Proscenic P11 Review Cordless Stick Vacuum with Touch Screen

Monday, November 30, 2020

Because of their size and constant voltage input, corded vacuum cleaners are capable of a lot more airflow power than cordless vacuums, although that doesn't mean better suction performance! There are other factors at play like getting a good seal from the brush head, which is important for sucking dirt from all places, including crevices. 
Being able to adjust airflow power is also important because it allows the vacuum cleaner to be more versatile on all types of surfaces, including low pile carpets where moderate airflow power is more beneficial. This is where cordless stick vacuum cleaners like the Proscenic P11 come into their own, thanks to a 3-power setting to regulate airflow and maximize battery life.

Like a lot of cordless vacuum cleaners, the Proscenic P11 comes with several tool attachments, including a floor brush head that can also double as a mop. The Proscenic P11 floor brush head has a motorised spiral rolling brush that features two long and continuous brush strips: one hard brush (red) and one soft brush (black) for hard floors and carpets.
Hard floors can be the Achilles of vacuum cleaners but, the Proscenic P11 adapts well on non-carpeted surfaces, thanks to integrating several soft brush strips on the base of the floor brush head. There is another soft brush strip on the front of the brush head, just below the led lights, to prevent scraping the wall skirting. These brush strips are detachable so, they can be taken off and replaced. 
On the base of the floor brush head, there is also two small rubber caster wheels, which prevent the brush head from scratching the floor. The top of the Proscenic P11 floor brush head has a see-through design, which lets you see dirt being picked up but, it's also functional because you can monitor the rolling brush when it gets jammed. The floor brush head is able to harness 30 watts of suction power from the total 450 watts power output of the P11 vacuum cleaner.
The P11 floor brush head also integrates two large rear rubber wheels located on either side of the suction neck housing, which integrates a flexible rubber tube that allows the floor brush to be laid flat and tilted up to 90 degrees for cleaning under tight spaces. 
The P11 mopping unit consists of a slimline 150ml water tank and a microfiber cloth that attaches to it via velcro fasteners. The entire unit, including the cloth, measures 26cm long and 9cm wide. The mopping unit attaches magnetically to the base of the brush head; hence you can remove it if you don't want to use it.
The Proscenic P11 mopping function works similarly to the mopping of some robot vacuum cleaners, although the P11 uses a niftier system to dispense the water into the cloth by using a rubber pump mechanism to manually dispense the water onto the cloth via the tiny nozzles, which integrate a water filter cartridge (user replaceable). 
The pump is activated when pressing down the brush head, which works more efficiently than having water slowly drip into the cloth using gravity. Because of these water filter cartridges, adding washing agents into the water reservoir is not recommended.
Powering the Proscenic P11 is a 450-watt (via 28.8 volts) motor housed inside a plastic shell that looks like a futuristic assault rifle/ Ghostbusters' proton pack. The P11 motor shell also integrates a 2500 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack and see-through dust container with a responsive 65mm diameter touch control display built on the rear of it. 
The display shows a battery level indicator and the power modes: auto, high and low. Auto mode optimizes battery life and suction power. Auto mode provides up to 25 minutes of runtime. High mode 15 minutes and low mode 40 minutes.
The P11 battery pack is detachable from the unit so, you can charge it via the included charging dock and wall power adapter. The battery pack needs just 1 amp to fully charge in 3.5 hours but, it requires 34.2 volts; hence you can't use a regular AC/DC power adapter. 
The battery pack easily slides in and out, just like a rifle magazine. And, it's securely inserted in place via two spring-loaded clips on either side. The battery pack can also be re-charged by directly connecting the AC power adapter into the battery pack. 
Unfortunately, you won't be able to recharge and vacuum at the same time, which would have been a neat way to extend the battery life of P11. Runtime is approximately 15 minutes on high mode and 45 minutes on low mode. The charging dock also doubles as an upright stand for mounting the P11 vacuum cleaner on a wall while charging. The power adapter cable length is1.7 meters long. Screws and wall plug inserts are also included.
The smaller brush head that is included also integrates a spiral motorized rolling brush but, it has less suction power (10 watts) than the larger one; hence it's only ideal for vacuuming small areas. A couple of benefits you get with this smaller brush is being able to angle the suction mouth, which comes useful for awkward surfaces such as curtains and car seats. 
The small brush head also has an electrostatic strip that can brush off small and stubborn particles like mites, sand and pet dander, making it ideal for carpets, pet cots, car seats and floor mats. The dimensions of the smaller brush head are 15cm wide, 15cm long and 6cm thick. The weight is 260 grams.
An extension tube is also included, which non-telescopic but, it is made of anodized metal. The extension tube integrates a 2-pin join connection, which is designed to transmit power from the battery pack to the motorised brush head and led lights. The extension tube clips securely onto the vacuum cleaner and attachments via plastic button clips.
The Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner has a trigger mechanism to power on and power off the unit. The trigger requires three squeezes before it powers on; hence you are not required to hold the power button continuously when cleaning.
The P11 dust container holds about 400ml worth of fluff/dirt; hence it has to be emptied often, which is easy. The dust bin container detaches from the vacuum cleaner via two spring loaded clips so, you can access the filters. The main filter is the HEPA filter made of a metal mesh, contained within a plastic housing. The other filters are a thin black foam filter and a paper type filter. 
The P11 three filter components are designed to stack up inside the dust container, which does look fiddly but, it's actually easier to assemble than it looks, thanks to internal ridges, which guide the filters in place so, they align upright. Emptying out the dust container is straightforward. Simply flip open the lid buckle and pour out the dirt. All three filters can be washed under a cold tap of water, increasing their lifespan. 
In terms of comfort, the Proscenic P11 is much less cumbersome than a regular full size vacuum cleaner and, it still packs a good decent amount of suction power (25kP). Also, you don't have to worry about trailing a cord behind you, which is a huge plus if you leave in a block of flats and want to hoover your car. That said, the Proscenic P11 still has a good weight to it, weighing 2.7kg.

The P11 vacuum cleaner body (including the battery pack) weighs 1.8kg and, it measures 37cm long, 10cm wide and 23cm high (from the base of the trigger to the top). The battery pack weighs 562 grams and measures 13cm long and 5.5cm wide. The dust container has a 10cm diameter and measures 16cm long.
The larger floor head weighs 916 grams. The small brush tool measures 12cm long and weighs 49 grams and, it has a 90-degree rotating head. The crevice tool measures 26cm long and weighs 40 grams. The charging dock weighs 58 grams. The extension tube measures 65cm long and weighs 237 grams.
The small brush/ blade tool that is included, it's designed for cleaning and cutting loose any threads. If you have cats, you will find yourself using this tool often as long cat hairs get tangled up in the brush. Luckily, the brush assembly comes apart very easily for cleaning. You can buy the Proscenic P11 on amazon. Check out the review of the Proscenic A8 Air Purifier and 808C Humidifier.

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