Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0 Backpack Review Business Travel College Bag

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A backpack that seriously enables professional, minimal travel, the Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0 is designed and put together so, you can use it as your daily carry while complimenting a blazer or sport coat with jeans look! The Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0 has futuristic aesthetics with a classic boxy shape that screams "slick" in an understated way. On the front of the Cityvibe 2.0, there are three zip compartments with large square plastic teeth, single metal sliders and Samsonite-branded metal pull tabs.
The smallest compartment has a narrow opening into a small compartment that measures 7cm high and 22cm wide. The middle front-facing zip compartment is lightly padded and measures 23cm high and 27 wide. It contains for tiny open pockets for organizing small items, as well as three elastic pen holders and a metal key chain ring attached to a webbing strap, which is detachable via a centre release flat plastic buckle. The tiny pockets and keychain take very little footprint; hence you can use this compartment for storing small bulky items up to 2 inches thick.
The largest front facing compartment, located just above the small one, has a horse shoe opening that gives access to full size compartment that spans much of the length (38cm high) and width of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack. The compartment has a 3-inch depth and runs all the way down to the bottom of the bag. It also has a beveled opening so, the top part of the compartment has a narrower width (22cm wide) than the bottom part (27cm wide).
The large front facing compartment also features two medium size pockets for storing low profile items like a powerbank. The open pocket measures 11cm high and 10cm wide, while the pocket with the velcro closure measures 12cm high and 9cm wide. Inside this compartment, on the top corner, there is a rubberized grommet opening designed to pass through a cable into the middle compartment and all the way to the rear compartment.
On the bottom front side of the Cityvibe 2.0, there is a leatherette branding tag with a short excerpt of Samsonite history written on it. The bottom of the bag is thickly padded and features two long rubber feet to reinforce the base of the backpack and prevent premature wear.
The Cityvibe 2.0 backpack's second main compartment is located in the middle of the bag and opens up horse-shoe style via two metal sliders, all the way down to the bottom of the bag. The zip uses a standard plastic coil teeth and uses the same zip sliders and pull tabs as the rest of the bag. The middle compartment has two fabric hinges that create a 45-degree vertical opening, which is plenty of room to access the compartment comfortably.
The dimensions of the middle compartment are 5-inch deep, 43cm high and 29cm wide, which provides ample room for storing really bulky items like a pair of hiking boots or cycling helmet. The middle compartment has organization areas too, including a lightly padded sleeve (25cm high and 29cm wide), which is large enough for storing a note pad or folio. There is also a mesh zip pocket (13cm high and 15cm wide), a small open pocket (12cm high and 9cm wide) and a large zip pouch that measures 24cm wide and 27cm high.
The Cityvibe 2.0 backpack is made entirely of polyester, aside from a small PU leather accent on the front of the bag. A water repellent coating has been applied to the polyester material, which is a good thing, specially on the base of the backpack. That said, there is no mention of what type of water repellent has been used, whether it's a PFC-free DWR treatment or PU coated like with the Midtown city backpack. On the front of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack, there is also a thick webbing strap stitched across the mid-section of the bag.
The rear of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack has two concealed zips sewn along the perimeter of the bag. One of those zips is designed to allow the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack to expand outward externally from 19cm wide to 23cm. The expanding feature increases the depth of the middle compartment from 10cm to 13cm approximately, adding a little increase (1-2 extra litres) to the overall volume capacity, which is 27 litres.
On the rear of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack, there are two zips, running parallel to each other, one of them being the expanding zip, which has a single slider with the word "expandable" written on a fabric pull tab. The zip with dual locking metal sliders and metal pull tabs gives access to the electronics compartment, which has two thinly padded sleeves for a 15.6-inch laptop and tablet. 
The dimensions of the laptop sleeve are 33cm high and 24cm wide, while the tablet compartment measures 20cm high and 19cm wide. The sleeves are lined with felt-like fabric material and feature an elastic band on the corner to prevent the laptop/tablet from falling out.
The laptop and tablet feel very well protected against front and back collisions, thanks their compartments being wedged within the bag. The base of the bag is fully padded too to protect the laptop/tablet, although having a suspended compartment, like on the Midtown city backpack, feels more secure. Aside from the laptop sleeves, the rear compartment has enough room for flat/slimline items such as an A4 binder. The rear compartment also has fabric hinges, which prevent the rear compartment panel from hitting the ground.
On top of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack, there is a small hook grab handle and a large, thickly padded grab handle that measures 17cm long, 3.5cm wide and 1cm thick. Most backpacks grab handles tend to be short but, the Cityvibe 2.0 grab handle is made of long webbing that has been securely sewn across the top of the bag, from side to side. The webbing excess of the grab handle adds to the woven fabric styling of the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack, as well as reinforce its boxy shape.
The Cityvibe 2.0 backpack has two side pockets with a half moon zip opening and a fabric mesh hinge that is designed to keep a water bottle upright. The left side pocket has a pass-through rubber grommet that runs into the middle compartment, letting you run a charging cable or headphone cable from the main compartments.
Moving on to the backside, the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack has split back padding, which nicely cushions the shoulder plate areas and lower back. The backside is entirely covered with thick fabric mesh material and has a beveled design so, the top part is slightly narrower than the bottom part. The backside panel measurement is 39cm high and 28cm wide approximately.
The lower back padding also has a pass-through trolley sleeve with a built-in zip underneath it that turns the sleeve into a neat secret pocket (14cm high and 16cm wide) for stashing things you constantly need quick access to like a smartphone. The lining material used internally is made of bluish grey thin polyester fabric finished with a subtle flower petal print throughout.
The Cityvibe 2.0 backpack shoulder straps measure 39cm long, 6.5cm wide and, they have breathable mesh fabric on the backside and water resistant polyester fabric on the front. The shoulder straps have 1cm thick closed cell foam padding and, they are almost straight aside from a subtle curvature bearing down the bottom part. The shoulder straps have an adjustable chest strap, which is always useful for tightly squeezing the backpack on you. 
In terms of fit, the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack fits higher up the torso so, the backpack feels more suited for a wearer that is short with narrow shoulders. Someone very tall and/or with large broad shoulders may find the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack tight fitting even when adjusting the shoulder straps. You can buy the Cityvibe 2.0 backpack from Samsonite and amazon. Check out the review of the American Tourister At Work backpack, the Samsonite Litepoint backpack, the Gregory Nano 20 backpack.

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