waterproofing coating off the backpack.
The RiutBag R15.3 backpack is made of heavy duty 1000 Denier Cordura nylon/polyester fabric, which is a fire retardant fabric coated with polyurethane so, the exterior of the backpack is waterproof.
The RiutBag R15.3 weighs 1.3 kg and measures 50cm (19.5 inch) tall, 35cm (13.8 inch) wide an 16cm (6 inch) wide, when expanded.
There is a small webbing loop on the front of the RiutBag R15.3 to clip or attach anything you can think of , including a road cycling helmet, flashlight, or even a monopod.
The front of the shoulder straps feature a pipe seam to allow the gliders of the sternum chest strap to easily move up and down. The chest straps can be removed entirely from the shoulder straps, which is nice.
The RiutBag R15.3 shoulder straps are comfortable and measure 8cm wide and 2cm thick foam padding. The back of the shoulder straps feature the same breathable mesh material you get on the backside.
Another thoughtful feature you get with the RiutBag R15.3 backpack are elastic webbing keepers to tidy loose straps. This is a simple and effective way to secure the excess webbing straps on backpacks without having to sew or cut the straps down.
A backpack with a waste belt strap is another useful addition to any backpack especially when carrying heavy loads. Waist belt straps actually help to transfer up to 85% of your backpack’s load from your shoulders to your hips.
For a 20-litre backpack like the RiutBag R15.3, would mean 16 litres of the weight of the backpack is magically lifted off your shoulders.
However the RuitBag waist belt will not transfer much weight because it doesn't feature the thick foam padding that would be needed for the waist strap to transfer weight from the shoulders to the hips.
Having the waist strap feature on the RiutBag R15.3 backpack is still useful for stabilizing your backpack against your back so the backpack doesn't swing side to side.
The RiutBag R15.3 female buckle ends allow you to clip on a buckle male to male end hip belt, which is not included with the RiutBag R15.3. You could use a third-party male to male waist strap that can fit or buy a waist strap from the Riut website.
The zip rounded pocket on the back of the RiutBag R15.3 is useful for storing keys, a smartphone and other valuables. There is even a dedicated safe-place for a passport, which fits inside a netted elastic mesh.
Thanks to the d-shape design of this zip d pocket and smooth-closing  zippers, you are able to access this pocket while wearing the backpack, which is pretty cool.
Just above the d-pocket, you find a suitcase trolley strap, which is sewn to the foam padding mesh of the RiutBag R15.3 backside. The breathable mesh does help to minimize a sweaty backside and it's nice that the d-pocket is raised to allow air to ventilate across the back.

Moving on to the top section of the RiutBag R15.3 commuter backpack, you find another pocket storage and a rather unique handle with an oversize design that makes it very grabable and easy to hold.
The RiutBag R15.3 has a suitcase style opening that allows you to zip wide open the backpack 180 degrees, revealing a privacy mesh covering the main compartment.
The privacy mesh has dual zippers that allow you to open a small pocket so, you can reach in with your hand without revealing everything that is inside your bag.
If you need to open the entire mesh, you can fully unzip it, roll it up and neatly clip it into place out of the way.
The inside of the RiutBag R15.3 has a large space lined with bright yellow material and a netted mesh zip pocket.
Having bright lining inside bags is always a plus because it makes everything stand out inside the bag so you can easily locate all your belongings.
The other side of the half open backpack features a divided compartment designed for two laptops, a laptop or tablet, books or a couple of A4 binders.
On the sides of the laptop compartment, you find two side mesh pockets. The maximum capacity for laptops is 15-inch.
The side outer pockets are designed to hold water bottles up to 23cm in height and 7cm in diameter so, you should be able to fit comfortably a 750ml bottle.
The RiutBag R15.3 side pockets seem to be made of neoprene-like material and feature a pass-through opening on the bottom corner to fit a tripod or similar.

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