Byintek ​​​​​Moon BT96Plus Android projector 1080p

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

After watching content on a 135-inch screen, you will never go back to a small TV or PC monitor for playing games, watching videos and movies!
If you're in the process of getting a projector, you should look into getting one that also doubles as an Android tv box like the BT96plus Android version, which not only integrates an Android operating system (Android 7.1.2 OS), it also comes with 2gb of ddr3 ram for temporary storage and 16gb of rom for permanent memory storage of settings so, the projector remembers the last input source used.
Talking of settings, the Moon BT96Plus Android projector lets you change the user interface language (23 languages to choose from), the projection direction (i.e. front, rear, front ceiling, etc) and display, including contrast (5000:1), color and brightness (three options available: low brightness (eco mode), normal brightness (standard mode) and high brightness (brightest mode).
The onboard buttons are located on top of the projector and let you navigate through settings (up and down and left and right). The button labeled, vkey, is the okay button.
the rgb 3 chip led  is rated for 30,000 hours operation
Another neat feature you get with the Byintek ​​​​​Moon BT96Plus is real time temperature monitoring of the projector so, you can check the current temperature of the led, the 5.8-inch lcd and motherboard. By default, the projector will turn off if temperature goes above 75 degrees. Brightness and lumens are probably the most important features to look for when choosing a projector and the BT96Plus projector is rated at 600 true ansi lumens, which approximately translates to 4000 "marketing lumens".
When figuring out luminescence you need, you typically calculate this by the taking the ansi lumen rating of the projector, multiplying it by 0.5 and dividing it by the distance of the projected area. Say, you want to project the BT96Plus projector on a 3 meter area, you would times 600 ansi lumens by 0.55 and divide it by 3 meters, which would equal 100 lux.
As you can see from the video above, the BT96Plus projector is bright enough in a small room with ambient light in the background. While the projector can project on screen sizes between 63 inches and 200 inches in size, the larger the screen size the lower the brightness of the projection.

The BT96plus Android version is also Wifi-enabled and bluetooth-enabled so, no need for usb dongles or wireless adapters. The BT96plus supports 2.4Ghz wireless and bluetooth 4.0, which gives you the flexibility to be able to connect the BT96plus projector without having to run cables, which is not only convenient but very useful because it means you can also also wirelessly stream from a smartphone.

Having wireless built-in means you have access to the Google Play Store so, you can download more apps although the VUDU app isn't supported. There are some pre-installed apps in the BT96plus projector and one of them is Miracast, which uses the projector's own Wi-Fi hotspot so, you don’t even need to be somewhere that has Wifi for it to work.
The BT96plus Android version is powered by the Amlogic S905X, which is a popular quad-core cpu processor powering many Android tv boxes. The BT96plus Android version is, essentially, both a projector and Android 7 tv box  so, it's like having a computer inside the projector. There is even an RJ45 Ethernet port, which gives you the option of a wired LAN connection on the projector.
The RJ45 port also doubles as an RS-232 serial interface that you can use to connect a BT96Plus projector to a computer so, you can control the projector remotely on a computer via RS232 commands so, you can volume up/voume down, mute and power on/off. The RS232 interface also lets you daisy chain two BT96Plus projectors together so, you can control them simultaneously.
Setting up the RS232 commands isn't exactly straightforward but it isn't complicated if you use the RS232 control code manual for the BT96Plus projector and follow the command strings that you need to use. The control command manual isn't included and neither is a USB to Serial adapter to connect the projector to a computer.
It's worth mentioning that the BT96Plus is CEC-enabled, which means if you have a CEC-enabled device like a TV connected through HDMI to the projector you can use its remote control to control the projector, which is neat.
Not all projectors support an RS232 serial interface, which is a useful feature to have when wanting to control a projector from a distance further than an IR remote can reach. Speaking of IR remotes, one is included with the BT96Plus projector, along with screws and a spare fuse that you can easily replace yourself since the fuse is located on the outside of the projector just below the 3 pin c14 power connector.
The included screws are designed to be used to ceiling mount the BT96Plus projector. The native aspect ratio of the BT96Plus projector is 16:9 but it also supports 4:3.
The BT96Plus projector can project image big or small, depending on the the size of the area you want to project on, between a distance of 2 meters and 10 meters. If you want to project on to a 120-inch area, the projector will need to be at least 4 meters away.
The focus of the image is adjusted manually by rotating the lens, which has a screw in and screw out design. The height of the image can also be adjusted vertically (up to 15-degrees) via the screw thumb dial that is located on top of the projector (vertical keystoning).
On top of the projector, there are also four physical clicky buttons, two status leds (red and green) and an IR blaster receiver for the included remote control.
The Source button lets you select manually between input sources (i.e. av composite, rgb component, hdmi, Android) but the projector comes with an automatic input selection feature that automatically searches for an available input source in a specific order vga, hdmi 1, hdmi 2, av composite, usb and rgb.
On the back of the Byintek ​​​​​Moon BT96Plus, you find a variety of ports and connections to let you connect the BT96Plus projector to different sources.
There are four ways to connect the Byintek ​​​​​BT96Plus projector via an analog video connection, including av composite video (yellow port 575i/480i max resolutions), vga and component video rgb inputs, which provides the best analog video connection (1080i resolution) of them all.
Both composite video and component video do not carry audio so, if you use these type of video connections you will have to connect a 3.5mm male to male audio cable from the projector to the source (i.e. laptop computer). The component video inputs are capable of delivering 1080i signals but, HDMI is the better option because it can carry both 1080p audio and video signals more reliably.
VGA cable included and power adapter
VGA is also capable of delivering 1080 signals but not as reliably as hdmi ports, two of which the BT96Plus projector integrates for digital video connection. The hdmi ports are 1.4 so, they can handle 4k video but limited to 24 frames per second, which is not as good as hdmi 2.0, which can deliver 4k video at 50 frames per second and 60 frames per second. HDMI 1.4 will also support 1440p at 60hz but only if you use a hdmi cable that supports 1.4 bandwidth.
Since the BT96Plus projector isn't capable of true 4k and doesn't support low latency game mode, it's not designed for 4k gaming, only 1080p gaming.
On the back of the BT96Plus projector, there is also an SD card slot and two USB ports, as well as a 3.5 mm audio-in socket and a 3.5mm audio-out socket so, you can connect an external speaker to the BT96Plus projector.
surround sound and EQ
Be aware though, when you connect external speakers the projector's built-in speaker gets disabled. The volume and sound quality of the built-in speaker is decent but it's mono sound so only suitable for a small/medium room. The dual cooling fans generate noise (25dB), which isn't too bad as the fan noise gets drowned when a movie is playing.
The SD card slot and USB ports support up to 32GB storage capacity, which is plenty since the size of a 1080p movie ranges approximately from 4 GB to 8 GB so, you can easily store between 4 to 8 movies on an SD card or flash drive to watch movies without needing a laptop, which is super convenient.
The Byintek ​​​​​Moon BT96Plus projector weighs 4kg and measures 33cm long, 25cm wide and 11cm thick and it's made entirely of hard plastic. The projector is available to buy from amazon and Byintek offers 2 years warranty, which includes free spare parts and lifetime free technical support, as well as returns or full refund within 15 days of completing the order.

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