OneOdio Monitor 60 Review Foldable Professional Monitor Headphones

Friday, November 05, 2021


As DJ headphones, the Monitor 60 look the part. They have a beefy, rugged construction but, they're lightweigth to wear on the head. The Monitor 60 also perform adequately as professional monitor headphones, preventing cue mix getting into the microphone. They deliver accurate, detailed sound and they're closed back with superb seal isolation for tracking mix. The earpads can also be replaced with spares, which is always a plus.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones have donut style earpads with a circular inner hole and thick soft memory foam padding, which is covered with soft protein leather. The earpads aren't very breathable so, they do heat up but, they provide superb passive noise isolation and very little sound leakage at 100% volume. The inner hole diameter measures 5.5cm and 3cm earcup depth. The outer hole diameter measures 9.5cm. The drivers are covered with fabric material with the letters R and L printed on

Style-wise, the Monitor 60 headphones a have a similar LP record earcup styling as the Studio Pro C bluetooth headphones with a centre metal mesh grille and chrome accents. The Monitor 60 are closed-back heapdhones; hence the centre grille is just for looks. 


The construction is mostly plastic including the earcups, yoke and headband. The Monitor 60 headphones have a dual purpose pivot joint mechanism that lets you fold the earcups inward, as well as swivel (rotate) them around so, you can lay them flat against a desk. 

The earcups can be rotated both directions (left and right) up to 90 degrees, which is worth pointing out because most headphones with swiveling earcups can only be rotated one way. While the Monitor 60 earcups can be laid flat, the pivot joint design prevents the headband from sitting level with the earcups, which means when the earcups are flat the headband sits at an award angle.

As well as swivel and folding, the Monitor 60 earcups have 360 degree tilt, which is the main distinctive feature you get with DJ headphones. Most nightclub DJs like flipping one earcup over to distinguish between the track being played out of the speaker and the upcoming track they're about to mix. Even if you aren't a DJ, being able to rotate one earcup is a neat feature for monitoring track mixing or situational awareness at home.

The headband can be adjusted too by sliding out the plastic inner band, which is reinforced with a metal band on top. The heandband slider makes a clicky rachet sound when extended and retracted. The headband has foam padding on top and bottom and, it's covered with soft protein leather. 


OneOdio branding has been printed on top of the headband. The OneOdio logo can also be seen inside the metal grille on the outside of the earcup. The headband measures 4cm wide and has thin padding underneath it.

The Monitor 60 headphones have a detachable audio cable, which is nice because you can always replace the cable with a different one. The audio ports are recessed. The audio port on the left earcup has a 6.5mm headphone socket, while the right earcup has a square 3.5mm headphone socket, which has been grooved internally to prevent the plug from coming loose. This is a useful feature but, it also means you can't use a third party audio cable unless it has a thin plug.

The Monitor 60 headphones weigh 326 grams plus the weight of the cable, three of which are included. There is a 3 meter long cable included which weighs 54 grams and has 3.5mm straight plugs. The second audio cable has an inline remote and 3.5mm connectors. This cable weighs 15 grams and measures 1.2 metes long and has a single button remote/microphone located 17cm down the cable. The microphone sounds good, altough it is omnidirectional so, it picks up background sound.

The coiled audio cable has a 6.5mm plug and a standard 3.5mm plug at the other end. This is the heaviest audio cable, weighing 73 gram and measuring 1.3 meters long when coiled. The coiled section alone measures 32cm long and can be extended over 100cm long, making the total length of the coiled cable around 3 meters long. 

The cables are OneOdio branded and have a nice premium construction with thick rubber outer sheath. As far as audio quality, the Monitor 60 50mm dynamic drivers have low impedance (38 ohms) and high sensitivity (110dB) so, they're easy to drive from a smartphone and they sound just as loud as when plugged into a computer.

The Monitor 60 headphones come presented inside a nice hard cardboard box along with a headphone stand and OneOdio branded pouch carry case made of thick protein leather. You can buy the Monitor 60 professional monitor headphones from amazon. Check out the review of the Studio Hifi headphones, Monitor 80 and the A30 ANC headphones. 

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