Vankyo Cinemango 100 Review LED Projector with 220 Inch Long Throw

Friday, July 10, 2020

In a sea of projectors, the Vankyo Cinemango 100 stands out, not only because of its amazing price-point but also its sound/picture performance. With the Cinemango 100 projector, you can play games, watch movies and stream from a phone via multiple interfaces, including VGA, HDMI, flash memory and memory card.
The maximum video resolution via VGA is 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz. When connecting via VGA connection, it's worth keeping in mind that VGA doesn't carry audio signal; hence there won't be sound coming through the built-in speakers of the Vankyo Cinemango 100. In order to get sound via VGA interface, you will need to have external speakers connected to the VGA source (i.e. desktop PC or laptop).
If you do plan to use the projector for gaming, it's worth using HDMI since it carries both audio and video signals and, it provides better resolution and the higher frame rates needed for a good gaming experience.
The SD card functionality on the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector automatically organizes the content inside the SD card in different folders, according to music files, movie files, photo files and text files. The spring-loaded SD card slot does not support SD card to micro SD adapters but, it does support playback of images; hence you can use an AtmosFX SD card with the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector
The hard plastic buttons make a loud clicky noise when pressed. There are a total of 9 buttons, four of which are integrated into a circular rocker for up/down and left/right navigation. The other buttons let you back out of a menu, select input source and other options. There is also a power button with a small led built-in.
There are large vents on the side of the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector to expel hot air and prevent heat build up. Expelled air does become very hot after the projector has been running for a while but the projector body does remain cool to the touch.
The body of the projector has a non-marking glossy finish with a smooth matt front facia that integrates the lens on one side.
The focus ring on the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector is not the easiest type of focus mechanism to use. That will be the focus switch type that only requires you to move a slider to adjust focus. Being a focus ring, it does require two hands, one to hold the projector in place while rotating the focus ring. It does help that the focus ring is rubberized and prickly textured, which allows a better grip.
The lens moves inwards and outwards as you rotate the focus ring and has a stopper to prevent the lens from sticking out. A hard plastic lens cover is included to protect the lens, which is nice, although the cover won't fit when the focus of the lens is turned inwards, which means having to move the lens forwards and then, having to refocus again when using the projector.
Behind the focus ring, there is a keystone slider ring, which is much easier to operate. That said, the keystoning ability is limited to +/- 15 degrees either way, which limits the focus ability of the edges, although you are able to get the picture decently crisp.
On the back of the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector, you find the connectivity ports and the IR receiver. When setting up the projector is worth bearing in mind that the remote has to be in direct line of sight to operate without issues.
On the base of the projector there are four raised feet and two threaded holes, one for mounting the projector onto a tripod or ceiling, while the other threaded hole is designed for the included 1/4-inch thumb screw to adjust the front elevation of the projector. The Cinemango 100 projector only weighs 1.4 kg.

The image projection can be scaled down and enlarged in percentage increments down from 100%  to 50% and anywhere in that range. Input sources include AV, VGA, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, USB 1, USB 2, and SD card. When using an iPhone/iPad to the Cinemango 100 projector, you will need an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. A third-party adapter will not work with the new iOS devices.
There are a total of five inputs sources, two of which are secondary HDMI and USB ports. The HDMI input supports 720p (1280 x 720p) resolution natively, although it can scale up to 1080p. There is also support for 480p, 576i, 576p, 720i and 1080i.
The Vankyo Cinemango 100 is not an Android projector; hence it doesn't run Android software to be able to run programmes and apps such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Hulu. You can connect a variety of sources to the projector, including Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Stick, Apple TV and video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, as well as Android and iOS devices via a Lightning to HDMI/VGA adapter.
If your Android device has a micro USB or USB-C port, you will need a HDMI adapter that will fit your Android device. These cables are not included so, you will need to buy them separately. Also, be sure that your Android device supports the MHL standard because without it, the HMDI adapter will not work.
You can check whether your Android phone or table supports MHL by visiting MHL Tech. If you don't want to use a HDMI adapter, you can also connect an Android device via a Chromecast thumb drive, although you will need to install the Chromecast mobile app from the Google Play store.
The Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector has an easy to navigate, multi-colored interface with four icons, including Picture, Sound, Timer (auto-off timer) and More Settings. The Picture icon features picture mode, color temperature, aspect ratio (auto, 4:3, 16:9, Zoom1, Zoom2 and JustScan), noise reduction and projection mode. HDMI mode lets you choose between PC source or AV source.
Picture mode lets you choose from several picture presets (vivid, soft and standard) and a User mode if you want to manually tweak the contrast, brightness, color and sharpness. The projector supports 2000:1 contrast with a good colour space reproduction, thanks to a 90% NTSC gamut, which allows the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector to reproduce vivid and true-to-life colours with 120 ANSI lumens.
The Sound icon features sound mode, balance (audio channels) and auto volume, which automatically adjust the volume level for you.
The Gear icon features OSD language (to change on-screen display language), factory reset, software update, OSD transparency and OSD timeout to adjust how long the information remains on the screen before it disappears. The OSD transparency lets you adjust the transparency of the menu screen.
The fan noise does not affect the sound performance of the two built-in speakers (3W each) as long as volume is cranked up loud. The speakers are located on the left side of the base of the projector, firing the sound backwards.
The location of the speakers doesn't seem the most ideal but, it doesn't seem to affect the sound performance. That said, if you want better stereo separation it's best hoking up external speakers via the 3.5mm aux input. There is no bluetooth support; hence you cannot connect bluetooth speakers to the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector.
The projector has a 3800 lux rating so, it can be used with ambient light around, although better visual performance is obtained in a darker room, especially if you want to project from a long distance (~6 meters).
brightly lit up room
The throw distance ability is between 1.2 meters and 6.8 meters (220-inches) long, although around 1.5 meters distance is the sweet spot if you want to make text readable. The whiter the projected surface is the clear the projection; hence it's not a bad idea using a projector screen.
The Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector ships with a padded fabric travel bag that is large enough to keep the projector and accessories together.
The carry bag has the word Vankyo embroidered on the front bottom side of the bag. There is quality stitching throughout the bag and a hard-wearing grab handle made of thick, reinforced nylon webbing strap.
The Vankyo carry bag has a briefcase style with a suitcase-like opening and internal velcro straps to secure the projector in place. There is also a quick stash pocket on the inner side of the front panel of the bag. The dual zips have metal pull tabs. The fabric material of the bag seems water resistant, although the zip seam has no waterproofing.
Accessories include five long wood stick cotton swabs (q-tips), a lens cloth, a 1.40 meter long High Speed HDMI cable (E256295) and a 13cm long RCA AV adapter (3.5mm male to 3 RCA male AV) for connecting a video camera, an old iPod Classic, a blue-ray player or a PlayStation 3 video games console.
A Vankyo branded IR remote control (2x AAA batteries not included) is also included to control the projector. Total weight of the projector and accessories is 1.85 kg. The detachable power cord is 1.20 meters long.
Overall, the Vankyo Cinemango 100 LED projector will not disappoint, especially being a projector with an LED bulb, which has a longer life expectancy than a projector with a traditional lamp source. The Vankyo Cinemango 100 LED projector uses LCD projection technology, which is good, although not as good as the sought-after DLP technology which provides better contrast and livelier images.
DLP also ages better than LCD projectors which develop a yellow tint as time passes even after replacing the bulb. DLP projectors will hold almost the same image quality when replacing the bulb and do not develop a yellow tint. You can buy the Vankyo Cinemango 100 projector on amazon or from Vankyo website. Check out the review of the Performance V700W projector.

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