Pakt One Review Duffel Suitcase Hybrid Bag With Airport Security Pocket

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Anyone who travels a lot will tell you how they wish to travel lighter with one bag, which is a feat in itself, although not impossible if you have a knack for organization! With the right bag though, even if you aren't the best at packing, you can achieve the one bag lifestyle.
The Pakt One bag comes with a built-in TSA pocket so, you can go through security without having to dump your valuables (i.e. keys, wallet, smartphone) on the airport security tray conveyor belt and risking them going missing.
The Pakt One is a 35 liter bag with a duffle/suitcase hybrid design and multiple access points for gaining access to everything inside the bag.
The outershell material is made of 420D black nylon dobby; hence the Pakt One nylon fabric has an oxford construction with polyurethane back coating that protects it from weathering, abrasion and, even fire since dobby nylon is also fire retardant.
The 420 denier outer-shell is industrial nylon fabric; hence the Pakt One outer shell is heavy duty, weighing 1.5 kg when empty. Pakt One is not 100% waterproof though. It is water resistant and so are the top reverse coil zips which have guard seals. The external zippers on the side compartments aren't water resistant though, as they have a basic coil zipper teeth design.
dimensions: 50.8cm x 25.4cm x 27.9cm
On top of the Pakt One, there are two top handles, which are made of nylon and have a beveled design with the handles wider at the bottom (5cm) and narrower at the top (2.5cm).
The top of the handles integrates the same reinforcement stitching found on the pull tabs. Each grab handle measures 21cm across and 15cm tall so, the grab handles are large enough for looping an arm through to carry the Pakt One as a short shoulder bag.
There are two large zip compartments on the front side of the Pakt One bag that measure 15cm tall and 22.5cm wide. Each compartment is individually fastened with a basic coil zipper teeth and small sliders with pull tabs.
Inside one of the side compartments there is a pen holder, a small fabric pocket (9.5cm wide and 9cm tall) and a small mesh pocket that measures 12cm wide and 7cm tall. There is also a metal key clip attached to a 14cm long non-detachable cord.
On the other side of the Pakt One, there is a quick stash large pocket compartment, measuring 44cm long and 20cm tall. This compartment has a magnetic closure similar to the magnetic clasp closure on many purses.
The magnetic closure of the compartment works via a small circular magnet on each side which keep the compartment partially secured. This compartment doesn't close like zip compartment; hence small items can fall through.
The magnetic closing side compartment also integrates a zip compartment that measures 28cm wide and 15cm tall. Inside this compartment you find a large, TSA approved quick -access mesh pocket, which measures 24.5cm wide and 16cm tall.
The bottom of the Pakt One features four small, 4mm tall metal base studs feet, which are spaced out 38cm across the length of the bag and 13.5cm across the width of the bag.
Surrounding the base studs are small leatherette patches that extend across each bottom corner of the bag, providing some reinforcement.
There are several loops located around the Pakt One bag designed for clipping things that you want quick access to such as a water bottle. The largest webbing loop is located on one side of the bag and it's made of a strong thickly woven nylon webbing. The other loops are smaller approximately 5mm in size.
The Pakt One internal compartments are lined with grey 150D polyester, which lights up the interior. The Pakt One features one long zipper that opens up the entire bag clam-shell style into two halves, making loading the PAKT One as easy as packing a suitcase.
On one half, there is a privacy mesh divider and on the other half, there is quilted divider. Both the mesh and quilt dividers integrate regular dual zips with pull tabs.
The two zips alongside the main clamshell zip opening lets you gain quick access to either side of the internal compartments so, you can grab and pull out contents briefcase style.
While the Pakt One bag has three top zippers, the Pakt One bag actually has two internal compartments. The briefcase style top zips do make it very convenient to gain quick access inside without having to use the clamshell zip opening.
Both internal compartments measure 26cm wide and 39cm long. The internal compartments have a 14cm depth, although the compartments can potentially expand up to 20cm if you don't mind the bag bulging out.
The compartment protected by the privacy mesh integrates a large built-in zip pocket that measures 19cm tall and 34cm long. The compartment protected by the quilted divider has the same dimensions as the compartment protected by the mesh divider and also includes the same large built-in zip pocket, as well as elastic mesh pockets on each corner of the internal compartments.
Speaking of the quilted divider it is, in fact, a laptop sleeve compartment with a zip access that measures 26cm tall and 41cm long. The laptop sleeve is very large so, it can accommodate the largest of laptops.
Another plus about the laptop compartment is that it's built-in the middle of the internal compartments, providing a laptop with ample front and side protection. That said, the laptop sleeve compartment does travel all the way to the bottom of the bag, providing minimal padding protection.
The Pakt One is carried two ways, via the top grab handles and via the padded strap for shoulder carry. The shoulder strap nylon webbing measures 1.38 meters long and features a 2cm thick padding that measures 8.5cm wide and 26cm long. The Pakt One uses YKK 10RC zippers for the top openings and regular zippers for the rest of the bag.
A Pakt-branded laundry carrier bag is included, which features the same coil zipper style and pull tab found on the rest of the bag.
The laundry bag is thin and lightweight but it's strong in nature being made of the same 150 denier polyester lining the interior of the Pakt One bag. 
The laundry bag is also fairly large, measuring 39cm wide and 43cm tall and features long nylon webbing top handles, which are sewn with thick stitching. 
The Pakt One is a useful, multifunctional travel bag with ample space and organizational compartments. The Pakt One can be machined washed and comes in plastic-free packaging, as well as brown recycled user information, which contains six blank pages that you can use for jotting down things.
The Pakt One bag doesn't use any animal by-products but, like most bags, the Pakt One isn't bio-gradable since it uses virgin nylon as opposed to recycled nylon, which would help remove existing nylon waste from landfills.
That said, as vouched by the lifetime guarantee, the Pakt One has been made with the intention to last without ending up dumped at a landfill like many nylon/polyester bags do. You can buy the Pakt One from Pakt Bags, or buy it the Pakt One from amazon when it becomes available. Check out the review of the new PAKT Travel Backpack.

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