Sennheiser GSP 370 Closed Back Wireless Gaming Headset

Thursday, November 28, 2019

A headset packages audio and voice communication in one solution, making gaming headsets very popular compared to using a headset with a stand-alone microphone and an external dac/amp setup!
If your mind is set on a gaming headset, knowing which type will be your next move. You can get headsets with analog (3.5mm) or digital input (USB), as well as wired or wireless headsets such as the Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset.
Aside from the articulated earcup joints and beefy construction, the GSP 370 headset looks like a trimmer version of the GSP 670 headset as it carries significantly less weight (285 grams) than the 400-weight GSP 670 headset but, the GSP 370 does have one trick up its sleeve and that is, a ground-breaking 100-hour battery life!
The GSP 370 earcups have good depth to them (1-inch deep), which should be enough to accommodate those with protruding ears. The replaceable earpads have comfortable memory foam padding and are covered with a plush knitted fabric similar to velvet. The outer section of the earpad has a leather trim.
At max (100%) volume, there is very little sound leakage even at close range. At 45% volume, there is no sound leakage at close range at all.
Basically, the GSP 370 headphones let out very little sound when you are wearing them; hence you can have the audio at maximum volume without bothering anyone sitting next to you.
entirely made of plastic (no metal accents)
The mid-section of the GSP 370 microphone boom arm has a flexible bit of rubber similar to the GSP 300 headphones that allows you to bend the microphone left or right.
You can only bend the microphone sideways because the rubber has a flat rubber construction that matches the overall flat construction of the microphone arm; hence you cannot bend the microphone up or down. Then again, this isn't an issue since the GSP 370 microphone can be rotated up and down at any angle.
The Sennheiser GSP 370 headphone 50mm dynamic drivers have been tuned with a flat frequency response with emphasis on the midrange, making the GSP 370 headphones also great for listening to music, watching movies and television. Being closed back headphones, the sound stage reproduction is closed off. There is good clarity in the high frequencies though, as well as good bass. There is no distortion or muddiness.
Game audio is controlled via an on-board volume wheel on the side of the right earcup. You can volume up and down to 0%, which essentially mutes the sound when turned all the way down anticlockwise. There is a faster way to also mute the sound though, by lifting up the microphone arm all the way.
Speaking of sound, the Sennheiser GSP 370 headset uses the same DAC chip found in the GSX 1200 PRO audio amplifier, which allows the GSP 370 to support 7.1 virtual surround (emulated surround sound). You can also turn on stereo sound, which enables left and right separation of audio for more accurate position and pinpointing in-game.
The Sennheiser GSP 370 headband has a split-open design, which not only helps with ventilation but, it also reliefs the infamous "hotspot" pressure point on the top centre of the head, which can happen with some headphones.
The headband padding beneath the headband also has the same mid-section split as the GSP 350 headphones, which helps prevent headband hotspot. That said, adjusting the headband position also helps relief head pressure points. The clamping force of the headband isn't too tight either.
You can further tweak the Sennheiser GSP 370 headphones via the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software desktop application.
However, it is currently only compatible with Windows 10 operating systems, which maybe a deal breaker for those using macOS or older Windows operating systems even, non-supported ones such as the all-time popular Windows 7, which has finally been surpassed by Windows 10 as the most popular version of Windows. Windows 10 was released 4 years ago though, which tells you how good Windows 7 has to be for people to still hold on to it.
From the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software, you can also monitor the battery life of the GSP 370 headphones, as well as change EQ settings, adjust the gain of the microphone and even change your vocal tonality via two dedicated vocal modes. Being able to manually customize the microphone really sets the GSP 370 headset apart because you can make the microphone sound the way you want to.
The microphone also comes with noise cancellation, which can be turned off from the software application. Being a noise canceling microphone, the GSP 370 microphone integrates more microphones designed to pickup the sound around you to create the anti-noise pattern to drown out the background noise, which the GSP 370 microphone does a good job of.
You can also view the remaining battery life conveniently from the headset itself by flicking the switch button and checking the color of the flashing led indicator. For instance, dark green (more than 75 hours left), light green (more than 50 hours left), amber (more than 20 hours left) and red (more than 10 hours).
You can also know when the battery has "less than" 1 hour battery remaining, which is indicated by a flashing red light followed by a solid grey light (stays lit up for 10 seconds). It's nice that a smaller battery range has been added so, the user knows a bit more accurately when the battery is about to run out. The GSP 370 headset does have an 100-hour runtime at 45%-55% volume level with light microphone usage.
5V 900mA maximum charging input (1 hour full charge)
The included 1.5 meter long cable USB plugs have reinforced strain reliefs. One end features a standard USB-A connector, while the other features a microUSB connector.
The included dongle - GSA 370 - offers virtually no noticeable latency/delay. It uses a USB-A connector, which can be inserted in a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port of a computer, Mac computer, Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro.
That said, you can't have the wireless dongle inserted on the back of a computer tower because the GSP 370 headphones need direct line of sight with the dongle for a proper wireless connection.
As far as bluetooth, it is not supported, which is strange for a wireless gaming headset to not support it. This means, you cannot connect the GSP 370 to a phone for mobile gaming. That said, you can use the GSP 370 while charging.

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