Redragon Pandora2 H350 Review Wired RGB Gaming Headset

Friday, November 27, 2020

Redragon releases Pandora2 H350 headset and, unlike Pandora's box, good things come out of the Pandora2 H350 box, including affordability! The Pandora2 H350 headset looks more expensive than its price tag suggests and looks the business too with a an eye-catchy RGB color scheme beaming out of the earcups.
The Pandora2 H350 headset is entirely made of plastic, including the inner band of the headband, which is reinforced with an aluminium metal band. The Pandora2 H350 earpads are padded with 2cm thick springy foam and covered with perforated PU leather for ventilation, which makes them less heat prone than other similar headsets like the Helios H710 and H510 Zeus.
The earpads have a wide oval shape with the inner hole opening measuring 6cm high and 4cm wide.There is a 2cm depth to the driver, which is covered with thin fabric. The outer dimensions of the earpads are 10cm high and 8cm wide. There is good amount of clamping force to hold the weight of the Pandora2 H350, which weighs 358 grams (including the boom mic and cable).
The Pandora2 H350 headband is padded all around and covered with stitched up leatherette that spruces up the look of the headset. There is an elegant Redragon etching on top of the headband, while the underside of the headband is lined with comfortable of foam padding (1cm thick). The headband has a wide frame that extends onto the yoke of the headset, holding the earcups via plastic hinges. The earcups have up and down tilt movement (up to 15 degrees) but there is no swivel motion; hence the Pandora2 H350 earcups cannot be rotated flat for transportation.
The shell of the Pandora2 H350 earcups is made of hard plastic, aside from the front panels, which feature a perforated anodized metal grill mesh. Since the Pandora2 H350 is a closed-back headset, the metal grille is just for decoration, although it does have the purpose of protecting the RGB lighting inside the earcups. The Redragon logo in the centre has a white led illumination.
The Pandora2 H350 headset has a single entry non-detachable audio cable attached to the bottom of the left earcup, just below the microphone port. The cable measures 1.8 meters long and has a braided nylon fabric sheath, along with a rubber sheath for the split cabling section of the cable, which measures 15cm meters long. 
The cable terminates into a dual connection: USB-A and 3.5mm jack to carry the audio signal and power to light the RGB leds. The USB-A connection is not needed in order to get audio. You can, in fact, leave the USB-A connector unplugged, although the remote control does have a physical switch to manually turn off the RGB lighting. The 3.5mm jack has a TRRS design so, it carries the microphone signal too; hence you can accept calls when the Pandora2 H350 headset is connected to a mobile phone.

The remote control box is located inline the cable and, it's pretty sizable considering it only has three functions. There is a mic mute switch, a RGB power button and volume control wheel. While the remote is large, it is made of light plastic (weighs 15 grams) so, it doesn't weigh down the headset excessively like the inline remote of the H510 Zeus headset. The inline remote is located 50cm inline the cable so, the remote dangles by the belly button.
The Pandora2 H350 microphone boom arm measures 13cm long and weighs 8 grams - similar in weight to the Redragon H848 Ire Pro. The boom mic is detachable and features a thick square plug that fits snugly and securely into the recessed port of the microphone.
The boom arm mic is made of a semi-rigid rubber-sheathed cable that bends a bit, although it does not bend in place like boom mics with memory wire. The Pandora2 H350 boom arm is attached to a hard plastic housing, containing an omnidirectional microphone capsule. The microphone has a clear and natural pickup with very little background noise picked up, thanks to the built-in noise filtering and included foam windshield. 
The Pandora2 H350 earcups house huge 50mm size dynamic drivers with low impedance (24 ohms) and high sensitivity (93dB), which allows a decent amount of high volume output, although not as loud as the H510 Zeus (115dB). The Pandora2 H350 have a detailed and wide stereo sound reproduction with superb bass, although the sound is not as immersive as the HELIOS H710 headset, which integrates 7.1 virtual surround sound.
Accessories wise, there is a 16cm long headphone/mic splitter cable included which is made of the flexible braided fabric. You can buy the Pandora2 H350 headset from Redragon and amazon. Check out the review of the Zeus X H510 headset.

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