Stealth Gaming C6-500 Gaming Headset With Detachable Boom Microphone

Monday, January 13, 2020

Unlike some wireless gaming headsets, which connect only via bluetooth, the Stealth Gaming C6-500 gaming headset connects via a 2.4Ghz USB transmitter (included), which is designed to be plugged in to a computer or Playstation 4 to create a dedicated 2.4GHz wireless audio connection.
Compared to bluetooth audio, 2.4Ghz USB transmitters create a stronger connection that is virtually zero lag and also deliver better wireless audio than bluetooth transmission.
Since it's not a bluetooth headset, the Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset doesn't require bluetooth pairing. Simply plug-in the USB transmitter into the computer, turn on the C6-500 headset and that's it. The Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset connects automatically within 2 seconds, creating a strong wireless connection within a 10 meter range, provided that the USB transmitter is in direct line of sight to the C6-500 headset.
Direct line of sight won't be an issue if you use a laptop since most laptops USB ports are typically located on the sides.
With computer towers cases though, some have front-facing and rear-facing USB ports, while some computer cases have only rear-facing USB ports, which would be keep the USB transmitter out of sight, creating connectivity issues with the Stealth Gaming C6-500.
The Stealth Gaming C6-500 USB transmitter has Stealth Gaming branding on it and it's designed to bind to the C6-500 headset so, you may or may not be able to use a third party dongle should you lose the dongle that comes with the headset. That said, the C6-500 headset does have a reset button that is located inside the pinhole between the volume buttons. This reset button is designed to reset the headset wireless connection to the USB transmitter so, it maybe possible to bind the headset to a third party USB transmitter.
Something else worth keeping in mind about 2.4Ghz wireless gaming headsets, like the C6-500, it's that you won't be able to pair it to a smartphone for mobile gaming because the C6-500 headset is not a regular bluetooth gaming headset since the C6-500 headset uses the same transmission frequency as 2.4Ghz Wifi.
Speaking of USB transmitters, the C6-500 USB transmitter seems like a high quality one. It is larger in size and more functional than most nano USB transmitters because it incorporates an led indicator to feedback wireless connection and battery status.
When the C6-500 headset battery is running low, it will trigger the led on the dongle to flash blue. The speaker drivers will also produce an audible beep to let you know battery is low, which happens after around 14 hours of use.
When it comes to charging the C6-500 headset, it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge via the USB port of a computer. While you can charge it via a USB wall adapter, you actually don't want to do this because the headset doesn't have an overcharge protection to shut off voltage and current when the headset is fully charged.
The Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset comes with a flexible boom microphone arm that can be bent at any angle and shape. The boom microphone arm measures 16.5cm long and detaches from the headset just like a phone jack, thanks to its 3.5mm connector plug, which twists and locks into place.
earcups tilt up and down
The main advantage of a gaming headset microphone that can be removed is being able to use it outdoors, just like a normal pair of music headphones. Most gaming headsets come with a non-detachable microphone arm, making them not as convenient to wear outdoors without "screaming" gamer.
That said, some gaming headphones with non-detachable microphones integrate a neat "auto mute" feature that turns off the microphone when rotating the microphone arm upwards.
While the Stealth Gaming C6-500 doesn't have an auto mute rotating microphone, you can still mute the microphone on the fly via the PAIR button, which doubles as mute button to disable the microphone.
The boom microphone capsule is housed inside a plastic enclosure with five tiny holes to let sound through. Speaking of sound, despite not having noise cancellation, the microphone quality is very good, thanks to its unidirectional pattern, which naturally reduces background noise.
The 40mm speaker drivers deliver superb volume and very good sound at low and maximum volume without hisses or distortions.
There isn't any Dolby 7.1 or DTS virtual surround integration but, the C6-500 stereo headset speakers do a very good job at delivering positional audio, which is perfect for pinpointing in-game action (i.e. gunshots, footsteps), letting you react promptly and accordingly.
Regarding design and construction, the Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset is made entirely of plastic with carbon-fiber like finish on the front of the earcups and a thin metal band, reinforcing the plastic headband frame. Total weight of the headset is 223 grams.
The user control buttons are located on the left earcup where the microphone port is also located. The power button front-faces the earcup, while the volume buttons and PAIR/MUTE button are located on the front side. The volume buttons control the volume of the game and online chat and provide tactile feedback.
Comfort wise, the Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset is extremely comfortable to wear for a few hours without discomfort. The earpads are super soft and lined with breathable mesh internally for ventilation. There is also very good depth (2cm) to prevent the ears from rubbing against the speaker drivers.
That said, the inside of the earpads only measure 5cm tall and 3.5cm wide, while the outside of the earpads measure 9.5cm tall and 8cm wide. The inner dimensions of the earpads are rather small for over-ear headphones, which could prove an issue for those with very large ears. That said, you could comfortably have the earpads sitting on your ears since the earpads are rather squishy.
The Stealth Gaming C6-500 headset is compatible with Windows 7 operating systems and higher versions, including Windows 10 PRO. The headset is also compatible with some Mac computers but, with USB A connection only.
On a Windows 10 computer, the C6-500 headset audio and microphone seem to get automatically recognized, while on a Windows 7 computer the C6-500 headset doesn't seem to be automatically recognized so, you have to manually set the output and input for the audio and microphone from the Windows default playback menu.
Along with the Stealth Gaming C6-500 and wireless dongle, you also get a 50cm long micro USB cable for charging the headset.

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