eloop T1 Small Upward Firing Aluminum Bluetooth Speaker

Thursday, September 05, 2019

When it comes to bluetooth speakers, there are a ton of options on the market so, standing out is a clever way of catching a buyer's attention!
The eloop T1 bluetooth speaker offers a good compromise between good sound and compact design. It is small enough to be tucked inside a trouser pocket, backpack or travel luggage for a holiday or week-end away.
The bottom of the T1 speaker has a rubberized ring to prevent the speaker from sliding on a flat surface. The user control buttons and micro USB port for charging are also located on the bottom.
There is three physical buttons for controlling the audio playback. The plus button is for upping the volume (long press) and skipping to the next track (short press), while the minus button is for downing the volume and skipping to the previous track.
The middle button has three functions, including play/pausing the audio, answer and rejecting calls, as well as powering on and off the speaker. During audio playback, you get an audible sound prompt to alert you of an incoming call. After the call ends, audio playback is automatically returned. As a speakerphone, the T1 does a good job. You don't have to be too closed to the built-in microphone to pick up your voice.
There is a silicone rubber band built around the speaker that swivels outwards for carrying or hooking the speaker high up. The rubber band also doubles as a kickstand for laying the speaker at an angle, which is a nifty way to turn the T1 speaker from an upward firing position to front firing.
The built-in lithium rechargeable battery has 1000mAh capacity and charges via 5V/0.5A input, taking 3.5 hours to fully charge and delivering up to 4 hours of playtime. There is a power saving mode that is automatically entered when the speaker does not detect audio or signal connection for 30 minutes. The T1 speaker also makes an audible sound when battery is running low.
The eloop T1 speaker houses a 5-watt 45mm speaker driver with 4 ohms impedance resistance and 80dB sensitivity. With speakers, the higher the sensitivity rating the louder the speaker is. At 80dB, the eloop T1 delivers moderate sound, making ideal for listening to music while cooking in the kitchen or working on a computer.
If you plan to use the eloop T1 speaker as a desktop speaker, you should definitely buy two of them for a better experience. The eloop T1 has a TWS function that lets you pair two eloop T1 speakers for true wireless stereo audio, which also doubles the RMS power to 10 watts.
For a 5W speaker, the overall sound quality of the eloop T1 is good but a little bit flat on the sound due to its size. Where the eloop T1 speaker really shines is in the aesthetics and build quality department.
The T1 speaker housing is made from a single block of aluminium alloy, using CNC machining and treated with an anodic coating for a smooth finish. The body of the T1 speaker has, essentially, undergone a similar manufacturing to a hard anodized aluminum pan, which is extremely durable and resistant against corrosion.
The eloop T1 speaker measures 9.7cm high, 6.4cm wide and 6.2cm thick, and weighs just 212 grams, which is about the same weight as a regular smartphone. Speaking of phones, the T1 speaker uses a bluetooth 5.0 chip for wireless connectivity, which provides a stable and strong signal within a 10-meter range.
You can pair the T1 speaker to two devices at the same time. When connected to another bluetooth 5.0 device, the eloop T1 speaker has a better battery and wireless signal performance. The T1 speaker is backwards compatible though so, it will work with previous versions of bluetooth (i.e, v.4.2, 4.0, etc). The eloop T1 speaker comes with a 1 year warranty provided by eloop Electronics

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