Osprey Archeon 25 Review Rolltop Pack With Adjustable Torso

Monday, March 23, 2020

We are already recycling household waste so, buying a recycled backpack makes total sense! This is especially true, if you are an "earth conscious" individual who has become aware of the importance of recycling non-biodegradable, petroleum-based materials such as nylon and polyester, which are currently filling up landfills and oceans.
Recycled nylon is now a viable option for making goods since recycled nylon is as good as virgin nylon and can be made to look like natural fabrics such as canvas. The Osprey Archeon 25 is a stylish example of a recycled backpack that looks and feels like traditional canvas, which is naturally more durable and heavier than nylon.
While not quite ballistic nylon, which is made in a 2x2 or 2x3 basketweave. The recycled nylon material used in the making of the Archeon 25 is high denier fabric (1880 denier) coated with C0, PFC-free DWR (Durable water repellent) treatment to make the fabric water-resistant (hydrophobic).
The Osprey Archeon 25 is a top loading backpack with a roll/flap top design that allows the backpack to be contracted and expanded upwards to increase the volume capacity of the backpack from 25 liters to 30 liters. The roll top design on bags is super convenient as you simply roll down the top of the backpack like a Swiss roll to decrease the footprint of the bag.
The dimensions of the Archeon 25 backpack are 57cm high, 38cm wide and 24cm thick. When the rolltop is fully expanded, the Archeon 25 backpack measures 73cm high. The Archeon 25 backpack weighs 1.4 kg.
The rolltop design of the Osprey Archeon 25 can also be used as a flap top by simply folding flat the top section of the bag towards the front like a flap on a bag. The flap measures 20cm high and, it is also the closing mechanism of the Archeon 25 main compartment as there is not zip closure, which is typical with rolltop backpacks.
The mouth of the Archeon 25 backpack measures 40cm wide and features snap fasteners on the sides to make the opening of the mouth smaller (27cm wide).
The front side of the Osprey Archeon 25 features an over-sized zip, measuring 42cm long that spans half the size of the bag from the top, down to the mid-section. The zip opening across the top widens the mouth of the bag, making it easier to access the bottom of the pack without having to unpack everything like you do with conventional top loading backpacks.
The front side of the Osprey Archeon 25 also integrates a large open stash pocket, measuring 30cm tall and 21cm wide. This open pocket integrates elastic material so, it's stretchy, allowing you to store fairly bulky items. The Osprey logo branding is a sewn on the front of this pocket via an embroidered patch.
The Archeon 25 side pockets measure 23cm tall and 13cm wide and they are also made of the same spandex-like material the front open pocket is made of. Elastic side pockets, not only allow the side pockets to be more flexible, but it also provides a secure snug fit, preventing the contents from falling out.
There is an internal hidden zip pocket with a keychain inside the main compartment. This hidden pocket is so well hidden that you wouldn't know is there if it wasn't for the red nylon pull tab that is attached to the zip.
The hidden pocket is great for securing valuables, although without any external zip pockets or external access, you have to reach into the main compartment every time you want to use the hidden pocket.
The base of the Archeon 25 backpack is made of the same 1880D recycled nylon canvas material as the rest of the bag and features a zip pocket with a finger loop zipper pull, containing a rain cover that is detachable from the pocket.
As the rain cover is removable, the pocket can be used for storing other things. On some backpacks, the rain cover is non-detachable as they are sewn to the bag.
Rolltop backpacks not only reduce the footprint of the bag and make it less bulky, they also compress the load, which prevents the contents from shifting around when the backpack is half empty. When the excess fabric of the rolltop is rolled up, it is secured in place via a long webbing strap, which measures 44cm long, 40mm wide and 1mm thick.
The rolltop webbing strap features an adjustable G hook buckle webbing strap for quick-release. The G hook buckle is made of metal alloy and measures 54mm wide and 45mm high.
When the top of the Archeon 25 backpack is rolled down, the webbing strap G hook can be used to secure external gear such as a sleeping bag or yoga mat.
The back panel of the Osprey Archeon 25 has a similar ridged design to the Arcane Duffel, but the ridged padded area on the Archeon 25 is exposed, making it more breathable. The padded area on the Archeon 25 also has a pronounced inward curvature, allowing the backpack to mould around the natural outward curvature of the Thoracic spine, which is the section of the spine between the cervical (neck) spine and the lumbar (lower) spine.
The back padded area measures 29.5cm high and 19cm wide and, it's positioned just above the hip-belt area, which is also padded with ridged foam padding. The hip belt helps prevent the backpack from sliding side to side, although the hip padding on the Archeon 25 is relatively short, measuring 10cm tall and 8cm wide.
Because the hip padding is short, it is not able to transfer as much load off the back as the hip belt on the Farpoint Wheels 65, which has a longer, more heavy padded hip belt.
The belt itself is a 3ft long webbing strap that is attached to a plastic buckle and strap adjusters to adjust the length of the belt, which can be entirely removed when needed.
The Archeon 25 shoulder straps measure 45cm long, 6cm wide and have an s-curve design that integrate a sternum (chest) strap and single daisy chain webbing loops, as well as bottom and top load-lifters, which help settle the weight of the backpack on the hips.
The chest strap adjusting mechanism consist of mini plastic adjusters for adjusting the chest strap webbing up and down.
The  Archeon 25 shoulder straps also integrate an adjustable torso suspension system that allows the height of the shoulder straps to be adjusted up and down by sliding the straps along two rubber rails.
The shoulder strap height remains securely in place by fastening the internal, large velcro pad, which has to be undone before lifting and lowering the straps along the rubber rails. The white lines seen on either side are guides designed to help adjust the height evenly on both sides.
There are two grab handles on the Osprey Archeon 25 backpack, which are both located just above the water bladder tubing openings.
There are two openings so, you can run two pieces of tubing from inside the backpack where you'll find a large elastic pouch that is big enough to fit a 2.5 liter water bladder reservoir.
Both grab handle straps are made of thin webbing. The shorter (green) grab handle measures 8cm long and has slightly wider webbing (20mm), while the black grab handle is 15mm wide and measures 18cm long.
On the side of the backpanel of the Archeon 25 rolltop pack, there is a small tag that reads M O/S (46cm-56cm). This is in reference to the Osprey sizing chart, which helps you determine the best fitting pack for your height. The color of this Archeon 25 bag is Stargazer Blue. Buy the Archeon 25 rolltop pack via Amazon.  

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