PaMu Slide T6W Earbuds With Reverse Wireless Charging Case

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

With up to 80 hours of playtime available, the PaMu Slide true wireless earphones are insanely different than the norm! And, it isn't just extreme large battery capacity. The PaMu Slide true wireless earphones also come with a reverse wireless charging case that literally turns the PaMu Slide charger into a wireless charging pad.
The PaMu Slide charging case lid has a sliding mechanism that lets you easily open the lid with one hand, unlike flip up charging cases, which require the use of both hands. The PaMu charging case body and lid are made of hard plastic with a fabric mesh finish on top of the lid that provides a gripping surface, as well as a stylish design reminiscent of a speaker mesh grill cloth.
Hidden within the fabric mesh top of the lid, there are four small battery status leds, while underneath you find the metal rail sliding mechanism, which is visible to the naked eye. The slide mechanism is smooth and closes with a secure and satisfying snap.
The docking area inside the PaMu charging case is magnetized and designed to house the earphones nozzle tips facing downwards so, the lid can press down against the earphones to create a secure charging connection with the metal charging prongs.
Most charging issues with earbuds not charging in their case are down to a non-secure charging connection because of the curved lid of most flip up charging cases, which doesn't provide a lot of downward support.
The PaMu Slide charger case is bulkier and heavier (130 grams) than most charging cases but there is good reason. The PaMu Slide charging case features a massive 2000mAh battery power bank.
The wireless charging coil transmitter is integrated on the base of the PaMu Slide charger. Simply flip the charger upside down, press the button (next to the charging port) to activate the wireless charging and place the phone on top. That's it.
Despite the small surface area of the PaMu Slide charger, wireless charging works as good as a dedicated wireless charger. Most wireless charging receivers on phones are located mid-section so, the phone will, literary, balance on top of the PaMu Slide without falling off.
While the PaMu Slide charger integrates a 2000mAh battery, you won't be able to transmit 100% of the battery power to a phone because, like with all wireless chargers, a substantial amount of power is lost during the wireless charging transfer. The reverse wireless charging capability of the PaMu Slide will come handy for situations where you need "emergency charge" or a quick top up.
Speaking of charging, the PaMu Slide recharges via USB-C connection only; hence you can charge the case via wireless. The PaMu Slide charging case can hold 60 hours worth of battery, while the PaMu earphones can hold a total of 20 hours if you use one earphone at a time and play them at 50% volume. The earphones also need to be connected to a Bluetooth 5.0 smartphone to benefit from the long battery life and better bluetooth signal stability.
The PaMu Slide charging case recharges via a maximum input charge of 5V/0.7A, which is similar charging speed that you get from the USB 3.0 port of a computer (0.9A).
The superb battery performance of the PaMu Slide earphones is, mainly, down to its bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, which provides a strong signal connection, as well as support aptX so, no latency problems. There is also fast charging support for the earphones so, 10 minutes charging them inside the case can power the earphones for 2 hours. Full charge to 100% takes 1.5 hours. The PaMu Slide charging case takes 3 hours to fully charge.
Regarding comfort, the PaMu Slide earphones carry a larger battery size capacity (85mAh), making them slightly heavier (7 grams) than other true wireless earbuds. They are comfortable to wear for a couple of hours so good for work commutes or jogging outdoors, thanks to their IPx6 water resistance rating.
Despite their weight and lack of ear-wings, the PaMu Slide earbuds stay in the ears relatively well and feel comfortable, thanks to the removable rubber trim covering the driver housing.
Provided that you wear the right ear tip and aren't doing anything too vigorous, like shaking your head at a rock concert, they won't fall out. That said, it's always worth remembering that with earphones, fit ultimately depends on the shape of your ears.
Talking about ears, call audio does go through both earpieces. There is good volume amplification and clarity both ways, including when you are speaking to someone. There are a total of two microphones in each earpiece, one of which is a noise canceling microphone located at the top. The main speaking microphone, which is located right at the tip of the stem, also integrates noise cancellation, which does a good job at drowning out background sounds.
The PaMu Slide earphones have a stem design with a single g-sensor accelerometer button that works similarly to a capacitive touch sensing button. The accelerometer button on each earpiece is located just above the status leds. The buttons on both earpieces feel responsive and are designed to control the play/pause (via both earpieces) and audio tracks (forward skipping only via the right earpiece), answer/reject calls (via both earpieces) and volume. The right earphone ups the volume, while the left earphone downs the volume. The voice assistant is prompted by double tapping the left earpiece.
The PaMu Slide earphones cannot be powered off manually, unless they are placed back in the charging case, which automatically turns them off ready for charging. You can use the left earbud or the right earbud independently of each other, which is handy if you only want to use one earbud at a time and extend the battery life.
The PaMu Slide bluetooth pairing procedure is easy but have to be carried out in a specific sequence to avoid the confusion of getting four PaMu Slide devices showing up. You first have to take out the earpieces together and connect them both.
When connected, your phone will display a Bluetooth pairing request prompt and you must select the pair option so, you will only see two PaMu Slide bluetooth devices, one of which will be named Headset which controls the right earbud.

As far as the audio quality, the PaMu Slide supports SBC, as well as hi-resolution audio via aptX and/or AAC. The 6mm dynamic drivers inside the PaMu Slide delivery loud volume and a heavy emphasis on bass sound, making the PaMu Slide ideal for the gym and train/bus commutes.
While the PaMu Slide earphones are bass-heavy, the bass sound is balanced, allowing the mids and treble sound to come through.
The PaMu Slide earphones come with a few accessories, including a PU leather drawstring pouch, a short USB-A to USB-C charging cable and six sets of ear tips in size small, medium and large.
Three of those eartips sets have slightly longer tip, which helps if you have long ear canals. The eartips are made of thin silicone rubber, which minimizes ear discomfort. Read the review of the Pamu Quiet ANC earbudsCheck out the review of the Pamu Nano earbuds.

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