Pakt Coffee Kit Review Pour Over Coffee Maker

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

In our fast paced instant gratification world, the Zen of simple things done well and attentively is a quickly dying art and this includes making perfect pour over coffee (aka filter drip coffee). With a lot of barista/coffee places locked down, it is a great time to make your own caffeine high and transform your sipping coffee experience with the Pakt Coffee Kit - a portable coffee kit for making pour over coffee any chance you get!
The Pakt Coffee Kit with all the tools - including a kettle and cone filter - for making drip coffee be at the office, home or on the road. All you need is an AC socket, water and your preferred ground coffee beans, which you can store in the included coffee grounds container, which can hold 200 grams of ground coffee approximately. 
The Pakt kettle can hold up to 400ml of water, which you can measure via four line marking inside the kettle (the second line from the bottom marks 300ml). A funnel dripper is also included and designed to hold the coffee filter and safely pour the hot water from the kettle into the included 12 ounce travel mug. 
The dripper has a telescopic mechanism that allows the dripper to collapse into a smaller footprint. The dripper consists of three non-removable parts: the collapsible metal dripper, which is attached to a non-removable hard plastic base, which allows the dripper to stand over the rim of the travel mug. The funnel dripper is securely extended by swiveling the top and bottom sections together until the hole openings lock into the notches. 
You can use the included Pakt cone filter, which is a reusable stainless steel cone filter mesh. and, you can also use a paper cone filter such as the Hario V60 size 1, which is recommended for this kit. The stainless steel cone filter mesh is very stiff at first so, you have to use it a few times until the mesh becomes malleable like a paper cone filter. Aside from being reusable, the Pakt cone filter has the advantage of requiring less hot water to process the pour over.
With a paper filter, it is suggested to use 350ml of water; hence you have to fill up the Pakt kettle to the third line marking from the bottom. Three scoops of coffee (15 grams) is good for 300ml, while four scoops of coffee (20 grams) is recommended for 400ml of water. 
When filling up the Pakt kettle to the top, putting the lid on the kettle is essential because boiling hot water will splash all over. Also, it's worth knowing that like all kettles, the Pakt kettle makes a loud noise as water boils.
The included Pakt hardshell zip case has a coarse fabric knit and it's large enough to store all the components including the Pakt kettle. The hard shell case has been preformed to fit the Pakt Coffee kit and integrates a metal zip that opens up the hard shell case clamshell style. 
The zip has a thick pull tab with reinforced stitching, as well as a long lanyard cord to carry the kit around the wrist. The coarse thick knitting of the outer shell material makes the carry case water resistant, although not waterproof because of the zip, which doesn't have hidden teeth or any waterproof coating on the zip seam.
The coffee scoop included is also Pakt-branded and can scoop 5 grams of coffee, which translates to 1 teaspoon of ground coffee beans. The scoop has a long stem handle with a deep recess groove. The Pakt kit contains nine parts in total, including the lids. 
The travel mug and coffee grounds container are both made of stainless steel and feature an o-ring rubber gasket to prevent moisture ingress and to also keep the stainless lids securely closed. The travel mug has a half moon shaped lid to allow you to sip coffee through. 
Both the Pakt travel mug and coffee grounds container have a removable silicone sleeve while the coffee container sleeve has a pull tab designed to help you pull the container out of the travel mug. Reinserting the rubber sleeves is surprisingly quicker than removing it. The Pakt kettle also has a silicone sleeve, which is glued on and for good reason since kettles get extremely hot. The silicone sleeve allows you to grab a freshly boiled kettle without any discomfort.
The Pakt kettle is also made of stainless steel (inside and out) with an interesting pouring system, consisting of a detached spout and small hole opening inside the bottom of the kettle for water to run out and up the spout. The kettle lid is made of hard plastic and integrates two hole openings to let boiling water steam escape. The kettle lid has a small hand grip knob, which is secured via a metal screw.
There is an led ring around the bottom (outside) of the kettle, as well as on the power base switch. The Pakt kettle has a detachable power base, which makes filling and pouring much easier. The power base is attached to a 3ft long cable (80cm).
The Pakt travel mug weighs 206 grams (260 grams with silicone sleeve), while the lid weighs 11 grams. The coffee grounds container weighs 155 grams (including sleeve and lid). The funnel dripper weighs 95 grams. The kettle lid weighs 26 grams. 
The scoop weighs 7 grams. The kettle power base weighs 170 grams, while the Pakt kettle weighs 780 grams. The hard shell case weighs 309 grams. The metal mesh filter weighs 9 grams. Total weight of the Pakt Coffee kit is 1.8 kg.
The Pakt kettle measures 19.7cm high and has a 9cm diameter. Internally, the water reservoir measures 15cm high. The power base measures 2cm high. The travel mug measures 13cm high and has a 7cm diameter. The coffee container measures 12cm high and has a 6cm diameter. The Pakt-branded hardshell case is lined internally with thinner polyester material and features thin sleeves for storing the coffee filters. 
The Pakt kettle does not shut off automatically when there is no water inside it but, the kettle will shut off automatically when the temperature reaches 205 degrees or the internal timer runs out (8 minute shut off timer). The Pakt kettle is able to boil a full kettle of water within 5 minutes, depending on the amount of water (and temperature) and country voltage. The higher the voltage, the quicker the boil. 
The Pakt kettle power module automatically switches from 110 volts to 220 volts, depending on the country you are in. There is a 3-prong North American plug (NEMA 5-15p) attached to the 18 AWG cord of the power base so, you will need an adapter (not included) that accepts this type of plug. 
The adapter also has to be rated to at least 500 watts. When powering the Pakt kettle from a car, you need a DC to AC power inverter that is rated for at least 500 watts too.
The Pakt Coffee Kit is made in collaboration with Impel Studio. The inside of the packaging box has been cleverly used to outline the user guide, which is a neat way to eliminate unnecessary use of paper. The underside of the packaging wrapping sleeve has also been used to print the brewing guide. You can buy the Pakt Coffee kit from Pakt Bags. Check out also the review of the Pakt One duffle bag and Pakt Travel Backpack.

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