Meco Eleverde Air Duster Review Handheld Air Blower Inflatable Pump

Monday, December 21, 2020

The movie -Spaceballs- made an interesting parody prediction of people inhaling canned air through the nostrils, which funnily enough came true in 2014 when a company called Vitality Air started (and currently is) selling oxygen in a can! Canned air is also being sold for dusting purposes in the form of canned air dusters for computers, which are convenient but not as economical nor as versatile as an electric air duster such as the Meco Eleverde.
The Meco Eleverde air duster has a quirky design modeled after a plant water can and a tankard so, it has a spout nozzle protruding over the top and a thick wide handle that can accommodate different size hands. The Eleverde air duster is both an air blower and pump that you can use for a variety of jobs like inflating an air mattress, drying things or blowing dust away.
The Meco Eleverde air duster is a compact powerhouse that blows air out just like a leaf blower but the Meco Eleverde air machine is way more compact and handheld so, you can hold with one hand. It has a large red switch with three simple settings: off, low speed (#1) and high speed (#2). At low speed, the Meco Eleverde air duster motor runs at 22000 RPM (Revolutions per minute), which generates 250 (W) watts of blowing power. At high speed, the air duster motor runs at 33000 RPM, generating 550 watts of blowing power; hence twice the power.
The Meco Eleverde air duster comes with several tools (including an inflatable pump nozzle), which attach similarly to a vacuum cleaner tool attachment by sliding onto the nozzle neck. The Meco Eleverde tool attachments don't fall off, thanks to the small side notches that allows the tool extensions to snap on securely.
On the bottom of the unit, there is a tag showing the Meco Eleverde has a rated voltage of 220 (V) volts and power supply frequency of 50 (Hz) hertz. However, the user guide states that the Meco Eleverde air duster can work on voltages between 110V and 230V, which means the Meco Eleverde air duster can work in the United States (US) and European countries. 
That said, the user guide does not mention whether the Meco Eleverde air duster can operate on both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply frequency and that is because 50Hz electrical equipment can safely run on 60Hz frequency. That said, 60Hz electrical equipment does not safely run on 50Hz frequency as it overloads the machine, which is worth knowing when importing electrical goods from overseas. The Meco Eleverde machine has a 3 meter long power cord, which is attached to a UK plug. You can take it with you on your travels to places like the US, which uses 120 volts at 60Hz frequency. The Meco Eleverde can also work in countries that use 220-240 volts at 60 Hz such as South Korea and Peru. Some countries like Japan run on both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply frequency.
A thin polyester drawstring bag and spare air filter pads are also included with the Eleverde air duster. These filter pads are made of reticulated foam; hence they're open cell porous filters that are different to closed cell foam, which isn't suited for this application. 
This is important to note if you plan on using third party foam because reticulated foam allows enough air to flow into the unit. Closed cell foam would basically clog the air intake, causing the unit to overheat. The reticulated foam pad does a good job of picking up large particles from getting in, which would otherwise clog the blower fan inside the Eleverde air duster.
Other cool uses you can get out of the Meco Eleverde air duster include car detailing dryer, car dryer and blowing off cut hair (good for barbers). You may be wondering why not use a hair dryer and, you can but, for dusting jobs the Meco Eleverde air compressor is better because a hair dryer doesn't have an air filter to prevent large particles from getting in.The Meco Eleverde air duster has a filter and, it's way more powerful, making it more useful for harder cleaning jobs like FPI radiators and tight multi layer mesh. The Eleverde air duster also doubles as an inflatable mattress pump too. You can buy the Meco Eleverde air duster from amazon and get 10% off, using code AAWPMECO (Expiry date: 2020/12/31 23:59 GMT).

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