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Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Based on the concept of the all-time classic front wicker basket for carrying shopping, bike bags have steadily evolved into more clever and compact form factor. Take for instance, the SeeSense bar bag (pictured). It's about the size of a half liter water bottle, yet it can fit almost 2 litres. The SeeSense bar bag integrates two mesh pockets on the sides and an external bungee cord storage area too (like on backpacks) so, you can stash a bulky item or strap additonal gear that doesn't fit inside the bag.

The SeeSense bar bag front facing bungee cord can be detached. It measures 19cm long and, it's made of the same elastic braided polyester you get on jackets and hoodies with drawcord adjustable hem. The elastic drawstring is threaded across the front of the SeeSense bar bag via six webbing loops in a criss cross pattern and cinched together via a single barrel cord lock stopper.

As well as the elastic drawstring, the SeeSense bar bag features a long reflective fabric strip that is sewn to the front of the bag via spaced out loopholes, which can potentially allow you to hang something lightweight like a pair of sunglasses. Anything heavier than that and you risk breaking the thin sewing thread used to stitch the reflective fabric.

The SeeSense bar bag comes with eight extra elastic drawstrings of different colors so, you can replace or interchange them to suit your mood or the color scheme of your bike. Inside the SeeSense bar bag, there is an open mesh pocket and a non-detachable plastic keychain holder attached to a short strap, which is sewn to the bag. The internal mesh pocket is wide and spans the length of the bag so,it's big enough to store a single bulky item.

On the backside of the SeeSense bar bag, there are two webbing strap fasteners (one on either side) and and a short passthrough strap with a detachable drwstring bungee cord around it. The purpose of this bungee cord is to help secure the bar bag against the bike by tying the bungee cord around the headtube of the bike. The strap fasteners are made of thin/medium webbing thickness and, they are designed to tie around the left and right side of the handlebar. The strap fasteners also integrate elastic retainers to manage webbing excess.

The handlebar straps are securely stitched to the SeeSense bar bag via a long piece of webbing strap across it. The strap fasteners measure 15cm long and 2.5cm wide so, they are long enough to fit around any handlebar size. The SeeSense bar bag integrates low profile cam buckle lashing straps with saw tooth for securely fastening the straps around the handlebars. Once the saw tooth latch is folded over, the strap will not budge nor undo itself accidentally. While these cam buckles aren't spring loaded, they work just like the cam buckles used for tying down a canoe/kayak onto a roof rack.

There is only one zip on the SeeSense bar bag and, it's located on top of the bag diagonally across it. The zip uses an SBS metal slider (with elastic cord pull tab) and reverse coil teeth with a  rubber coated seam to make it waterproof. Both ends of zip integrate small pull tabs, which are designed to grab onto while opening and closing the zip of the SeeSense bar bag. The zip slider glides well and doesn't catch but, being a waterproof zipper it requires the use of two hands so, you won't be able to safely undo the zip while riding unless you have superb balance on the bike.

The zipper is about 16cm long so, it has a slightly narower opening than the length of the bag. That said, you can still wedge a long bulky item, as long as it's inserted at an angle. The 500ml water bottle (seen pictured) measures 18cm long with a 6.5cm diameter and fits perfectly inside the cylindircal tube shape of the bag. The SeeSense bar bag dimensions are 20cm long with 10cm internal depth and weights 120 grams. Total volume capacity is 1.9 litres.

As well as a handlebar bag, the SeeSense bar bag can potentially be used as a saddle bag by tying the the straps around the seat frame underneath. The outershell of the SeeSense bar bag is water reistant polyester and has a polyester lining, which should hold up against water getting in but, at some point, water will get through because the SeeSense bar bag is not waterproof. It's a good idea covering the bag with a rain cover or shop carrier bag during heavy rain.

Along with the included drawstring cords, you get an extra single barrel cord stopper. The SeeSense bar bag is available in one size only and, while different size options are usually a good idea when it comes to bags, the SeeSense bar bag single size option feels just right for a front facing bike bag. 
It's not too big but not too small so, you can store all sorts, including energy bars and bike lights (e.g SeeSense Icon 2). It isn't bulky so, it doesn't get in the way and, it weighs the same as a smartphone so, the added weight of the SeeSense bar bag is relativley negligible. You can buy the bar bag directly from SeeSense. Chck out the review of the SeeSense Beanie and the SeeSense Tool Roll.

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