eMeet Luna Review Full Duplex Speakerphone

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

It is very frustrating when you make a quick comment and realize that the person on the other end never heard any of it! In order to emulate a natural, in-person conversation you need a quality microphone, quality speaker and full-duplex, which is very important because natural conversations involve people briefly talking over each other.
Zoom and other video chat and voice call platforms such as Skype are great during scheduled meetings but, when handling incoming calls to mobile phones, a Bluetooth speakerphone comes really handy.
Use case and budget is a key factor but for personal and group use, you won't go wrong with the eMeet Luna, which is perfect for personal and small groups up to 12 people if linked to a second eMeet Luna speakerphone.
eMeet Luna supports full duplex communication, which also removes echo effect, eliminating the need of using third-party echo cancellation software such as Zoom Rooms software audio processing. Included with eMeet speakerphone is the eMeet audio adapter A200, which is a wireless USB dongle.
The eMeet audio adapter A200 is small with a low profile, measuring just 20mm long and 5mm thick. With such a slimline profile, the USB dongle sticks out very little while inserted in a USB port of a computer. When it comes to unplugging it from a USB port, it is not fiddly like some nano USB dongles, thanks to the sloping edge on the hard plastic enclosure, which allows a firm grip.
The eMeet Luna speakerphone has a short cylinder design (11.5cm diameter and 3.5cm height) with a sloping top section that integrates a perforated grille and seven buttons arranged along the bottom perimeter of the speakerphone. The perforated grille has a crescent shape; hence the name Luna, which translates to Moon.
The smooth matte dark grey finish on top is the same as the rest of the speakerphone, including the sides, which have smoothed out edges. The speakerphone is made entirely of hard plastic so, it's lightweight weighing just 235 grams.
The hard plastic buttons have a glossy finish and are mechanically controlled, a opposed to touch controlled. The buttons make subtle clicks when pressed and require decent force to press; hence it's very unlikely the buttons can be activated by accident when storing the speakerphone inside a bag.
Button functions include AI noise reduction, answer/end call, volume up, volume down, Bluetooth, microphone mute/unmute and power on/off.
Hidden within the speaker driver grille, there are five status led indicators designed to feedback volume level (cyan blue), mute (solid red), bluetooth pairing, low battery (flashes red), incoming call (flashes green), audio in, audio out and charging.
USB dongle storage area
AI noise reduction works similar to active noise cancellation (ANC) but, instead of using a microphone to generate the anti-noise waveform, the eMeet Luna speakerphone uses digital signal processing (DSP) software (artificial intelligence) that analyzes the call audio and filters out the noise.

While it works great for the most part, noise removal algorithms aren't perfect as they remove some detail from the sound. The DSP chip inside the eMeet Luna does a fairly good job at maintaining a natural sounding call audio without being too digitized. That said, when turning on AI noise reduction, the pickup range of the eMeet Luna microphones decreases from 3 meters down to 1.5 meters.
For informal large gatherings where people are bunched up closely together, the AI noise reduction won't be an issue. For formal gatherings where 6 or more people are sitting at a long table, having the AI noise reduction turned on maybe a problem.

The perforated grille conceals a single 3W speaker driver with 89dB sensitivity, which allows you to crank up the volume very loud. Despite the speaker only being able to output 3 watts of power, the eMeet Luna speakerphone works well as a standalone desktop speaker. The speaker has good tuning so, it can handle maximum volume without distorting the treble. The bass response is reasonably good without muddling the mid-range.
The internal 3.63 volt rechargeable battery has 2600mAh capacity and takes 3.5 hours to fully charge via 5V/1A input charge. If only using it for calls, the battery can last 48 hours. There is audio play-through while charging the speaker, which means you can play audio via bluetooth while the speakerphone is charging.
While the bluetooth 4.2 chip inside the eMeet Luna speaker only supports standard bluetooth codec (no aptX, AAC or SBC support), the sound quality is very good via the three audio modes (USB dongle, Bluetooth and wired mode) without any noticeable audio latency over Bluetooth connection.
The speakerphone can only connect to one device at a time; hence no bluetooth multi-pairing support.
The bottom sides of the speakerphone also have a beveled design and integrate three microphone pinholes recessed inside a triangle cutout. The microphones have a pyramid arrangement with two microphones located at the top sides of the speakerphone and one microphone located at the bottom front. The three-microphone array provide a 360-degree coverage.
On the base of the eMeet Luna speakerphone, there are three flat and long rubber strips that give the speakerphone stability and security on a smooth surface. On the back of the eMeet Luna speakerphone, you find three connectivity ports and a Kensington lock slot for locking the speakerphone to a desk, just like you would a bicycle. A Kensington cable lock is not included.
The connectivity ports include USB-C charging port, audio out (out/link) port and audio in (aux in) port. The out/link port with the red ring is designed to daisy chain two eMeet Luna speakerphones together via a 3.5 mm male to male aux cable, which is included. The audio out port can also be used to connect external speakers to the eMeet Luna speakerphone. You can even plug in a pair of headphones, although you cannot use the eMeet Luna speakerphone as a microphone-only device.

eMeet Luna works across different video chat and voice call platforms, including Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout and Facetime. Luna can be connected to a Windows computer (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) and MacOS computer. Other accessories included in the box are a male to male audio cable (70cm long) and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable (70cm long). You can buy the eMeet Luna speakerphone on amazon. Check out the review of the eMeet C980 Pro webcam

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