Mpow M20 TWS Earbuds With 2600mAh Power Bank Built-In

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Costing just a fraction of the price of mainstream true wireless earbuds, the Mpow M20 are a no-brainer purchase, especially with the super long battery life and their ability to charge external devices just like a power bank!
The Mpow M20 charging case integrates a massive 2600mAh rechargeable battery that can hold 100 hours worth of extra charge. The internal battery inside the earbuds can hold 3 hours worth of charge so, a total of 6 hours between the two earbuds. This means, the Mpow M20 charging case can charge the M20 earbuds 16 times over.
The Mpow M20 TWS earbuds integrate a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that supports aptX, which means you are able to stream better audio resolution without lag (audio/video latency) on an Android device.
The Mpow M20 TWS earbuds do not support the AAC codec, which improves the audio/video latency on iOS devices. This means, you may notice some lag on an iOS device when watching streaming videos through mobile apps such as YouTube app and Netflix. The aptX high definition (aptX HD) version is the second best codec alternative to use if AAC isn't supported. The Mpow M20 bluetooth chip-set doesn't support aptX HD though.

Most bluetooth earphones use a chip antenna or PCB trace antenna traced on the actual circuit board. The Mpow M20, in the other hand, use an LDS antenna that is etched on the walls of the housing, which seems to help signal connection stability within the rated range, which is 10 meters.
The Mpow M20 also integrate a CVC8.0 noise cancelling microphone on each earbud, which does a good job of minimizing background noise and uplifting your voice so, you can be heard clearly without having to raise your voice. The call quality is natural sounding and non-robotic.
Compared to the charging case of most true wireless earbuds, the Mpow M20 charging case has a larger frame and weight, weighing 104 grams and measuring 8cm long, 6cm wide and 3cm tall. That said, with the larger charging case design the Mpow M20 is able to integrate a larger battery capacity, which turns the Mpow M20 charging case into a useful power bank that can effectively top of your phone battery in a pinch.
The external charging port is located on the side of the charging case and consists of a USB-A port and button to activate it when charging external devices. The charging port for charging the internal battery is located on the rear side and consists of a micro USB port that accepts a maximum 5V/1A charge. Total charge of the charging case is 4 hours. The earbuds also take 4 hours to fully charge but there is "quick charge" support, which means the M20 earbuds can hold 2 hours worth of charge from a 10 minute re-charge.
The front side of the Mpow M20 charging dock features four battery led indicators and a long indent for prying open the lid. The charging dock area has a spacious and clean internal layout with magnetized docks for the earbuds to sit in securely.
The Mpow M20 charging dock has a smooth pebble design with a flat base that is finished in a different black color gradient to the upper section. The overall finish is smooth with a matte coating applied to it that doesn't retain fingerprint smudges.
The Mpow M20 earbuds have a similar color scheme and finish to the charging dock. On par with the charging dock, the M20 earbuds are also bulkier than most true wireless earbuds but, with the larger size comes a more harmonic reproduction of sound frequencies, specially the bass, which is deep and responsive. The volume sound is also very loud and without distortions even at max volume. You won't need to turn up the volume to the max though. From just 50% volume, you can get up to 6 hours of playtime.
As far as fit, the Mpow M20 earbuds are designed to fit inside the concha of the ear and without protruding, thanks to the short neck nozzles. Depending on the shape of your ears, the M20 earbuds will feel more or less secure. The M20 earbuds do have a smooth finish and only weigh 5 grams each, which makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods.
For activities such as commuting to work, walking the dog and light jogging in the rain, the M20 earbuds should stay on the ears without falling out and will have no issues with rain/moisture, thanks to their IPX7 rating.
The front side of the Mpow M20 earbuds has a high gloss touch control panel similar to the capacitive touch of a smartphone screen. This mans, you can not operate the M20 earbuds with gloves on. Some earbuds can be operated with gloves but these type of earbuds use accelerometer sensor buttons that only require taps with a finger to operate.
The touch sensitive buttons are very responsive and control all major functions, including full audio playback (volume and skipping), voice assistant and calls. The M20 earbuds cannot be used independently of each other since the left earbud cannot be used without the right earbud. This means, you cannot pair them separately with separate devices so, you can only use the right earbud for mono audio.
Once both earbuds are connected to a device, they will automatically reconnect. The connection between the earbuds is quick and seamless too as there is only 1 second delay from mono to stereo switching.
As far as accessories, the Mpow M20 true wireless earbuds come with different size silicone ear tips, a long micro USB cable and 18 months warranty.

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