Roccat Pyro Review Mechanical RGB Keyboard With TTC Red Linear Switches

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pyro is the masked pyromaniac character in the video game Team Fortress 2 and, it's also the name of the latest Roccat mechanical keyboard! While it looks a lot like the Roccat Magma membrane keyboard, the Pyro keyboard has a more premium construction and uses TTC red linear mechanical switches with 2mm actuation travel so, you don't have to bottom out the keycap in order to register a keypress.

Along with short travel, the Pyro keyboard has a low actuation force (45G), which provides less fatigue and faster reaction times when playing games (e.g. first person shooters). The standard actuation travel for most keyboards is typically 4mm, while some keyboards are equipped with extremely short travel (e.g 0.4mm)

Just like the Vulcan TKL Pro, the Roccat Pyro mechanical keyboard has a ridged volume knob on the top right corner of the keyboard, although Pyro's volume control knob is made of plastic and uses a rotary encoder with infinite travel in both directions. 
Unlike a regular volume potentiometer with stops, you can rotate Pyro's volume control knob clockwise or anticlockwise without stopping. The volume knob makes a subtle ratchet sound when rotating and doesn't integrate a centre push button.

The words "Roccat Pyro" are etched on the brushed aluminium metal top plate, just above the directional arrow keys. Unlike the mentioned Vulcan TKL Pro, which is a tenkeyless keyboard, the Roccat Pyro is a full size keyboard with 105 keys, including five media keys, game mode key and a standard bottom row with standard keys (seven keys plus the space bar). 
You can easily replace the Roccat Pyro stock keycaps (single shot ABS) with after market ones such as PBT double shot keycaps. The bottom row of all keyboards isn't always standard. Some bottom row keyboards have different key sizes, which makes it difficult (if not impossible) to find suitable third party keycaps.

The Roccat Pyro mechanical keyboard comes with the same clip-on plastic palm rest you get with the Roccat Magma keyboard, which is non-padded and made of plastic with a smooth textured ridged finish on top. While it doesn't have any cushioning, the palm rest allows the wrists to rest at a comfortable angle. The palm rest also does a good job at keeping the wrists naturally straight, which prevents putting pressure on the narrow passageway in the wrist (carpal tunnel).

Both the keyboard and detachable palm rest have anti-skid rubber feet. The palm rest weighs 165 grams and measures 7.5cm wide and 1.5cm high. The Pyro keyboard weighs 956 grams (including the cable) and measures 45cm long and 15cm wide. The height of the keyboard is 3.5cm high from the base of the keyboard to the highest point of the keyboard, which is the top row of keys. The bottom row of keys has a 3cm elevation. The flip-up feet provides an extra 1cm of height.

The 1.8 meter long USB-A cable is located in the centre of the keyboard and, it's non detachable and made of a semi rigid rubber sheath. The bottom edge of the Pyro keyboard is wider than on most full size keyboards, making the Pyro keybed look more spacious. The switches have a tall transparent housing with vibrant leds, which brightly lights up the key legends, while creating a cool halo effect around the keycaps. The "open plan" design of the keybed also makes it easier when dusting off the keyboard.
Speaking of brightness, you can adjust the brightness directly from the keyboard but nothing else. That means, you have to download Roccat Swarm software, which supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, in order to re-assign keys, create profiles (up to 5) and play around with the RGB lighting. The Pyro keyboard offers a wide range of lighting options, including various color effects, as well as the ability to customize each and every individual key with the color you want (e.g. color changing and solid color). When changing and saving settings, they do not get saved onto the keyboard; hence you have to keep the Swarm software running.

If you're really into your RGBs though, the Magma keyboard is the better choice because of its translucent top plate and configurable backlighting with five independent RGB zones. The Roccat Pyro also features the "Easy-Shift" button duplicator, which basically works like the Shift key, allowing certain keys to perform a second function. 
There are a total of 36 dual function Easy-shift keys, which include keycaps 1 to 5, function keys (F1 to F12), arrow keys, QWERT keys, ASDFG keys and ZXCVB keys. From the Swarm software, you can also create keystroke sequences similar to macros.

The bottom panel of the Pyro keyboard is made of shiny plastic with a ridged finish. There are two standard flip-up raiser feet for raising the front of the keyboard. The front and bottom of the raiser feet are rubberized to prevent skidding. You can buy the Roccat Pyro from amazon.

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