Tranya Rimor 10mm Driver True Wireless Earbuds

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Perfect for carrying around, the Tranya Rimor true wireless earbuds provide the convenience of no cables, charging on the go and the ability to use one earpiece as a mono bluetooth headset. On top of that, the Tranya Rimor integrate 10mm drivers, which are the biggest drivers currently on the market for true wireless earbuds, breaking away from the standard 6mm drivers.
The Rimor earbud body design is rather unique for true wireless earbuds. Instead of, having the traditional slimline nozzle neck design, the nozzle neck of the Rimor earbuds is bulgy and stocky. The fit inside the ears is comfortable though and, it is more secure, thanks to the stockier neck and the light weight of the earbuds, which only weigh 5 grams each.
With stockier nozzle necks, the Rimor earbuds don't stick out of the ears and they are able to integrate larger drivers (10mm titanium dynamic drivers), which deliver big volume sound and very good frequency separation with deep, punchy bass, clear vocal mid-range and highs, which is perfect if you like listening to audio books.
Despite the Rimor earbuds not supporting aptX, video latency when using streaming apps is not an issue, even with iOS devices. You can get up to 5 hours of playtime out of the Tranya Rimor earbuds and, a further 25 hours from the included charging case, which has a grippy matte coating that is non-finger print magnet.
The Rimor earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 chip has a strong wireless connectivity within 10 meters and use SBC coding so, there is no support for high resolution (hi-res) audio, which aptX and LDAC coding provide. While hi-res audio isn't supported on the Rimor earbuds, recharging is very fast, taking just 2 hours (charging case) and 1 hour (earbuds).
On the front of the charging case, there are four tiny led indicators to feedback battery status, which can also be monitored from the mobile device if using an iOS and/or Huawei device, using their respective apps (Huawei's AI Life and iOS's batteries widget).
On the rear of the Rimor case, there is the USB-C charging port, which can receive up to 1-amp input charge. The Rimor charging case docking area is fully magnetized and so, is the lid, which is easy to open, thanks to the long narrow lip.
The Rimor charging case measures 6.5cm long, 4.5cm wide, 3cm tall and weighs 42 grams so, the charging case is fairly compact and lightweight to be stowed away inside a small trouser pocket without bulging out too much.
500mAh charging case
The Rimor earbuds fit snugly inside the charging pod area, which feature notches on the side to help remove the earbuds from the case. That said, because of the snug fit and smooth finish on the earbuds, you may find the earbuds slippery when taking them out with sweaty fingers.
IPX5 sweat resistant
The front touch controls of the Tranya Rimor earbuds have a marble-like crystalline design with led indicators embedded inside of them. The Rimor touch controls work just like the touch controls on the B530 earbuds so, the touch controls can be operated with a naked finger and gloves.
If you do use gloves, the touch controls do require a more forceful tap. With a naked finger, you only need a subtle touch for the touch controls to respond instantly.
Volume, skipping tracks, calls and voice assistant functions can all be controlled from the touch controls via a series of presses and long presses.
The Rimor earbuds can also be powered on/off manually and only take a few seconds to automatically re-connect for seamless switching between mono and stereo. Both Rimor earphones can be used independently of the other.
There is a noise cancelling microphone on each earbud, which deliver good amplification during calls with loud and clear voice.
The Tranya Rimor earbuds come with a USB-C cable for charging, silicone ear tips, two stickers, user guide and 15 month warranty.

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