WeSC True Wireless Earbuds Review TWS With Wireless Charging Case

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Spending hundreds of your hard earned money on a pair of earbuds is probably hard to justify for a lot of people, especially in lockdown and more so when there is so much choice available! Take for instance the new true wireless by WeSC - model TWS I-Series. These little beauties come with a 550mAh wireless charging case that takes 2 hours to charge via USB-c cable connection and 2 hours via a standard Qi wireless charger (not included).
The WeSC earbuds charging case can store up to 15 hours of extra charge to power the earbuds for at least three times longer. Each WeSC earbud integrates a 6mm driver, as well as a 50mA battery that can power each earbud for up to 2 hours on high volume and 2.5 hours on medium volume via standard bluetooth. 
Both earbuds can give you a total of 5 hours runtime and you can stream via SBC or AAC codec. There is no aptX support; hence you will probably notice some audio/video lag when using an Android device.
The WeSC true wireless earbuds deliver loud volume, thanks to highly sensitive drivers which provide clean treble, clear vocals in the midrange and punchy bass. The user guide states that the WeSC true wireless earbuds use touch controls when in fact, they use physical push buttons with a grippy rubbery surface for handling calls (answer and reject) and audio (play/pause and skip tracks). The volume control function is not supported.
While the rubbery texture of the physical buttons is nice, the buttons do require a decent amount of force that forces you to jam the earbud into the ear canal unless you pinch the earbud with your thumb and middle finger while actuating the button. 
The hard press actuation of physical buttons is the reason why true wireless with physical buttons are usually frowned upon. Physical buttons do have a couple of advantages though, including not being liable to false touches and, being able to use them with thick gloves, which you can't with touch controls.
The body of the WeSC earbuds is made of smooth hard plastic with a matte finish and a straight, stocky nozzle neck design similar to bullet style earbuds. The charging case has a cube shape design similar to a footstool storage box with a quirky smiley face on the back. The WeSC charging case has the same siliconized finish as the physical buttons and integrates a small slit to help flip open the hinge lid, which is made of plastic.
The WeSC earbuds have a comfortable fit but because of the bullet style design, they may not fit securely on all ears and fall out, especially if the correct size ear tips aren't used. The WeSC earbuds are not likely suitable for fitness/exercise due to the low IPX rating - IPX4.
When inserting the earbuds back in the charging case, the battery leds of the charging case will remain on until the earbuds are fully charged, which is convenient. To pair the WeSC earbuds to a phone or other bluetooth device, you have to take the earbuds out of the charging case to trigger automatic bluetooth pairing. Connection is immediate and only requires connecting once since both earbuds pair with each other as one unit
The Bluetooth connection is stable within 10 meters (direct line of sight). The earbuds status led does not flash during audio playback, which is nice since it can sometimes cause annoyance to others. 
You can seamlessly switch between earbuds for mono and stereo listening without any interruptions to the audio playback that you sometimes get with some true wireless, which either pause the audio or require you to reconnect when putting the other earbud inside the charging case. This said, you will hear a connection voice prompt when going from mono to stereo listening. There is also a 4 second re-connection delay before the second earbud reconnects to the first one.The size difference compared to the charging case makes the WeSC true wireless earbuds look bigger in size than they actually are. The WeSC true wireless earbuds do stick out from the charging case but, the charging dock area is magnetized; hence no chance of the earbuds falling out of the case. Because the WeSC true wireless earbuds protrude, it makes them easier to pinch out of the case, rather than having to slot out the earbuds at an angle like with most true wireless earbuds. The WeSC earbuds charging case weighs 31 grams and measures 4cm long, 4cm wide and 3.5cm tall. The earbuds weigh 4 grams each and measure 2.5cm long with a 1.4cm diameter. An unbranded charging USB-C to USB-A cable is included, alongside eco-friendly packaging made entirely of cardboard without any plastic sleeves. You can buy the WeSC true wireless earbuds from amazon

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