SecureUSB BT App Operated Hardware Encrypted USB Drive

Monday, January 06, 2020

Probably the most secure type of encrypted USB drive to date, SecureUSB BT uses a mobile app to secure data on the drive without the need of a physical keypad or software. After unlocking it, SecureUSB BT works as a regular USB flash drive on multiple operating systems without the need of installing any additional drivers..
As a USB flash drive, SecureUSB BT is capable of READ transfer speeds up to 130 MB per second and WRITE speeds up to 43 MB per second. These data transfer speeds do depend on your computer specification, RAM memory size and USB port specification (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0). With a AMD Athlon II X2 245 processor, you can expect the following speeds:
There is no built-in battery inside SecureUSB BT other than the circuit chip, which is covered with epoxy resin to make the circuit chip board hard to destroy. That said, the makers of SecureUSB BT are, probably, aware of ways to cut-away and dissolve epoxy with solvents although, it's virtually impossible to get all of it off.
SecureUSB BT is a mini version of SecureDrive BT with the same AES 256-bit XTS encryption security and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance, which is useful if you want a hardware encrypted USB drive with the same level of protection used by financial institutions and government computers.
The longest section measures 5.5cm long, 2.5cm wide and 0.5cm thick. Total weight, including the sleeve is 16 grams making, SecureUSB BT as light as a tablespoon. SecureUSB BT is waterproof too, thanks to the internal epoxy coating and rubber ring located around the bottom part of the USB. This rubber ring works very much like the rubber ring you get on some phone's SIM card trays, which acts as a sealing gasket with the protective cover, preventing dust, water and moisture from getting in.
Water protection is rated at IP57 and works up to 1 meter efficiently as long as you remember to slide the sleeve all the way down over the rubber ring until you feel a snug tight fit with the base of the USB. The rubber seal seems to be synthetic rubber rather than natural latex rubber, which is a good thing since synthetic rubber is more durable and has a higher resistance to tearing.
Given the waterproofing application, the rubber ring on SecureUSB BT is probably EPDM rubber, which is typically used as window glazing seal because of its good resistance to all weather conditions, including rain and high heat (130 degrees centigrade). That said, silicone rubber does have a higher tolerance to high heat than EPDM (up to 230 degrees centigrade).
Rubber can last 3-5 years before starts degrading and with EPDM rubber you can expect that long of a lifespan. The rubber seal on the SecureUSB BT appears to be removable too so, you could potentially replace it, although SecureDrive doesn't currently offer replacements.
SecureUSB BT uses the SecureData Lock User app, which requires granting access to your location. Most apps these days ask for access to location and even your phone contacts and messages. That said, it's worth knowing whether an app actually needs such access.
In the case of SecureUSB BT, asking for location access makes total sense because of the "Remote Data Wipe" function, which lets you erase the data on SecureUSB BT remotely. This is handy should you lose it or should you find yourself in a similar situation that Zavitz did in the movie Enemy of the State.
Setting up SecureUSB BT USB drive with the app is extremely easy and quick. Follow the prompts, enter the ID and the default password "11223344" and that's it. If you do enter the password incorrectly, an message prompt will be displayed, indicating password tries remaining. There is only 9 attempts left after entering the password wrong the first time and, you can unlock also via Touch ID and Face ID if you use an Apple device.
Before plugging in SecureUSB BT into a USB port, you want to note down the identification (ID) of the device because you will need it when setting up the pairing (connection) with your phone. The device ID is located printed on the underside of the metal housing of the connector.
Being an app-operated USB drive, SecureUSB BT doesn't need a keypad like the SecureUSB KP version. Once SecureUSB BT is inserted in a USB port and it's entirely controlled from the the app. There is only an status led, which can show solid red, solid blue, blinking red (connected to smartphone), blinking blue (transferring data) and green (drive unlocked).
Aside from unlocking via a mobile app, SecureUSB BT can be made more secure by enabling the "2 Factor Authentication" (2FA) function from the app. When enabled, this feature lets you add an extra method of verification to access the drive. To enable 2FA, you simply enter your phone number and then, enter the 6 digit verification code from the the text message you receive.
Two other useful features you get with SecureUSB BT are Enable Password Recovery and Remember Password. With password recovery enabled, you can get a password reminder, which is handy if you won't be using SecureUSB BT all the time. The Remember Password feature works just like the remember password feature of browsers so, the password gets automatically filled-in, which is convenient but makes the drive potentially less secure. This feature is worth enabling, only if you're confident that nobody can easily access and/or take your phone.
There is also a Read Only Mode feature and Step Away Autolock feature that you can enable, which will lock SecureUSB BT if moved 3 meters (10ft) away for longer than 5 seconds. The Read Only function is useful to enable when lending SecureUSB BT to someone without granting full access rights. Only one Admin and one User can be created.
SecureUSB BT is noticeably easier to use than the keypad version because it uses the phone's touch screen to key in and change password. SecureUSB BT is also safer because even though, it uses bluetooth connection, the password authentication key doesn't actually get transmitted via Bluetooth but via secure server/app exchange. Also, your phone does not need to be connected to the Internet or Wifi to be able to unlock the drive, making Secure USB BT even more practical.
3 Year Limited Warranty

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