Pocket Shot Hammer Pro Arrow Kit Slingshot Arrow Launcher

Friday, August 02, 2019

The Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow Kit is a nifty arrow and ammo launcher that you can use as a backup hunting tool, as well as a home invasion deterrent!
The Pocket Hammer and Pro Arrow kit is a super cool 2-in-1 elastic launching solution that shoots pellets but can also convert into a slingbow for shooting arrows.
This clever design incorporates a screw on whisker biscuit cap or bristle arrow rest with synthetic stiff hairs and a hole in the middle for the arrow shaft to rest in perfect alignment.
The whisker biscuit seems to be the most popular arrow containment rest because of the consistency of hold, although for target shooting many prefer shooting a drop away rest.
There is advantages and disadvantages though, as over time whisker biscuits do take a toll on the fletching fins of arrows. Of course, if you use arrows without fletching whisker biscuits won't be an issue.
Whether drop away or whisker biscuit, the amount of FPS you could potentially loose from a containment rest is negligible and insignificant. Containment rests don't add any meaningful improvement to the maximum range distance or killing power either.
If you are someone who already shoots 300 FPS from a high powered bow, the Hammer Pro arrow slingshot will feel on the low end scale of power.
threaded bull tips
With that said, the Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow is capable of shooting up to 145 FPS when using full length light weight arrows and in combination with  the PRO Arrow Pouch with d-loop release.
When shooting the Hammer Pro with the red Arrow Pouch, speed decreases a little bit down to 135FPS so it's not as powerful as the PRO Arrow pouch.
On the plus side, the red Arrow Pouch is more versatile because it allows you to shoot with both arrows and steel ammo (3/8" or 5/16" in size). Both types of pouches though, are made of rubber so, they do make noise when drawing, which may be an inconvenience for stealth hunting. 
The Pocket Shot arrows come in a three-piece set, measuring 29-inches in length and weighing 15 grams each. These Pocket Shot arrows have low profile, white and orange fins made of real feathers, which are reinforced with a rubber wrap.
The shaft of the arrows is made of 100% carbon fiber and have a standard (S) diameter of 6.5mm. You can use third-party arrows, as long as the fletchings aren't made of plastic or rubber because it will interfere with the whisker biscuit.
The Pocket Shot arrows come also with three screw on bullet tips that attach to the front of the arrow. These bullet tips are made of metal and weigh 5 grams.

These bullet tip broadheads, essentially, turn the Pocket Shot arrows into bullet tip arrows, which are used for hunting. For target shooting though, field tip arrows are used because of their thin pointy tips.
The Pocket Shot arrows are suitable to use with the camo green PRO Arrow Pouch and the red Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch, three of which are included with the Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow kit.
The PRO Arrow Pouch is made of the same material as the Arrow Pouch but has a different construction, featuring an archery d-loop cord to use with a d-loop trigger release.
If you've never owned or held a gun before, the Pocket Hammer will be the closest thing to it. The Pocket Hammer handle is styled after a glock semi-automatic pistol with a Picatinny style rail mount attachment on the bottom.
These type rail attachments with spaced out rubber notches are typically found on rifles to facilitate mounting a tactical scope.
Not sure what the purpose of the rail is on the Pocket Hammer since there is no accessories available for it. Will a Pocket Shot scope be in the works?
The PRO Arrow Pouch features a similar nylon d-loop arrow nock that you get with compounded bows. This helps releasing arrows more consistently with a d-loop archery release, which is also included with the PRO Arrow kit.
The d-loop hand strap release weighs 60 grams and it's constructed with metal, leather, fabric, velcro and a metal trigger release mechanism.
The strap section of the d-loop release is comfortable and it's designed to be attached to the hand/wrist. The release mechanism, in the other hand, is designed to hold the d-loop nock via metal jaws, which pry open via a spring trigger mechanism.
Considering that the Pocket Hammer PRO Arrow isn't an actual compounded bow, the d-loop nock has been cleverly implemented. It ties around the bottom end of the PRO Arrow Pouch, which contains a nock retainer that holds the nock end of arrows.
As far as drawing, you can draw the PRO Arrow Pouch, off the pouch, like a normal pouch without the d-loop archery release. However, the d-loop archery release makes the Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow perform better because you are able to create a greater pull force with the d-loop. Included with the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow kit are the following items:
Black pocket hammer handle (you can also get it in mossy oak bottomland camo finish). The handle weighs 400 grams.

Adjustable arm support
PRO Arrow Pouch with d-Loop nock
 d-loop release hand strap
three red Arrow Pouches
a cover/removal tool cap
a whisker biscuit cap
Included are also rubber caps for the arrow tips and nock ends. Pocket Shot arrows are sold separately but you can use your own.
The cover cap that comes with the Pocket Hammer features a keyed flange so, you can disconnect the threaded flange and replace the pouch or add a different pouch to it.
If you plan to use arrows with nock ends with the red Arrow Pouch, make sure to use the included rubber caps to protect the pouch from premature tearing. Another reason to use the included rubber cap is because it makes pinching the pouch easier for drawing. Buy it on Amazon. Also, check out the Survival Kit, which has been released. Check out the new 3 Piece Takedown arrows and razortip broadheads.

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