Magnum Assault Tactical 5.0 Review Urban Patrol Boots

Monday, July 06, 2020

One simple rule when it comes to boots. Invest in good quality footwear and your feet will take you the extra mile and back! Choosing the right boot for the right condition is also important and that means, choosing the right type of material for the environment you plan to use them.
For daily use in a hot and/or dry urban setting, the Magnum Assault Tactical 5.0 will serve you well because they are high ankle synthetic boots that feel almost like a running shoe - half boot, half sneaker hybrid.
Being very breathable and very lightweight (425 grams each), the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots are ideal for patrol type jobs. For environments where weather is more inclement with cold temperatures, a lot of rain and slush snow, you should opt for a good pair of leather boots such as the Hi-Tec Ravine boots
Because of their trainer-like feel, the Assault Tactical 5.0 urban patrol boots do not need to be worn or broken in like a pair of leather boots as they are extremely comfortable to wear right out of the box.
The Assault Tactical 5.0 boots integrate upper mesh fabric panels located strategically on the toe, sides of the boot and heel. The ballistic nylon mesh panels are protected by high abrasion resistant artificial leather grille. There are a total of five mesh panels with various sizes. The vamp toe area mesh panel is 4cm deep and 7cm wide. The side mesh panels are approximately 12cm long and 3cm high. The heel mesh panels are 6cm long and 3cm high.
The tongue of the Magnum Assault Tactical 5.0 measures 18cm long and 10cm wide at the top section of the tongue, which integrates a tongue pocket designed for tucking the excess ends of the laces.
The nylon laces measure 1.50 meters long each and are braided with soft yarn and capped at the ends to prevent fraying. The tongue pocket cannot be really used to store anything because of its open, upside down design. If the tongue pockets had velcro fastening, they would be neat secret pockets!
The perimeter of the tongue has zig-zag stitch pattern, which makes the edges sit flatter and should also stop fraying. The Assault Tactical 5.0 boots have a half gusseted tongue; hence the tongue is sewn to the sides half-way down the boot, which prevents the tongue from sliding off to the sides. Since it's not a fully gusseted tongue, water and dirt can still get inside the top section of the tongue, which is worth keeping in mind if you plan to use the boots on sandy terrain.
As far as branding, there are several. This includes the words kurim protection, which are embossed on a tiny piece of rubber above the right side mesh panel. The word Magnum is also etched on the front right of the boot toe, as well as on a rectangular panel on the top front of the tongue.
The rectangular panel is sewn to the tongue with straight stitch pattern and, it's made of the same PU leather material found on the rest of the boot.
Behind the tongue, there is a small tag (shoe tongue label) with the product information, size and serial number, which identify the boots as a genuine Magnum product. Being a label heat transfer, it is not sewn to the tongue but applied via a heat press transfer machine.
The word Magnum is also embossed on a thick piece of rubber that stretches across the side of the ankle. This thick piece of rubber provides some protection to the fibula bone, although not on the same level as the ankle armor shells on the Strike Force 6.0 boots.
Being high top, the collar of the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots extend slightly over the ankle, approximately 12cm high from the top of the heel of the boot. The collar has a slanted curve design; hence the sides of the collar are slightly higher than the back of the collar. The laces tie up around the ankle and bridge of the foot via two types of eyelets: hard plastic closed hook eyelets (at the top) and metal loop buckles covered with webbing fabric (on the bridge of the boot).

The rest of the Assault Tactical 5.0 boot has PU leather webbing eyelets made of fairly thick loops of PU leather, making them more durable than webbing fabric. There are a total of six PU leather webbing eyelets, three on either side. There is also a flat webbing loophole in the centre of the tongue, which helps to keep the tongue in place.
Between the outsole and the boot, there is a shock-absorbing "RECOIL" midsole, which is bouncy foam that provides the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots with a firm but comfortable rebound when walking and running. The high top collar is heavily padded too, which provides a good support and prevention against any spraining or rolling of the ankles should you hit a pothole or slip on a rock when carrying a heavy load on the back.
The outsole of the Assault Tactical 5.0 is made of carbon rubber, which is not to be confused with carbon black, which is the rubber material used in car tires (and some footwear) to dampen vibration. Carbon black material is also the reason why car tires are black and not milky white, which is the natural color of rubber.
Many trainers are typically made with solid rubber and fumed silica (instead of carbon) to make the soles white. The outsole of the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots is made of solid rubber with carbon and some other compound added to give the sole its coyote brown color. While durable, carbon rubber is obviously not as tough as carbon black but it's still more durable than blown rubber.
Some shoe soles are also made with polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds. The most durable soles though, use a combination of materials, including carbon black, which prevents premature wearing out of the sole and heat resistance to high temperatures. Black carbon is not as environmentally friendly as natural rubber, which is non-toxic but not as durable.
The Assault Tactical 5.0 boot sole has multi-directional lugs similar to the indoor trainers used for futsal and five-a-side football on artificial ground. In terms of performance though, the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots grip much better than a pair of astro turf trainers because the studs on the soles of the Assault Tactical 5.0 boots are oriented in several directions.
The front and rear lugs provide excellent stopping power, forward propulsion and explosive vertical jumping, thanks to the integration of a ridge across the front of the sole that provides support to the ball of the foot. The arch of the foot is also reinforced via thick Magnum logo etching on the centre of the outsole.
Inside the Assault Tactical 5.0 boot, there is hard-wearing lining around the back of the boot and softer, fast wicking lining on the front of the boot, which minimizes sweatiness while maximizing ventilation.
The included OrthoLite Impressions insoles are removable and made with a mouldable foam with good density and heel support thickness (12mm).
The OrthoLite Impressions insole construction is made with 50% bio rubber process oil and 5% recycled rubber, making these insoles more eco-friendly than most insoles which are entirely made of cellulose paperboard or synthetic board. You can buy the Magnum Assault Tactical 5.0 boots from Magnum. Check out the review of the Raven Mid rambling boots

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