Edifier X3 To-U Vs X3 Earbuds Review Comparison

Friday, September 03, 2021

An elegantly and stylishly fashionable pair of true wireless, the Edifier X3 To-U blue pastel color version it's as visually appealing as a yummy blueberry macaron! The X3 To-U model has been slightly upgraded over the original X3 version with a more lightweight construction and USB-C charging. There is no longer aac codec support though, which is the only downgrade.

The X3 To-U charging case weighs 25 grams, while the earbuds weigh 8 grams (4 grams each), making the X3 To-U 8 grams lighter overall. Being so lightweight, the earbuds stay put securely even whilst running. They're IP55 rated too so, they can withstand some moderate sweat. The X3 To-U charging case measures 5cm long, 4cm high and 2cm thick, which are the exact same dimensions as the original X3. The earbuds are also the same dimensions so, you can interchange them with the X3.

The X3 To-U uses the same bluetooth 5.0 chip, which does support aptX and SBC codecs but does not support multipoint connection (sames as the original X3). As far as bluetooth pairing, the X3 To-U uses the same master/slave configuration as the original X3, which means you can't switch from stereo to mono seamlessly. Despite this, the X3 To-U earbuds can work independently so, you can pair them individually with different devices. The X3 To-U is equipped with two CVC microphones (one mic per earbud), which don't drown the background noise but, they're able to amplify your voice over a noisy environment.

Touch control functions include calls (accept/end), play/pause, skip to previous, skip to next and voice assistant. Volume control is not supported, just like on the original X3 version. Touch control sensitivity is a little oversensitive, which is a good thing if you're wearing thin gloves or like very responsive touch controls that only require a light touch rather than a tap. On the flip side, you can easily trigger the touch controls accidentally when tucking the hair behind the ears. Once connected to a device, the earbuds status leds blink blue every few seconds.

The Edifier X3 To-U have a battery life of around 5.5 hours with 50% volume and 17 hours with the charging case, which provides up to 3 full charges. The charging time is 1.5 hours for the earbuds and charging case (same as the original X3), although the X3 To-U has a USB-C charging port. On the front side, there is a single battery status led, which is discreetly embedded and lights red during charging. That said, the led does not indicate battery level so, there is no way to tell how much battery there's left in the case.

The Edifier X3 To-U have the same upright design construction as the original X3 so, you can charge the case while standing up. The X3 To-U has a more lightweight plastic construction to keep weight down. There is no X engraving on the touch controls. Instead, the X3 To-U has an x and a circle etched on the earbuds reminiscent of a Playstation controller. 

The X3 To-U is also equipped with the same 6mm drivers (95dB sensitivity), which have the same high volume output and dynamic sound as the original X3 with crisp and clear sounds. The bass is good too, although only higher volumes (~75% volume).

Accessories included are an unbranded USB-A to USB-C charging cable and silicone eartips . You can buy the Edifier X3 To-U version from amazon. Check out the Edifier TWS NBQ earbuds.

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