Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded Edition Review Powerbank Speaker

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Before you spend any of your hard earned cash on a mainstream speaker, it's worth checking out bluetooth speaker alternatives such as the Tronsmart T6 Plus, which has recently undergone an upgrade, which includes the addition of NFC functionality for faster and more secure Bluetooth pairing.
In terms of performance, both the original T6 Plus and the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition have the same 40-watt volume output and similar audio reproduction. Deep bass with a clear mid-range and a well-balanced treble.
That said, there is a noticeable difference in sound signature between the original and upgraded version. The T6 Plus Upgraded Edition speaker disperses the sound more evenly around because of the drivers, which are located on either side of the unit, firing sound at opposite directions which creates a 360 degree audio experience.
With the original T6 Plus speaker, the dual drivers are located on the same plane, firing sound in the same direction, which concentrates all 40 watts of power in one direction, making the original T6 Plus sound louder than the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition. That said, for home or outdoor gatherings where people will be sitting around the speaker, the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition is the better choice as it distributes the sound output evenly to everyone.
The Bluetooth profiles have also been updated on the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition, featuring now A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.4 and Hands-Free Profile (HFP) v1.6 with support for HD voice, which substantially improves the microphone sound quality for voice conversations during hands-free calling.

can play while charging
While the HFP bluetooth profile has been updated to version 1.6, it isn't the latest, which is HFP v1.7. Speakers and headphones that support HFP v1.7, automatically add a battery indicator on the connected device (i.e. phone) so, the user can tell how much battery there is left. While the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition doesn't support a battery level indicator, it does integrate an led indicator and audible beep that's triggered when battery is running low.
The other Bluetooth profiles, AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) and A2DP V1.3 allow volume control and skipping of tracks from the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition. You can also reject/end calls and control your voice assistant.
Aside from the addition of NFC functionality, updated bluetooth profiles and different driver setup, the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition retains the other features from the original T6 Plus, including a 6600mAh lithium battery, dual passive radiators, TWS pairing, EQ modes and Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 20 meter range in direct line of sight.
The upgraded version also charges fast within 3 hours when using a 15-watt wall charger (not included). A single charge provides the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition speaker with up to 14 hours of play time on 50% volume and when connected to another Bluetooth 5.0 device. The battery can hold charge for up to 2 years in standby, which is impressive.
Externally, the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition retains much of the outer appearance of the original T6 Plus with minor alterations to the design, including a different button design with 5 buttons, instead of 6 buttons. There is no longer a TWS button so, wirelessly pairing two T6 Plus Upgraded Edition speakers is now done via the EQ button.
The connectivity port area also has a different layout, which is now oriented vertically on the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition.
The connectivity port area still features a thick rubber cover that provides the same IPX6 water resistance to protect the ports, including the TF card slot, USB-C charging port, auxiliary (AUX) input and USB-A output power to recharge external devices.
The T6 Plus Upgraded Edition also features woven fabric material covering most of the speaker, aside from the rear of the speaker and the ends of the speaker where the passive radiators are integrated. The bottom end passive radiator is uncapped, while the top passive radiator is capped by the volume dial, which works just as smoothly as in the original T6 Plus speaker.
The volume dial is made of aluminium and integrates a blue led ring around it to feedback Bluetooth pairing.
Despite the slender look, the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition speaker is actually heavier than the original T6 Plus, which weighs 670 grams. The T6 Plus Upgraded Edition now weighs 750 grams, which is almost 100 grams heavier.
The extra weight on the T6 Plus Upgraded Edition could be due to the thicker weave of the fabric and/or rubber outer shell. The upgraded T6 Plus version is a slightly taller speaker (210mm) with a slightly larger diameter (84mm).
The Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded Edition ships with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 3.5mm male to male cable, user guide and 12 months warranty. You can buy the speaker from AliExpress at reduced price, using code NEWPLUS6 or buy it from Amazon.

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