Keyport Pivot 2.0 Brass PinKey Review Key Organizer And Touch Tool

Monday, November 09, 2020

Ultimately guys only have wallets, keys and watches for the most basic accessories and key organizers are the most forgotten and underestimated. If you're falling out of love with having loose keys on a keychain, you should look into a stylish and functional pocket key holder such as the Keyport Pivot 2.0 to organize your everyday carry tools. Pivot 2.0 solves the issue plagued by other Swiss Army style key organizers by utilizing an improved screw and pin locking mechanism design that won't loosen over time.
Pivot 2.0 is the second-gen of Pivot 1.0, retaining the same basic aerated aluminium chassis construction with some key updates, including the addition of a stainless steel and titanium chassis. The metal watch band found on Pivot 1.0 has also been replaced with a TPU rubber band for joining the tail end of the chassis. The TPU rubber band is extremely strong and offers the flexibility of rubber, which allows the chassis to expand and comfortably accommodate multiple keys/inserts (up to 8). 
The second purpose of the TPU rubber is to keep the D-ring upright. The D-ring has also been improved with a bigger one for attaching larger carabiners to it. The third improvement that can be seen on Pivot 2.0 are the spacers, which look like mini weightlifting plates. Pivot 2.0 spacers are no longer made of metal but made with Delrin material, which is Dupont's own formulation of polyoxymethylene (pom), using acetal homopolymer (Delrin) instead of acetal copolymer.
One huge advantage of using Delrin spacers is that the plastic composition is stronger than regular plastic and almost as strong as metal, which is why the Pivot 2.0 Delrin spacers look and feel like metal. Another advantage of Delrin is that it has higher abrasion resistance than regular plastic with a lower friction too, making the Pivot 2.0 Delrin spacers appear to self lubricate. 
The Pivot 2.0 Delrin spacers are intended for bulking-up the Pivot 2.0 chassis when only using fewer keys/inserts so, they are not required when setting up Pivot 2.0. The spacers are worth using though, to make the key arrangement neater and help swivel the keys out more smoothly.
Just like the first-gen Pivot 1.0, the second-gen Pivot 2.0 can be equipped with different Keyport faceplate colorway patterns such as digital camo (pictured), as well as modules such as Pocket Flare, which is basically a flashlight mounted on faceplate frame. 
Pocket Flare has also been improved from the original 12-lumen Mini-flashlight module that shipped with the Anywhere Tools Utility Bundle
The new Pocket Flare is twice as bright with a 27 lumen capable front led beam, which produces a yellow-fringe silhouette. The Pocket Flare features a lamp/lantern mode (24 lumen), which lights up the entire base of the module, using six leds with a 6 lumen output each. 
The Pocket Flare cannot be used while it's charging; hence you cannot use a powerbank, which would be handy for extending the runtime. From a single charge, you can get between 30 minutes runtime (front beam) and 40 minutes runtime in lamp mode. The internal battery is rated at 400 battery charge cycles before it starts under performing. 
Brass PinKey (pictured) is another Keyport product recently released alongside Pivot 2.0. Brass PinKey looks like a modern version of an ancient warded lock skeleton key but, instead of being made of forged bronze and iron, Brass PinKey is made of non-painted H62 brass alloy, which contains 60% copper and 40% zinc; hence Brass PinKey's goldish tint. 
Copper, zinc and brass are known materials to stop the spread of viruses; hence why antimicrobial touch tools have recently become so popular. Some of these touch tools are made of almost 100% copper; hence their reddish tint. 
Keyport's Brass PinKey has a 17mm diameter hole opening for looping a finger through. There is a smaller 4mm diameter hole opening for attaching Brass PinKey to a keychain. The dimensions of Brass PinKey are 70mm (2.76 inch) long, 26mm (1.02 inch) wide and 3mm (0.12 inch) thick. Total weight of Brass PinKey is 14 grams (0.49 oz).
Brass PinKey also ships with two black silicone caps designed to turn Brass PinKey into a passive touch screen pen so, you can use it just like a rubber tip capacitive stylus. Brass PinKey works on any touchscreen that works with a finger and has an extremely responsive performance. You can easily scroll up and down and swipe between screens effortlessly, allowing you to operate most functions of your phone and even do some jotting.
The writing capability is basic and mostly in large font due to Brass PinKey's large tip, which isn't suited for fine point writing. The dimensions of the Brass PinKey silicone tip is 6mm x 11mm x 3mm (0.24 inch x 0.43 inch x 0.12 inch). The serrated edge along the top of Brass PinKey's stem is designed for grip.
Pivot 2.0 comes pre-assembled right out of the box and easily disassembles in eight pieces, including the KeyportID tag and spacers, which are optional parts you can leave out. The other parts, namely a crescent spring washer and sex bolt, are key components required for assembling the Pivot 2.0 chassis. The included stainless steel washer is important to use because it serves a very functional role and that is to absorb movement from keys and Keyport inserts. Instead of being flat, Pivot 2.0's washer is slightly curved and bouncy to provide flexibility. 
The sex bolt is also made of stainless steel and consists of a wide flat head screw (male part) and an internally threaded female fastener nut shaped like a long weld neck flange. The underside of the flat head screw has four tiny rounded grooves, which are symmetrically arranged and designed to slot into the two tiny bumps on the hole opening of the chassis to prevent the sex bolt from losing over time. 
The sex bolt can be easily screwed with a finger but, you can also use a key or spacer to tighten it. Neither the washer or sex bolt are currently being sold on the website but, if you misplace them you can get in touch with Keyport to sort you out. 
The weight of the three spacers, curved washer, sex bolt and Pivot 2.0 chassis is 17 grams. The chassis alone weighs 14 grams. The KeyportID tag weighs 1 gram, while each faceplate weighs 6 grams. The total weight of Pivot 2.0 is arbitrary and based on Keyport accessories and keys you use. To give you rough idea, if you were to carry one key, a Brass PinKey, a Rush tool, a faceplate, a KeyportID tag, a Moca tool and a Pocket Flare, the total weight of Pivot 2.0 comes in at 75 grams.
Keyport Pivot 2.0 ships standalone with a 2 year subscription to KeyportID. There aren't any Keyport tools or inserts included like with Pivot 1.0; hence you have to buy them separately. The KeyportID lost & found online program is run by Keyport and KeyFetch and allows you to register your Keyport Pivot 2.0 so, you can retrieve it should it get lost. 
The process of activating the KeyportID is easy. Simply visit KeyportID, enter the 16-digit number found on the underside of the Pivot 2.0 chassis and that's it. If your Keyport Pivot 2.0 gets lost and someone finds it, they can report it two ways: 1) Via the KeyportID online website or 2) By scanning the QR code on the tag. You can buy Pivot 2.0 premium key organizer from Keyport. Check out the review of Keyport Pivot 2.0 Silver.

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