Vanguard VEO GO 46M Rear Access Camera Backpack With Laptop/Tripod Carry

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Those with mirrorless and DSLR camera kits who want a somewhat smaller backpack that they can use as a daypack or carry-on camera bag for planes or commuting should divert their attention towards the Vanguard VEO GO 46M.
The VEO GO 46M is a rear access backpack with tripod and laptop carry that can accommodate a mirrorless compact system camera (CSC) with lens attached and a mirrorless hybrid camera with lens attached, as well as an on-camera flash and three prime lenses (or two small prime lenses and one zoom lens).
Unlike many camera backpacks, which look like hiking packs, the VEO GO 46M has a snazzy commuter camera bag design, perfect for traveling between home and the work place.
Being a rear access camera backpack, the Vanguard VEO GO 46M has a dual zip rear-panel that opens outwards 135 degrees, revealing a dedicated padded laptop sleeve. You can fit a thin 15-inch laptop securely inside the sleeve.
Aside from being a laptop carry, the VEO GO 46M can also carry a tripod via the side pockets, which are elasticated and large enough to fit large water bottles or a lightweight tripod.
The VEO 235AB tripod fits perfectly inside the VEO GO 46M side pockets, attaching securely via the included velcro compression strap, which loops around the webbing sewn right above the side pockets.
There are two sets of three daisy chain webbing loops sewn to each side of the VEO GO 46M backpack.
There is also webbing loops on the bottom front and backside of the backpack for an ice axe. Webbing loops are very useful and convenient because they let you attach extra gear to your backpack using rock climbing metal loops or drawstring cord locks.
The VEO GO 46M backpack is made entirely of 100% polyester so, it's not 100% waterproof but an elastic rain cover is included to protect the backpack.
The rain cover is designed as a self-pocket so, it folds on itself into a convenient pouch that you can store in the dedicated rain cover zip pocket located on the lid of the VEO GO 46M.
The rain cover is large enough to almost envelop the backpack entirely minus a small open section in the middle, which gets sealed off by your backside when wearing the backpack.
Backpack covers keep the exterior (including pockets) sealed off and clean in wet weather, as well as protect the bag from grit, dirt and brushy areas, which is something you can't do when using a plastic bin bag to line the backpack because bin bags aren't as durable.
With a rain cover, you can also use it as a neat ground pad for an extra layer of protection when laying the backpack on the ground.
Getting your backpack wet isn't only inconvenient but also adds weight to the backpack; hence the rain cover comes in very handy. Speaking of weight, the VEO GO 46M weighs dead on 1kg so, it's extremely lightweight.
The VEO GO 46M suspension system is very comfortable for all day use, thanks to nicely padded shoulder straps which have mesh fabric on their sides for breathability.
pass through trolley sleeve
The backside of the backpack is very well padded and covered entirely with breathable mesh and narrow air flow channels for air to circulate through your backside. There is no secret d-pocket on the backside though, which is always useful for storing your smartphone, keys, etc.
The Vanguard VEO GO 46M is on the medium side so, it's best suited for average size people (below 5ft 10") or tall people with short torso lengths. The backpack measures 29cm wide, 14cm thick and 47cm tall. 
There is a carry handle made entirely of webbing polyester without any padding other than a leather-like trim which makes grabbing the handle comfortable.
The VEO GO 46M also has top-loading access to a daypack section that is sealed off from the main camera compartment, which is nice but you don't have full access to the camera compartment from the top of the bag.
The daypack section measures 24cm high and 26cm wide and has the same drawstring cuff enclosure you get with hiking backpacks that lets you expand the compartment to fit more gear into it.
the VEO GO 46M camera compartment measures 26cm wide and 22cm high. 
The vertical zip pocket on the front spans almost the entire length of the backpack and contains organizational pockets.
The assortment dividers let you divide your gear however you want to and you can remove the dividers to fit different gear such as a handheld 3-axis gimbal, a drone, a pair of binoculars, or a helmet.
The VEO GO 46M has an approximate loading capacity of 8 kg (18 lbs), which translates to approximately 8 liters volume capacity. If you require large storage capacity, it's best checking out the Alta Sky 45D backpack.

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