Sades Mpower SA-723 Review Gaming Headset With Replaceable Earpads

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Competing with gaming headsets costing a lot more, the Sades Mpower SA-723 unbeatable price point makes it a very attractive proposition!
Like most gaming headsets, the built-in microphone in the Sades Mpower is hooked onto a "memory wire" type boom arm that holds its shape when bent. Some gaming headsets boom arm microphone are fixed, while others are attached to a rotary hinge, allowing you to lift the boom arm up and down.
The Sades Mpower has a retractable type boom arm that operates manually; hence you can retract it and extended it (as far as 12cm). While the boom arm retracts all the way into its housing, the microphone plastic housing remains outside, allowing you to still use it without having to extend out the entire arm.
The microphone is omnidirectional and without noise cancellation; hence it picks up all sounds around you but, it delivers clear sounding speech with good amplification. The Sades Mpower boom arm has a clear/transparent sleeve and, it will only hold its shape when bent inwards towards the mouth. The boom arm can be bent backwards but it will spring back forward.
The Sades Mpower SA-723 has a non-removable 1.20 meter-long soft braided cable. It is fixed to the left earcup and terminates into a right angled plug with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector.
Inline the cable, there is a small plastic housing that contains a mute switch and a double-sided wheel dial that makes adjusting the volume easier with the thumb and index finger. The inline mute/volume controller is located 30cm away from the earcup and dangles at chest level.
The Sades Mpower comes with a Sades-branded 2-meter long headphone splitter braided cable to use with computers that have separate headphone and microphone jacks. The headphone splitter has a female 3.5mm socket at one end of the cable and, it that splits into a male 3.5mm mic (pink) and a male 3.5mm headphone (green). The headphone splitter cable weighs 27 grams.
Some computers have a single TRRS jack that integrates the mic and headphone inputs, just like the headphone jack of a smartphone. The Sades Mpower is also compatible with the Playstation 4 controller, PS4 Pro console, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One controller (with 3.5mm headphone jack).
Thanks to low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (98dB) 50mm diameter drivers, the Sades Mpower deliver good dynamics via a computer and phone. You can use this headset for listening to music, PC gaming and mobile gaming without losing out on the microphone.
The hard plastic earcups have perforated metal grills on the outer of the earcups, but they are for decoration since the Sades Mpower are closed-back headphones.There is a embroidered Sades  branding on top of the headband. More branding can be found throughout with etchings on the cable plugs and a laser printed etching on the back of the inline remote, which appears to glow in the dark.
The headband foam padding is on the thin side, which might not be ideal if you have a bald head. The earpads have an oval shape. The outer dimensions of the earpads are 10cm high and 8cm wide. The earpad inner hole measures 5cm wide, 6.5cm high and 1.5cm deep with a thin fabric layer protecting the driver. There is a heat transfer logo of Sades printed onto this thin layer, which is for branding, although it's probably not the most ideal placement because it sits right in front of the speaker driver.
The black and blue color scheme extends throughout the entire headset, including the hard plastic frame of the headband, which measures 3cm wide and 1cm thick. The headband features a stainless steel (blue-anodized) yoke band that slides into the headband. There are seven tiny hole punches on the band for adjusting the height of the headband securely. These hole punches are fairly shallow, allowing you to adjust the headband while on the head.
The yoke band is flat and does not swivel, while the hinges that allow the earcups to pivot are made of plastic and have a short throw; hence the earcups have a very narrow range of up and down tilt. Headphones with a wide range of earcup tilt and swivel design are always ideal for getting the most comfortable fit, especially for those with an odd-shape head.
If you plan to connect Mpower headset to an external amplifier, be mindful of the maximum power input the Mpower headset can handle, which is 20mW. Being a 3.5mm gaming headset with single dynamic drivers, the Sades Mpower is not able to deliver 7.1 virtual surround sound; hence it isn't a feature.
Virtual surround sound is emulated via software and requires a USB connection; hence why a lot of USB gaming headsets integrate 7.1 sound because it is easier to implement than true surround, which requires multiple drivers in each earcup.
Despite not having 7.1 sound, the gaming experience with the Sades Mpower is pretty good, thanks to the wide stereo imaging, which allows you to gauge distance in-game. The volume can be cranked up very loud and, thanks to being wired you get a good connection and sound quality.
Another neat feature you get with the Sades Mpower, it's replaceable earpads. You can swap the pre-set artificial leather earpads with the included crepe fabric earpads for better ventilation so, your ears don't become as sweaty during gaming. Changing the earpads requires pressing down and twisting the earpad clockwise until it slides out of the earcup. The process is straightforward, although a little bit more fiddly than other types of detachable earpads such as those that attach via magnets or clips. The included earpads weigh 10 grams each.
It's also worth mentioning that the user guide states "leather" earpads, although this is likely to be a misprint given the low/budget cost of the Sades Mpower headset. Artificial leather material can also be found covering the headband, including the underside of the headband, which has eye-catchy blue etching styling.
With a low/medium clamping force and a weight of 300 grams (including the cable), the Sades Mpower will be good for a good couple hours of gaming/music listening. The Sades Mpower is slightly lighter in weight than the A6 gaming headset. However, the Sades A6 headset has a suspension headband, which is far more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.The A6 USB gaming headset also has 7.1 surround sound (the Mpower headset doesn't).
Included in the box are also stickers and a cardboard holder, which can be used as a headphone stand. You can buy the Sades Mpower SA-723 headset on amazon.

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