Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse Speaker With Touch Bar Volume Slider

Monday, September 30, 2019

Why pay over the odds for wireless audio when you can get it at a decent price? The Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse speaker comes with led lights, a touch bar volume slider and the ability to pair two same speakers at the same time.
The materials used in the construction of the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker include hard plastic (ABS), metal (for the speaker mesh enclosure) and rubberized soft plastic for the touch control panel on top. There is a hard rubber ring constructed along the perimeter of the top and bottom panels of the speaker, which add a layer of protective cushioning against bumps.
The touch control panel features four touch control buttons, as well as a neat volume slider mechanism that lets you volume up and volume down by, literary, sliding a finger across. The microphone symbol on the left is also a touch sensitive button to prompt the voice assistant in your phone. On the far right, you find the NFC logo and the NFC chip underneath it. Your phone will have to support NFC in order to connect via NFC, which is a neat bit of technology that provides a quicker alternative to bluetooth pairing connection, as well as better battery life.
The only drawback with NFC connection is the range as you will literary have to keep your phone and the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker within a few centimeters of one another to maintain the connection. When connected via bluetooth, the wireless range is wider, giving you more flexibility of phone placement. The Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker wireless coverage is 30 meters, which is three times the standard 10 meters most portable bluetooth speakers come with.
The bluetooth version integrated in the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker is bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest bluetooth version you get with the latest smartphones and tablets. Saying this, bluetooth 5.0 is backwards compatible so, even if you have a bluetooth 4.2 phone, you can still pair it to the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker, which is good but battery life performance won't be as good.
When connected to the Mega SoundPulse speaker via a bluetooh 5.0 smartphone, you can get up to 14 hours on 35% volume and around 4 hours on 100% volume. When connected via a bluetooth 4.2 smartphone, battery life drops to around 11 hours on 35% volume. The bluetooth signal is also more stable when using a bluetooth 5.0 smartphone than a bluetooth 4.2 smartphone.
The Mega SoundPulse speaker, definitely, doesn't have as long battery life as the T6 Plus speaker but, you do get three times wireless coverage, which comes at the expense of shorter battery life.
The Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker houses two 53mm speaker drivers with 4 Ohm resistance and 20 watts output power each (40 watts total), as well as a horn loudspeaker which enhances the overall volume sound. The Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker also integrates a digital signal processor (DSP) chip that broadens the bass considerably up to 115Hz without muddling the treble range too much so, you still get decent detail from the treble range.
measures 19cm long, 6cm wide and 8cm high
There is support for TWS (true wireless stereo) and hands-free calling, thanks to the built-in microphone, which is clear enough for a phone conversation. The mic doesn't integrate noise cancellation so, background noise is also picked up but is clear enough for voice commands since the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker supports voice assistant. You can ask your voice assistant (i.e. Google Assistant, Siri, etc) to play music and answer a phone call but you do have to press the microphone button every time to talk to your voice assistant.
wide rubber feet
The TWS feature works with two Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speakers and it's a neat feature to have because it, essentially, doubles the volume output. TWS is activated by pressing the Mode button on both speakers at the same time for a few seconds.
Aside from the volume slider, there is a total of five touch sensitive buttons and a physical on/off switch on the back of the unit, in between the Line-in socket and microSD card slot.
All touch buttons, including the NFC logo and white rim along the speaker integrate white leds, which is nice as the speaker touch panel glows nicely in the dark. The downside though, it's that the leds cannot be turned off to extend battery life.
USB A to USB C charging/data cable and audio cable included
The Mode button also lights up blue and red during pairing mode. When charging the Tronsmart Mega's 6600mAh battery, the Mode light turns solid red and then turn off when full charge is complete in 4.5 hours. The Mode light will also flash red when battery is running low.
There is also a battery saving mode that places the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker in sleep but it only gets activated when the bluetooth connection is lost for longer than 10 minutes. If the battery saving mode would also kick in when audio is not played for X-amount of time, it would make the battery saving mode feature more effective.
Charging the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker won't feel as fast as you would expect, being that it's a USB-C speaker and that is because the Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker does not feature quick charging or fast charging technology as the input charge has been limited to a maximum of 5 volts and 2.1 amps. Devices that support quick charging or fast charging are able to handle variable voltage (i.e. 5V, 9V, 12V) and/or higher amps (i.e. 2.4A, 3A, etc).
The Tronsmart Mega speaker cannot be used in bluetooth mode while it is charging as the bluetooth signal cuts off when charging the unit.
Luckily, you can use the Mega SoundPulse speaker in aux mode (via cable) and microSD card mode while the unit is charging. The micro SD card slot supports memory cards up to 64GB in size and it's a neat addition to any bluetooth portable speaker to make battery last a bit longer.
The Tronsmart Mega SoundPulse speaker comes with 12 months standard warranty but if you register online, you can get a further free 6 months added on top for a total of 18 months warranty. Check out the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition.

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