Pocket Shot Review 3 Piece Takedown Arrows with 3 Blade Broadheads

Friday, January 08, 2021

Pocket Shot has released two new products designed to work with the Pocket Shot Hammer Pro. These include a razortip broadhead kit and a 3-piece takedown arrow kit that assembles into three full length arrows. The takedown arrow kit comes split into three sections which greatly reduces the footprint of the arrows. 
When assembled, the takedown arrow (without a broadhead tip) weighs 19 grams and measures 76cm long (including the nock end). Without the nock end, the arrow measures 74cm; hence the nock end measures 2cm long. The front and middle sections of the arrow weigh 6.5 grams each, while the rear nock end section weighs 5 grams.
The takedown arrow kit come with bullet broadheads for foam targets, while the razortip broadheads are sold separately and are designed for hunting. Both types of broadheads are made of hardened steel but the bullet broadheads are blunt, while the razortips have a sharpened tip and three surgically sharp fixed blades with a 3-axis alignment. The blades, themselves, have a v-shape aerated design with a centre mid position to balance the weight of the broadhead, most of which sits on the back of the broadhead.
Pocket Shot's takedown arrows integrate fins (fletching) and a split plastic nock insert designed to easily position the arrow against the nock retainer inside the Pocket Hammer Pro pouch. If you have a regular archery bow, you will also be able to use these takedown arrows to help position the arrow against the bowstring.
The fletching arrows are made with real feathers, unlike fletching vanes which are made of synthetic material. The feather fletching measures 4.5cm long and, it's located towards the end of the arrow, approximately 12cm away from the nock end. The feathers are glued on to the arrow in a 3-axis configuration with heat shrink tubing to provide reinforcement and better aero dynamics.
The fletching component isn't just for aesthetics since it servers the very important role of stabilizing the arrow during flight. Fletching causes the arrow to spin, just like a bullet does due to the spiral grooves/ridges (rifling) marked inside the gun barrel, which forces the bullet to spin down the gun barrel before it exits.

The midsection of the arrow has a threaded rod at one end and a recessed female thread at the other end. The threads have a machine screw type so, they are designed to mate exactly. This allows quick assembly and attachment of the broadheads, which can be easily threaded with one hand, using the included broadhead wrench.
The broadhead wrench that is included is made of plastic and has a universal design so, it can accommodate a broadhead with as many as five blades. The broadhead wrench doubles as a holder too as well as a removal tool that makes removing the razortips quicker, easier and safer.
The razortip broadheads have a 100 grain weight (6.5 grams) archery rating with 2cm-long blades and 3.5cm total length, while the bullet broadheads are also 100 grain with a 2cm long tip. The arrow body has a 7mm outer diameter with a 4mm internal diameter. The pelican case included is made of thin plastic and features the following: two removable egg crate foam inserts, a small detachable lanyard cord and four closing latches.The pelican case is branded on top with a Pocket Shot adhesive sticker and, it measures 12cm long, 9cm wide and 3cm high. The internal height (depth) is 3cm. You can buy both kits directly from Pocket Shot.

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