Evnbetter Flexible Digital RGB LED strips with Light Controller Microphone

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

RGB dot lighting has been around for quite sometime and, during this time RGB leds have found their way into keyboards, computer mice, headphones and, even mousepads. RGB led strips are, probably, the most popular led lighting option for bring back to life any desktop setup, including computer cases.
There are plenty of RGB led lights to choose from but, if you are looking for an RGB led strip system that can do more than the basic lighting patterns (i.e. breathing, color shift, reactive, etc), you will find this with the Evnbetter led lights system.
The Evnbetter led strip lights stand-out from the led crowd by featuring a dot-free illumination effect, thanks to a light-diffuser and the construction of the leds, which produce a continuous and seamless light pattern. The Evnbetter leds are also individually addressable (digital), meaning each led has its own control circuit built right in so, each led can function independently, unlike analog LED strips.
The Evnbetter led lights come in different versions including xcd 1.01 baseline 30, xcd 3.04 wideline 180 and xcd 2.04 slimline 180. The led strips are part of the xcd 1 baseline, xcd 2 slimline and xcd 3 wideline series so, they are available in different lengths.
The slimline 180 and xcd wideline 180 are the longest ones you can get, measuring 1.8 meters long. The baseline 30 version is the shortest of the bunch, measuring 30cm long.
The xcd 3.04 wideline 180 version integrates 72 leds and, it is not only the longest (180cm), it is also the thickest (2cm) and widest (1cm).
The xcd 1.01 baseline 30 version measures 30cm long, 1cm wide and 2mm thick and features 12 leds and four magnets so, you can stick the lights on to a magnetic surface. The xcd 2.04 slimline 180 version measures 180cm long, 6mm wide and 12mm thick (it also comes with 72 leds).
The xcd wideline, xcd baseline and xcd slimline led light strips are powered via an Evnbetter light control module, which is a cool looking digital RGB controller that can control up to 15 pre-programmed light modes, one of which, it's a music/light effect, which is controlled via a microphone integrated in the led controller itself that converts music and sounds into light effects.
The Evnbetter light box controller can control up to 12 light patters, including basic light patterns (i.e. breathing and sincle color), as well as cool light patterns such as night rider and meteor. Another mode that can be enabled via the light control module is "motherboard control", which lets you control the lights via your computer's motherboard software.
magnetic backing
Speaking of motherboard, the Evnbetter lights can be connected directly to the 3-pin RGB Header of a computer's motherboard though, not all computer motherboards are supported.
The motherboards supported include MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and Asus motherboards. If you have any of these motherboards, you can use the 3-pin RGB header, which consists of a +5 V line, DATA line and GND (ground) line to control the lights without the light box controller.
Some computer motherboards also feature 4-pin RGB headers but, these are designed for 5050 style RGB lighting systems so, they won't work with the Evnbetter lights because 4-pin RGB headers have a +12VDC power line and three ground lines. Evnbettr led light strips are powered via 5 volts.
Both 3-pin RGB and 4-pin RGB headers are virtually identical and very easy to mistake. The included xcd 3-pin cable connectors have one pin and port hole blocked off so, you cannot connect them into a 4-pin RGB header by mistake.
The included 3-pin connection cables come in various lengths from 10cm long to 50cm long and you get sufficient cables to extend the led lights as far as you need to.
Having the flexibility to connect the lights directly to the motherboard is neat but, it isn't an convenient as connecting via SATA connection, which the Evnbetter light box integrates, making setting up even easier.
Aside from being able to control different light patterns at a push of a button, the Evnbetter light box controller has three other buttons for adjusting the brightness of the led light strip, changing the speed of the led lights and choosing from 12 colors, including blue, red, green, orange, purple, white, lemon green and rainbow. You can also set the colors to cycle.
The Evnbetter xcd led lights have an IN and OUT port, allowing you to daisy-chain them. The RGB controller you see pictured is the #1.01 lightcontrol baseline 45 controller version that comes bundled with the xcd baseline led lights. There are also two other controller versions available: the #1.02 lightcontrol slimline 45 and the #1.03 lightcontrol wideline 45, which come bundle with xcd slimline and xcd wideline lights respectively.
 The lightcontrol modules do work with all Evnbetter led strip lights and can deliver 25W of power; hence with the thicker lights you can only daisy chain a maximum of 144 leds (i.e. two xcd slimline or two xcd wideline lights). With the thinner xcd baseline lights, you can daisy chain as many as 12
In terms of power/consumption, the longer the led strip the more power it consumes; hence the 180cm-long slimline/wideline led strips consume more electricity (13W) than the 30cm-long baseline version, which only uses 2W.
That said, being led strips they consume significantly less electricity than regular incandescent lights so, they are cheaper to run and have a longer lifespan.
Both xcd wideline and slimline led strip versions include aluminum clips with sticky 3M bits of tape and screws to allow you to screw or stick the lights on to any surface, including a computer case or desktop. There is also a 12 month warranty included with the lights and easy to follow user guides..

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