Tronsmart Force 2 Review Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

There have never been better options for loudspeakers than today and, the portable category of speaker system is the most underestimated! Not only a portable speaker comes handy for outdoor use, you can also use it as a discrete speaker system for home music listening and, even replacing internal TV speakers. The latest portable speaker on the market it's the Tronsmart Force 2 - an entry level bluetooth speaker with dual 15W speakers, amplifier and DSP built in.
The Tronsmart Force 2 has a total 30W RMS output, letting you really crank up the volume and fill up a large room. The Force 2 speaker supports passthrough audio while charging, which means you can use the Force 2 speaker when connected to a power source and achieve a constant RMS output just like with a wired speaker. The Force 2 speaker requires a 5V/2A DC input.
Design-wise, the Force 2 Bluetooth speaker has a construction style different to previous Tronsmart speakers, which are either rounded like the T6 Plus or square-shaped like the Element Mega SoundPulse. The Force 2 speaker retains a tubular shape for the most part but with the addition of a bump rear extension, which doubles as a neat stopper to prevent the Force 2 speaker from rolling off. The rear bump also creates an angular aim, enabling the speaker drivers to fire at an angle similarly to an Atmos-enabled speaker.
The Tronsmart Force 2 speaker also benefits from passive radiators on both sides and, the unit can also be placed upright securely on either side without affecting the performance of the passive radiators, thanks to three small rubbery feet protrusions that provide enough height to allow the bass rumble from the passive radiators to escape. The overall sound quality is good with clear vocals, clean treble and no apparent distortion at high volume. The bass has a good response at moderate (60%) volume level.
The Force 2 speaker is entirely rubberized and partially covered with coarse knitted fabric material which doubles as a grille mesh. Since the Tronsmart Force 2 has an IPX7 rating; there is no dust protection but the Force 2 speaker can be submerged under water up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes. The front of the fabric grille mesh is branded with a hard plastic Tronsmart logo glued onto the fabric. 
The connectivity ports (AUX port and USB-C charging port) are sealed from the outside via a thick rubber grommet, which is easy to open via a tiny pull tab. The physical buttons are also rubberized and have a clicky actuation; hence they aren't touch sensitive. If you prefer touch control, check out the review of the Element Mega speaker. 
The Force 2 speaker control buttons are located next to the connectivity ports and include a total of four buttons for powering the speaker on and off, bluetooth pairing, controlling volume, skipping tracks and accepting calls. A status led pinhole is located next to the power button, as well as a short lanyard cord (8cm long)
The Tronsmart Force 2 speaker uses a QCC3021 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which provides a stable connection within 10 meters range and supports AAC and SBC codecs. Despite the lack of aptX, there is no perceivable lag when watching movies. If aptX and long wireless range is important to you, look to the T6 Plus speaker version (supports aptX) and the Element Mega (supports 30 meters wireless range).
The Force 2 integrates a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which fully charges in 3.5 hours and can deliver a runtime of 11 hours at 70% volume. When the battery is low, you will hear a warning beep and the status led will light up red, powering off automatically shortly after. When not connected to a device, the Force 2 speaker will also power off automatically within 15 seconds, which is a useful function for saving battery should you forget to power off or accidentally power on the speaker.
The Force 2 speaker also features PartyCast technology, which works like TWS but, instead of two speakers, you can potentially connect over 100 speakers together at the same time. PartyCast has the same limitation as TWS and that is, you can only connect the same speaker model; hence you cannot mix and match different Tronsmart speaker models.
The Force 2 speaker measures 19cm long, 8.5cm deep and 7cm high. The diameter of the speaker is 7cm in size, while the passive radiators have a 5cm diameter. The weight is 630 grams; hence the Force 2 speaker is 40 grams lighter than the Element T6 Plus speaker. In terms of functionality though, the T6 Plus and T6 Mini are more capable since these two speakers allow you to play music off of a memory SD card slot. The T6 Plus also has an equalizer built-in, as well as a powerbank function for charging external devices. 
The Force 2 built-in microphone features noise suppression and echo cancellation, which is usually found in portable speaker phones to enable multiple voices to be transmitted in both directions at the same time. Both echo cancellation and noise suppression work well at making calls sound naturally clearer and cleaner. Bear in mind though, that the Tronsmart Force 2 microphone pick up is limited because the Force 2 speaker only has one microphone, whereas dedicated speaker phones have multiple microphones (up to 8 microphones), which do a much better job at picking several voices at the same time. 
In terns of accessories, there are two cables included, one of them being a 14cm long audio cable (3.5mm male to male) and a charging cable (USB-A to USB-C). Both cables are unbranded. You can buy the Force 2 speaker from AliExpress and Amazon

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