AUKEY T21 TWS Earbuds With Long Stems

Friday, January 10, 2020

The AUKEY T21 are a very affordable pair of earbuds that are perfect to go with a new phone that doesn't have a headphone jack. The T21 earbuds are small, light and comfortable and, they also come with a small charging case for carrying them around when walking a dog, going for a run or commuting to work.
The surface of the T21 earphones has a smooth matt coating that is non-slippery and isn't a fingerprint magnet either, which is nice. Depending on the girth of your fingers you may find taking the earphones out of the charging case fiddly, at first, until you get the hang of it.
The charging case and lid are magnetized so, the T21 TWS earbuds won't fall out nor the lid will open by itself. There is a small groove between the lid and the battery leds to pry the lid open with a fingernail. When charging the case, the battery leds show green and then turn off when full charge is complete in 2 hours.
The T21 TWS earbuds have a stealthy styling all-around with a hidden status led on the bottom backside of the stem, two small metal charging contacts on the front mid-section and a pinhole on top that contains a MEMS microphone.
So stealthy-looking are the T21 TWS earbuds that you will wonder at first where the button controls are located. There is one single button control that consist of an accelerometer g sensor that gets activated via taps and long presses.
The accelerometer g sensor is located at the junction between the stem and the driver housing, which isn't very obvious so, you have to tap right on that spot to activate the button. That said, the accelerometer g sensors work well, providing good responsiveness after tapping (play/pause) or long pressing (skip tracks) with or without gloves, unlike regular touch capacitive sensors.
The T21 TWS earbuds button sensors control audio playback and calls but there isn't support for volume control, which has to be controlled via the connected device.
Regarding fit, like with most earphones it does depend on your ears but, the T21 TWS earbuds will fit very well for most people, thanks to their lightweight (9 grams each) and nozzle design with angled, long necks.
You can answer calls with either the Left earbud, Right earbud or both earbuds and enjoy a clear hands-free conversation as the person at the other end can hear you well, making the T21 TWS earbuds ideal for business calls too.
The T21 TWS earbuds can be used independently. This means, you can pair the left earbud with one phone and the right earbud with another device so, you effectively get two bluetooth headsets out of them, which is neat.
The pairing procedure is simple. Take one or both earbuds for stereo listening and both earbduds will connect to each other as a single bluetooth headset. Then, pair to a device and connect. That's it. Once connected, you can switch from stereo to mono listening by simply putting either earbud back in the charging case, which effectively turns off the earbud. When taking the earbud back out of the charging case, there is a 4 second delay before audio is picked up again by the earbud.
The earbuds can provide up to 5 hours of playtime on 50% volume and while connected to a Bluetooth 5 device. Wireless range is 10 meters and stable via bluetooth 5.0.
The charging time of the earbuds 40mAh Li-Po battery is 2 hours, which is the same charging time it takes to recharge the 300mAh Li-Po battery inside the charging case, which provides an additional 4 charges, giving the T21 TWS earbuds a total of 25 hours of playtime.
The 6mm speaker drivers deliver loud sound with good sounding bass and clear treble. Depending on your phone, you may be able to tweak the sound via the phone's equalizer settings.
There is no noticeable sound distortion at max volume and with such a high volume level, you will easily be able to drown out noise and people chatter be it at the gym or bus. You can sweat in the gym or run under the rain, thanks to their IPx4 rating.
Also, included with the AUKEY T21 earbuds is a short micro USB cable, silicone ear tips (small, medium and large size), user guide and 1 year warranty

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