Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Nike KD 13 Hype Special Edition Review

Thursday, May 07, 2020

In collaboration with Nike, Master & Dynamic has made a special edition Hype and Chill colorway for the MW07 Plus earphones and MW65 headphones to support the launch of the Nike Kevin Durant Zoom KD13 basketball sneakers - KD 13 Hype and KD 13 Chill editions.
The KD 13 Hype and KD 13 Chill sneakers boast a flamboyant design with lively colors that are sure to attract attention to the feet everywhere you go.
The KD 13 Hype colorway is particularly eye-catching because of the gold chain and butterflies artwork on the upper of the shoe, contrasting the white mid-sole.
So exclusive are the launch of the MW65 and MW07 Plus Nike special editions that they are not sold to the public; hence you cannot buy them anywhere, not even from Master & Dynamic's own website.
The only way to get your hands on Master & Dynamic's latest especial edition is by winning them online as a lucky winner of Master & Dynamic's social giveaway, which will be taking place today.
Only time will tell whether Master & Dynamic will extend the Nike special edition Hype/Chill colorways to other products in Master & Dynamic's line-up. Or, whether Master & Dynamic will make the MW65 and MW07 special editions available to buy at a later stage.
As it stands now, the MW65 and MW07 Plus Nike special editions are as exclusive as the luxury car Ferrari. Ferrari handpicks those wanting to buy a Ferrari so, you have to be chosen. It's not as simple as having money.
Master & Dynamic will be, essentially, handpicking and choosing (via giveaway) who owns these Nike special editions earphones, making the lucky winners a very exclusive group.
For those who aren't fortunate enough to win a M&D Nike special edition, you can still buy the regular MW65 headphones and MW07 Plus, which come in funky colors.
While the colorful KD13 Hype colorway is hard to match, you may find consolation in knowing that the standard MW07 Plus sound just as good as the MW07 Plus Nike special edition (pictured) as they both share the same hardware. For more details on the specs, check out the full review of the MW07 Plus.
The MW07 Plus Nike special edition charging case has the same dimensions and weight (83 grams) but with a different finish on it that is similar to the MW07 Plus Leica Edition.
Instead of, a metallic mirror finish, the charging case of the MW07 Plus Nike special edition has a smooth matte black turquoise finish with M&D and KD brand logos on top of the lid.
The MW07 Plus Nike special edition comes with the same number of accessories, including a USB dongle, silicone ear tips, ear wings and a USB-C to USB-C audio/charging cable.
rear side
There is also a pinch pouch included in the MW07 Plus Nike special edition, which  has the same dimension an weight (20 grams) as the new MW08 hybrid ANC earbuds.
front side
The fabric canvas print, on the pinch pouch, is also inspired by the KD13 Hype colorway so, it's similar with black and red butterflies and a gold chain with a diamond encrusted. The pinch pouch has a trendy look reminiscent of a street artwork or a Versace colorful t-shirt.
If interested in getting your hands on Kevin Durant's inspired MW07 Plus Nike KD 13 Hype Special Edition, head over to Master & Dynamic Instagram for the giveaway, which will be posted at 3pm EST (8pm UK time). You can buy the standard MW65 and MW07 Plus from amazon or directly from Master and Dynamic and receive 20% off, using code TAKE20 (valid between Oct 7th and Oct 11th 2021. Also, check out the MW50 Plus wireless on-ear and MH30 Alcantara review.

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