Tvird Car Seat Warmers For Driver And Passenger Side

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Heated car seat mats are a useful piece of kit that can make any vehicle more comfortable to drive in the winter months, particularly during a cold snap when weather is unusually cold. If you are a professional driver, delivering goods, carrying people or work tools with a van, you will love having a car seat warmer for those early morning frosty starts. Car seat warmers, including the Tvird car seat warmers, are easy to fit and remove, which is handy if you drive a company car that you have to return after work.
The Tvird car seat warmers take literary seconds to set up and power up via the 12V cigarette socket. Simply plug the 12V male cigarette lighter plug and insert it into the female 12V cigarette lighter socket of the car or van, and you're good to go.
Most cars typically come with just one cigarette lighter socket, which most people use to power up their car dash cam or to charge their smartphone. If your cigarette lighter socket is in constant use, you can still use the Tvird car seat warmer by using a dual cigarette lighter with two female sockets.
The Tvird car seat warmers take less than a minute to warm up and up to 2 minutes to reach the peak temperature of 32-degrees Celsius in the highest setting. The temperature settings are controlled via a thermostat and designed to shut off at a certain temperature, which adds a layer of safety.
Another layer of safety can be found in the 12V male cigarette lighter plug, which integrates a fuse designed to prevent any excess of current. The seat warmers can get as hot as an electric blanket. In fact, these seat warmers use a similar heating spiral wiring but with thinner wires.
The Tvird car seat warmers come as a non-detachable pair of seat warmers but they can be controlled independently of each other; hence you can have the driver seat warmer turned on, while keeping the passenger seat warmer turned off. The Tvird heated car seat mats have a universal fit so, they should fit most vehicles, including van seats and vehicles with side airbag and folding arm rests. The Tvird car seat warmers would also work great as a permanent or temporary solution to remedy a car with heated seats that do not work.
The seat warmers attach to the car seats via the headrest and under the seat, using elastic fabric bands sewn to the top, middle and bottom of the heated mat. The elastic fabric band on the top section has a half closed-circle design to allow you to loop it over the headrest. The bottom section has two elastic fabric bands attached to metal hooks for catching hold of the underneath of the car seat.
The middle section of the heat warmer also has two elastic fabric bands with hooks designed to hook together to secure the mid-section of the heated mat to the car seat, which prevents the seat warmer from slipping when getting in and out of the car seat.
Towards the top section of the heated mat, there is a long elastic fabric band sewn across side to side that is designed to loop over the car seat back support. The elastic fabric bands with hooks can be stretched up to 30cm long to fit small and larger seats.
The dimensions of the Tvird car seat warmers is 98cm long. The bottom section measures 46cm long, while the backrest section measures 50cm long. The total width is 50cm wide. The temperature box controller measures 9cm long, 4cm wide and 2cm thick.
The cable section that attaches from the heated mat to the temperature box controller measures 39cm long. The second section of the cable from the temperature box controller to the 12V cigarette plug measures 60 cm long (total length 3ft long). Both heated mats weigh 770 grams with each heated mat weighing approximately 385 grams. There is a layer (appox. 0.5cm thick) of padding on the seat warmers but, it is very thin so, it provides very marginal cushioning since it's mainly designed to help retain the warmth generated by the heating wire.
A toasty warm feeling is, probably, the best way to reward anyone's backside, especially if you suffer from occasional sciatica. If you are a sufferer of sciatica or lower back aches and discomfort, you will know how much of a pain on the backside it can be, particularly if your daily job involves sitting down for long periods of time. A heated car seat warmer, not only keeps you toasty, it will also help to ease any back pain. Buy the Tvird car seat warmer on amazon.

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