ChargeASAP Infinity Magnetic USB Cable Supports 100W PD!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sometimes, finding the USB charging port on a smartphone or tablet can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack! And, even when you do, eventually, find the USB charging port, trying to insert the USB charging cable can be more difficult than hitting the bullseye of a shooting target!
Most devices these days, use either the "outgoing" micro USB connection type or the "incoming" USB-C type connection, which is by far the easiest to use of the two. Of course, micro USB connection is, by no stretch of the imagination, as fiddly to use as other infamous connection types such as PS/2, Apple 30-Pin or F-Type connection (screw on thread). Can you imagine having to screw on a cable to your phone to charge it every time?

Fortunately, the future of USB cable connection won't be coaxial or mini-DIN. Instead, we are looking at USB Type C (USB-C) to take over the USB connection world, which is nice since USB-C does make USB connection a tad more convenient and, it is capable of delivering power, video and audio signals at the same time.
That said, magnetic USB cables have been slowly but, surely made their force felt, quite literary, harnessing the power of magnetic fields. One such magnetic USB cable, it's the ChargeASAP Infinity cable, which makes the already convenient USB Type C connection even more convenient by, literary, letting magnetic forces do the work of making the connection so, you don't have to. One caveat though, when the connector tip is inserted in the charging port, it is almost impossible to remove with your fingertips unless you use the included removal tool.
The magnetic connection is very strong and very easy to break at the same time, which is an interesting combination. You can hang down the Infinity Cable while attached to a phone and swing the Infinity cable around without the magnetic connection breaking loose. The key to the strength of the Infinity cable seems to lie on both the connector tip and the connector plug being magnetized with opposing magnetic forces, using N52 neodymium magnets; hence the connector plug and connector tip have opposing magnetic poles, which is why they attract to each other. If they had the same magnetic pole, the  Infinity cable tip and plug would repel each other.
The Infinity cable is, actually, an upgraded version of the UNO cable, which came out early this year, featuring a 1.2 meter long (3.9ft) nylon braided cable (2-meter and 40cm cables are also available) and, supporting data transfer for Apple and Android devices. The Infinity cable improves connectivity much more as it integrates a 10-pin design versus the 5-pin design of the UNO cable; hence both the UNO and the Infinity are not compatible.
There is a small led light on the Infinity plug (removable end) to let you know power is running through it (the led shows solid blue). The Infinity plug (fixed USB-C connector end) can also be made into a standard USB-A via a USB-C to Type A adapter as long as the adapter is capable of supporting up to 12V / 2A input charge. Speaking of compatibility, the Infinity cable does not support Apple Fast Charge even though, the Infinity cable doubles as a USB-C to Lightning cable.
aluminium connector plugs
The reason that the Infinity cable does not support Apple Fast Charge is because the Infinity cable does not integrate a C91 chip or C94 chip, which is a proprietary chip Apple has been using in their USB-C to Lightning cables ever since the release of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch in 2015. Three years ago, no manufacturer was able to get the C94 chip but, finally early this year, Apple did start allowing third-party manufacturers to buy their chip.
Perhaps, the next iteration of the Infinity cable may include the C94/C91 chip in the cable. If the current Infinity cable did support Apple Fast Charge, it would no doubt, trump Apple's own USB-C to Lightning cable because the Infinity cable supports both Android and Apple devices, as well as support 100 watts Power Delivery, versus Apple's 87-watt USB-C to Lightning cable. This means, you can use the Infinity cable to charge a laptop (i.e. Macbook Pro or Dell XPS) but, you won't be able to transfer data from a Macbook to an Apple phone. You can do it though, from a Macbook to a non-Apple phone (i.e. Android)
The Infinity cable also comes with a remarkable 15-year warranty, which is simply unheard of in the tech world. Almost 2 decades worth of warranty is really mind-blowing and a testament of the quality and ability of the Infinity cable. Now, that's quality assurance! Check out the review of the Flash Pro Plus PPS PD powerbank

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