Edifier X3 Review True Wireless With AptX and Touch Control

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

In a time when more people are choosing comfort over style, the newly released Edifier X3 launch into the headphone market as one of the lightest and most portable set of true wireless earphones ever produced by Edifier!
The Edifier X3 earbuds and companion charging case have a similar power/charging rating as the Edifier TWS5 true wireless and similar battery performance too. Yet, the Edifier X3 is substantially more compact and lightweight. The combined weight of the TWS5 earbuds is 12 grams, while the TWS5 charging case weighs 45 grams. The X3 earbuds, in the other hand, weigh just 9.8 grams, while the X3 charging case weighs just 32 grams. 
Another plus for the X3 earbuds, it's functionality. The X3 earbuds can work individually so, you can use the left and right earbuds independently, just like you can with the TWS1 version  More and more newer earbuds are being shipped with independent functionality as standard, which is a convenience you really can't do without once you get used to it.
The Edifier X3 have a balanced sound signature with good bass sound, superb detail in the mid-range and good instrument sound separation. You won't really need to use foam tips to increase the bass, unless of course, you're a serious "bass-head" who likes feeling getting punched in the eardrums. 
As long as they fit inside the charging case, using foam eartips is a nifty way to make the bass come alive in almost any earbuds. As far as bluetooth codecs, the Edifier X3 bluetooth 5.0 chip supports aptX, AAC and SBC, which means no audio delay when watching videos on an Android or iOS device.
Depending on the weight, some true wireless earbuds can integrate ear fins or wingtips, which are useful when exercising so, the earbuds don't fall out of the ears. The Edifier X3 earbuds don't integrate wingtips but the earbuds are light weight enough for running and jogging. They are IPX5 rated too so, they can withstand moderate rain/sweat. 
The Edifier X3 earbuds sit comfortably inside the concha of the ear and, depending on the size of your ear concha and your ear canal, the earbuds may feel looser or more snug inside the ears. The front side of the earbuds are touch sensitive and integrate a subtle X engraved logo etching, which provides a grippy contact surface when activating the touch controls. 
The touch sensitive area is responsive, requiring only light touches. The earbud shell is made of smooth hard plastic and houses a 60mA battery. Considering a lot of true wireless earbuds are equipped with small battery capacity (approx. 45mAh-55mAh), the Edifier X3 earbuds do have a larger than average battery capacity, which does put a little extra weight on the earbuds but, it allows the Edifier X3 earbuds to have a longer runtime (up to 6 hours) on 50% volume. Total weight of each earbud is 4.9 grams.
There is a heat printed Edifier brand sticker on top of the charging case lid and another heat printed tag sticker on the base of the charging case that contains some specifications, regarding the X3 earbuds and charging case input charge. While in the charging case, the X3 earbuds receive 50mA input from the charging case internal battery, taking 1.5 hours to fully charge the 60mAh battery from 0% to 100%. 
The X3 charging case has a standard 500mAh battery capacity that recharges via 5V micro USB power and can receive a maximum input of 350mA (0.3 amps). You can easily re-charge the X3 charging case from a USB 2.0 of a computer within 1.5 hours - without needing a special wall adapter. 
USB 2.0 ports are able to supply 0.5 amps, which is sometimes not enough to power a lot of gadgets but, in this instance, it's plenty of USB power for quickly charging the Edifier X3. Bear in mind though, the Edifier X3 won't charge any faster if you up the amps. 
There is a small battery light located on the front of the X3 charging case, which lights up red during charging. The battery led is integrated within the shell of the case so, it's unnoticeable to the naked eye when it's turned off. The Edifier X3 charging case has a flip-open upright design with a tall, wide body and narrow width that gives the X3 charging case a thin, slimline profile perfect for transporting in small pockets such as a large purse or jeans' watch pocket. Total dimensions are 4cm tall, 5cm wide and 2cm thick.
The X3 charging case docking area doesn't have the peculiar bathtub design a lot of true wireless earbuds have. Instead, the X3 charging docking area is virtually non-existent with just a narrow rim that makes the earbuds protrude prominently out of the charging case. The X3 earbuds are held inside the charging case via magnetic connection and they are easy to take out from the charging case, provided that your fingers aren't slippery or cold.
Once out of the case, the X3 earbuds power on but, they do not enter into bluetooth pairing mode automatically. This has to be done manually by long pressing for a couple of seconds the touch control area of one earbud. Doing this pairs the earbuds to each other but, while both earbuds get paired to one another, one earbud becomes the master, which prevents you from being able to switch between earbuds seamlessly. 
With a lot of true wireless earbuds, including the TWS NB earbuds, both earbuds are the master, allowing you to put the earbuds in and out of the charging case without disrupting your listening experience. With the X3 earbuds, you cannot do this because the minute you put the master earbud in the charging case, it automatically disconnects both earbuds from the phone.  
Touch control functions include voice assistant, incoming calls (answer/ending calls) and basic audio playback like skipping tracks and play pause. There is no volume support from the earbuds; hence X3 earbuds volume is regulated via the device the earbuds are connected to. 
The X3 earbuds 6mm drivers have high sensitivity (95dB) so, you can crank the volume fairly loud. How loud you can increase the volume though, it will depend on the specific device. Some devices' volume level can be quieter than others so, some people resort to using volume booster mobile apps to increase the volume.
During audio playback, the X3 earbuds status led does not blink, which is good since it can sometimes annoy people sitting next to you. A non-blinking led also helps conserve battery power. The status led pinhole also contains a microphone (one per earbud), which integrate noise reduction software (cVc 8.0) that does a good job of focusing on the voice clearly and naturally without making it sound excessively robotic. Other accessories included alongside the X3 earbuds include a short unbranded micro USB to USB-A cable and a set of two extra silicone eartips. You can buy the Edifier X3 earbuds on amazon. Check out the review of the Edifier X3 To-U pastel color version.

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