OneOdio Studio Hifi Review: Headphones With Dual-Sided Headphone Jacks 6.5mm and 3.5mm

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Punching above its price range, the OneOdio Studio Hifi are a stunning sounding pair of over-ear headphones that comes with dual-sided headphone jacks and detachable headphone cables for connecting to 3.5mm and 6.5mm audio inputs. 
There is an audio port on each earcup, one being a gold-plated 6.35mm female jack (right earcup) and the other a standard 3.5mm female jack (left earcup). The 6.35mm port is larger than the standard 3.5mm and it's designed to accommodate a 6.35mm male jack. 
A 6.35mm male to 3.5mm male coiled cable is included, which is a useful addition since the vast majority of headphones do not come with a coiled cable. The coiled cable measures 1.6 meters long (recoiled) and 3.2 meters long (stretched). 
The coiled section is approx. 60cm long (2 ft) stretched and recoils neatly. You can connect the OneOdio Studio Hifi headphones to a phone headphone jack or computer headphone jack and stretch it/expand it as you like without the cable becoming a tangle nightmare. Another advantage of having a coiled cable is that it takes much less room than an uncoiled one.
The OneOdio Studio Hifi headphones also include a regular 1.2 meter long straight audio cable with 3.5mm male connectors and inline single-button remote, which makes a loud clicky noise. The remote is positioned 26cm inline the cable so, the remote dangles at chest level. 
The single button controls audio playback functions (play/pause, skip previous/back) and calls (answer, end and reject). The remote housing also integrates a microphone, which is located in front just above the button rather than on the backside like most IEMs. The microphone sounds good, even better than the inline microphone of most IEMs.
The inside perimeter of the Studio Hifi earcup is lined with a single piece of artificial leather; hence the inside of the earcup is not as breathable as some headphones earcups, which have a breathable mesh lining the inside of the earcup that helps minimize sweatiness and heat build up. 
The front of the Studio Hifi earcup has a vinyl record style design with circular grooves just like on a vinyl record. The earcup yoke is made of plastic with a metallic chrome accent finish. The yoke has rotating hinges with a wide range of motion, which allow the Studio Hifi earcups to tilt up and down. There is no swivel mechanism; hence the earcups do not rotate around, which is handy when transporting headphones safely. 
The OneOdio Studio Hifi headband frame is made of hard plastic with a metal adjusting inner band, which is fairly stiff to slide up and down. Adjusting the headband does require the use of two hands, although that is not necessarily a bad thing since a stiff slider secures the positioning of the headband. 
The underside of the headband has firm cushiony foam padding (1.5cm thick), which is comfortable, although the padding is short (10cm long) and stocky (3.5cm wide) and, it does not extend all around the circumference of the headband.The headband measures 4cm wide and it's very stiff with a high clamping force, which may cause heat pressure build up after a few hours of listening. This will largely depend on your head shape. 
The included cables weigh 38 grams and 16 grams respectably; hence they will add additional weight to the headphones, which by themselves weigh 253 grams. There is a large bit of OneOdio branding located on top of the headband in the form of a laser printed etching.
As far as sound performance, the OneOdio Studio Hifi 50mm drivers fire very good sound at loud volume (110dB). There is more emphasis on the bass, which is punchy, although the midrange is prominent and clear, while the treble is clean and sibilance-free. The OneOdio Studio Hifi work well for gaming on a PC and phone since they are easy to drive. At just 70% volume, you can get enough bass and good sound out of them.
If you want to connect the OneOdio Studio Hifi headphones to mixing console or other audio device that uses a 6.35mm input, you simply switch the connectors around; hence plugging-in the 3.5mm connector terminal of the cable into the headphones. The 3.5mm connector is easily differentiated by the red marking on the plug, which also integrates a twist-lock mechanism 
The OneOdio Studio Hifi earcups have a good level of isolation and prevent audio from leaking out excessively. The earpads have an oval shape, measuring 7cm high, 4cm wide and 1.5cm thick, while the outer dimensions of the earpads are 11cm high and 8.5cm wide. There is a 1.5cm depth to the driver, which is covered by a thin layer of fabric with heat printed Large R and L markings.
The included drawstring pouch is OneOdio branded and made of thick artificial leather (total weight is 85 grams). You can buy the OneOdio Studio Hifi from amazon. Check out the review of the OneOdio A30 ANC headphones,. OneOdio Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones, Monitor 80 and the new Monitor 60 headphones.

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