See Sense Beanie Hat Review Reflective Knit Cap

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A casual winter hat yet functional, the See Sense beanie is a cosy knit cap with reflective fibers woven within the threads, which are 84% acrylic and 16% polyester; hence the See Sense beanie hat is made entirely of synthetic materials.
Most winter hat beanies tend to be made of synthetic fibers, although some beanies are also made with natural fibers (cotton or wool), which have the advantage of being more breathable than acrylic or polyester. 
The See Sense beanie hat comes as a "one size fits all" so, there is only one size and two colorways (black and navy) to choose from. The See Sense beanie hat can stretch out and, it has a foldable hem (cuff) designed to fit those with large (tall) head circumference.
The hem measures 7cm high and integrates a non-reflective embroidered logo of See Sense. The hem is easy to fold via the pre-shaped line marking and can be slid up or down to adjust head height or simply for styling if you want to wear it like a slouchy beanie. The reflective fibers terminate at the fold marking of the hem and work extremely well, lighting up the hat almost like a Christmas tree. When light is shone into the hat, the See Sense beanie hat will glow in the dark and in low light conditions, making the beanie hat useful for cyclists, joggers and runners. 
The embroidered logo has a fairly small footprint so, it doesn't get in the way when rolling up the hem, which can be rolled up to hide the embroidered logo and/or to wear the See Sense beanie hat like a fisherman's hat.
The reflective fibers are uniformly scattered all over the surface of the hat, with the exception of the underside of the hem and the inside of the hat. The See Sense beanie hat has a soft, non-itchy underside with a close-nit yarn, which prevents cold wind from getting in. 

The See Sense beanie hat doesn't have a circular "in the round" knitting pattern; hence it's not seamless. There is a long seam running across the back and top where the hat is stitched up together.Being made of synthetic fibers, the See Sense beanie is easier to care for than wool, which can't be thrown into a wash with regular clothes. Wool requires a woolmark type detergent and non fabric softener to prevent clogging the breathable core of the wool fiber, which is the reason why wool can be worn for longer without becoming smelly. Synthetic fibers, in the other hand, develop whiffy odours sooner but they tend to be not as itchy as wool. Compared to a wool hat, the See Sense beanie has to be washed more regularly, although it dries particularly well and can be put through a regular machine wash with high spin cycle without the hat shrinking like a wool hat would.
There is no DWR coating on the outershell; hence the See Sense beanie hat is not water resistant. The See.Sense beanie weighs 97 grams so, it's comparable in weight to many winter hats, including the blue wool hat you see pictured above. You can buy the beanie hat directly from See Sense. Check out the review of the Icon 2 bike lights and the SeeSense bar bag.

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