Tranya B530 Pro Earbuds with Good Bass And Touch Controls

Monday, March 09, 2020

True wireless earbuds are a convenient companion to have for situations where you don't want cables getting in the way of whatever you are doing.
Whether working out in the gym, jogging or talking on the phone while commuting, the Tranya B530 earbuds perform well in all situations, thanks to their small ear footprint, low weight (5 grams each) and rubberized body, which helps keep the Tranya B530 earbuds in the ears comfortably and securely, even with sweaty ears.
IPX5 sweat resistant
Each earbud contains a 55mAh battery and a low energy Bluetooth chip that minimizes power consumption so, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime (on 55% volume) per earbud. The B530 charging case is equipped with an 800mAh battery that holds a massive 56 hours of additional charge, bringing the total playtime to 64 hours.
You can recharge the Tranya B530 earbuds seven times over, which equates to three extra charges per earbud. It takes 2 hours to fully recharge the earbuds inside the charging case, which recharges via 5V/1A micro USB connection. Total charging time of the B530 charging case is 1.5 hours.
The micro USB charging port is located on the left side of the charging case, which is unique since the charging port on most charging cases is typically built-in to the rear of the case. The total dimensions of the charging case are 7.5cm long, 4.5cm wide and 3cm tall and, it only weighs 43 grams.
The magnetic plastic lid of the Tranya B530 charging case has a tinted frosted finish on the inside and a high gloss, mirror finish on the outside. The rubberized matte finish on the body of the Tranya B530 charging case provides good grip, which helps stabilize the flat base of the charging case on a smooth surface.
The earbud docking area is also magnetized and feature the same side notches, seen on the Rimor earbuds, which helps removal of the earbuds from the charging case. Taking the B530 earbuds out of the charging case is easier than with the Rimor earbuds though, thanks to the rubberized finish on the body of the B530 earbuds, which provide a grippy surface area for sweaty fingers to grip on.
The Tranya B530 earbuds front panel design is similar to that of the Rimor earbuds but glossier on the B530 earbuds, which extends to the outside perimeter of the front panel, making the Tranya B530 earbuds superficially more attractive.
The front panel of the Tranya B530 earbuds is also touch control and very responsive so, they only require subtle touches to operate.
Functions include power on/off, play/pause, volume up/down and skip to the next/previous tracks. The touch control panel can also be operated with gloves but, it is not as sensitive; hence you have to apply forceful taps, which adds a slight pressure on the ear canal.
The status led light is located on the top side of the earbuds, while the cVc 8.0 noise cancelling microphone is embedded in the nozzle neck, which is a rather unique placement since microphones on true wireless earbuds tend to be integrated on the outer shell of the earbud.
The Bluetooth 5.0 chip inside the Tranya B530 upgraded version now supports aptX (as well as SBC and AAC bluetooth codecs). Out of the three codecs, aptX is by far the best performing so, it's best switching to aptX if your phone supports it to benefit also from no lag when watching videos. Note that not all phones support aptX. The AAC codec works best only when listening to iTunes songs.
Both Tranya B530 earbuds have independent functionality, meaning each earbud can be the master and slave, allowing you to connect the earbuds to two separate devices. Not all true wireless earbuds have independent functionality, which comes with the neat advantage of seamless transition between stereo and mono mode so, you can charge one earbud, while listening to the other earbud.
Another advantage of having true wireless earbuds with independent functionality is that in the event that one earbud gets lost, you can still connect the other earbud. You cannot do this with true wireless earbuds where one earbud is only the master because when you lose the master earbud the other earbud cannot be connected.
There is one microphone per earbud and call audio goes through both earbuds. The background noise cancelling performance of the B530 microphones is remarkably good, being able to drown out a substantial level of noise, making the Tranya B530 earbuds very usable for calls that require relatively quite environments.
As far as sound, the Tranya B530 earbuds deliver good bass with clear vocal and instrumentals. The max volume level is not as loud as with the Rimor earbuds but, then again the B530 earbuds only have 6mm drivers, whereas the Rimor earbuds have 10mm drivers. The upgraded version of the B530 earbuds  comes with different size silicone eartips, two Tranya stickers, 15 months warranty and a detailed user guide. Buy the Tranya B530 via Amazon.

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