CLCKR Phone Grip Review Phone Case Stand Holder

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Phones seem to be getting larger and more slippery to the point of almost needing two hands to hold one! Most people who have trouble gripping their phone find getting a protective case the automatic go-to, although there are other options for adding a layer of security to prevent dropping a phone.
Two of those options are standalone grip stands and phone case stands like the ones by CLCKR (pronounced "klɪkə"). The CLCKR grip stand and CLCKR case stand provide a convenient way to grip a phone and a discreet way to prop up a phone like a regular phone stand.
The CLCKR grip stand can be used with or without a protective case. If you plan to stick the grip on a naked phone, you will need to use the included clear plastic film, which has the same form factor as a screen protector; hence you have to clean the area prior to applying the film on the back of the phone.
The clear film included with the CLCKR grip stand is intended for smartphones with a glass back, which is almost most newer smartphones made this year. That said, glass-backed phones go as far back a decade when Apple released the iPhone 4 - the first phone with a glass back.
If you own a 5 year old smartphone, the back of it is likely to be either plastic or polished metal like the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.
The Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10+, Google Pixel 4 and the Galaxy S20 all have glass backs; hence you will need to use the film included with the CLCKR grip stand.
If your phone has a plastic, metal back or protective case, you can apply the CLCKR grip stand directly on to it without using the film, which is designed to provide an adhering surface since the 3M sticky adhesive on the CLCKR grip stand will not stick securely to glass. The included clear film is not re-usable and you only get one included.
Both the CLCKR grip stand and CLCKR case stand work similarly, allowing you to grip and keep a phone standing, thanks to a nifty foldable kickstand mechanism that consists of three components: 1) Sticky adhesive 2) Hard plastic backplate and 3) Strap/kickstand, which folds outwards at a 45-degree angle in the shape of a triangle.
In kickstand mode, the triangle shape is maintained by snapping the top clip section. In grip mode, you simply unclip the top section and loop the four fingers of your hand through. When grip and kickstand mode aren't required, you can fold it flat. Simply fold the strap flush against the backplate and clip it in place.
The CLCKR grip stand and CLCKR case stand are compatible with wireless charging pads; hence you don't have to remove the CLCKR grip or the case to charge your phone wirelessly. That said, when using the CLCKR grip on the back of a protective case or phone, you may need to re-position it a few times.
With a myriad of phone accessories on the market, the CLCKR grip and phone case stand out as a highly useful accessory for those with really large phones or really small hands to get a more secure way to grip a phone, while allowing it to kickstand vertically anywhere you happen to be.
Since the grip backplate is entirely made of plastic, the CLCKR grip and case cannot be used with a magnetic car mount. That said, a metal backplate wouldn't work nor would be safe for wireless charging; hence the trade off.
Not every phone owner likes using a protective case so, having a choice between a standalone grip stand and phone case stand is well advised. That being said, the standalone CLCKR grip will add a slight bulge and weight to a naked phone.
The CLCKR grip measures 4.2 mm thick and weighs 14 grams. While not as secure as the CLCKR case stand, the CLCKR grip will provide some rear protection should the phone fall down flat on its backside.

The sticky adhesive used for the CLCKR grip and case is reusable 3M adhesive that leaves no residue; hence you aren't permanently gluing it on your phone. As a grip strap, it is comfortable thanks to the soft inner lining made of felt-like material. The outer material, covering the grip is made of artificial leather; hence it is water resistant. You can buy the CLCKR grip stand and case for your phone from amazon.

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