Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition Review

Friday, June 12, 2020

Inspired by the magical f/0.95 aperture, the MW07 Plus Leica Camera Edition proudly wears the Leica 0.95 label, paying homage to Leica's legendary 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux-M aspherical lens, which has been inspiring quite a cult among Leica followers and elevated the F Stop 0.95 lens to Wow factor status because of its fast rendering and exceptionally shallow depth-of-field.
With such feat of precise engineering, Leica's Noctilux 0.95 lens has become particularly iconic, although more so because of its "dreamy" price tag that makes the Leica 0.95 lens an object of desire and lust among many photographers.
Fortunately though, the MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition is well within the reach of mere mortals and, it's a must-buy for any Leica fan who wants to expand their Leica collection of cameras and lenses and include miscellaneous Leica accessories.
The MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition is forge out of the MW07 Plus base model and priced exactly the same. Non Leica fans should treat the MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition as the seventh color variant of the regular MW07 Plus collection, which currently includes six color variant shells, all made of handcrafted acetate.
The MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition shell is also made of black acetate with a matte black stainless steel charging case, which features a 0.95 f stop logo etched on top.
Sandwiched between the 0.95 logo, there are two lines of engraving in capital font letters. The top engraving reads Master & Dynamic, New York, NY while the bottom engraving reads Designed with Leica Camera AG.

The sides and base of the MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition charging case have no etching or engraving. The black stainless steel of the charging case makes it pleasant to hold in the hand without any concerns for fingerprints since the matte black coating is a non-fingerprint magnet.
If you are a fan of the stealth black color scheme, you will find the Leica 0.95 version of the MW07 Plus very appealing since the standard version of the MW07 Plus comes with a shiny mirror finish.
The MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition charging case and earphones have the same ergonomic round curves, dimensions and weight as the regular MW07 Plus model and the new MW08 hybrid ANC model.
The button design is also the same with the exception of the red colored button on the right earphone of the MW07 Plus 0.95 Edition, which is there to symbolize Leica’s signature red dot marker.
Under the hood, the MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition has been untouched, integrating the same internal components as the regular MW07 Plus model, which include 10mm Beryllium drivers, a Bluetooth 5.0 aptX chip and dual beamforming mic arrays. For more details on battery and audio performance, you many want to read the full, in-depth review of the MW07 Plus.

You can also check out the video above to hear a volume sound test of the MW07 Plus Leica 0.95 Edition earphones to give you an idea of how loud you can crank them up in the real world.
One really neat feature about these earphones, that most true wireless earphones don't integrate, is automatic play/pause when removing the earphones from the ears.
Whether you go for the MW07 Plus 0.95 edition or the regular version, it will be down to personal preference. The regular MW07 Plus version does come with a Black quartz color variant but, the all-black Leica 0.95 edition will be hard to beat because of the Leica clout.
In terms of exclusivity though, that goes to the MW07 Plus Nike KD 13 Hype edition, which is so limited you could only ever own a pair by winning last month's giveaway by Master & Dynamic.
Speaking of lucky, Master & Dynamic has currently a sale, running until June 15th where you can get 25% off of any of their audio gear, including the new MW07 Plus 0.95 edition by using discount code: MDDG25. You can buy the MW07 Plus Leica Edition from Master & Dynamic, as well as Amazon or directly from Master and Dynamic and receive 20% off, using code TAKE20 (valid between Oct 7th and Oct 11th 2021. Check out the review of the new MW08 Sport earphones. 

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