Samsonite Magnum Eco Spinner Review 4 Wheel Rolling Suitcase Carry On

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Backpacks are the most preferred method to travel for a lot of people. It may even be the best way to travel but, there is lot of times when using wheeled luggage is the way to travel! Wheeled luggage has evolved from the traditional wheeled suitcase with a leash to rolling bags that you lug around like a hand trolley. There is also four-wheel carry-on bags such as the Samsonite Magnum Eco Spinner (pictured), which take rolling bags to another level of convenient travel, especially because the Magnum Eco Spinner fits easily in the overhead bin of an airplane.

The Samsonite Magnum Eco Spinner has a hard outershell made of recycled polypropylene plastic (PP), while the inner shell is made of recycled PET plastic. While both are plastic, PP plastic is more heat resistant than PET plastic. And, PET plastic is more cold resistant than PP plastic. The combination of both plastic materials makes the Magnum Eco Spinner suitcase more versatile in different types of temperature.

While the Magnum Eco Spinner is a hard shell, the outershell is not rock solid. It has some flex to it. Dimensions-wise, the Magnum Eco Spinner measures 55cm high, including the wheels, which have a dual wheel design similar to the caster wheels of an office chair. The wheels measure 6cm high and have a plastic inner rim with a thick rubber

The wheels have a 4.5cm diameter, as well as a metal rod in the centre that helps the wheels spin freely and smoothly. There is one wheel on each corner of the suitcase, which allows the suitcase to stay upright and elevated from the ground. Another plus you get with the Magnum Eco Spinner 4 wheeler, it's that you can roll the suitcase upright on all four wheels, as well as downward at an angle on two wheels, just like a 2-wheel bag.

The Magnum Eco Spinner wheels are able to rotate 360 degrees without rubbing against the bottom side of the suitcase. The wheels have a robust construction with a thick solid metal stem holding the wheels together. The Magnum Eco Spinner wheels don't appear to be removable, although this seems to be the case with most 4-wheel suitcases these days. Most 2-wheel suitcases though, can be disassembled and cleaned, which is handy when stuff gets caught in between the wheels. Removable wheels are always a plus for service maintenance and wheel replacement.

The two halves of Magnum Eco Spinner suitcase are held together via a metal rod that is threaded via hinge holes that allows the suitcase to open up 180 degrees horizontally in two halves, just like a clamshell. The interior is roomy and free from lining and organizational pockets, aside from one large zip pocket built-in to one of the divider pads. The Magnum Eco suitcase doesn't use traditional elastic belts. Instead, it uses divider pads which double as privacy screens and do a much better job at securing the contents so, they don't shift around during transportation. 

If you don't want to use the divider pads, they can be detached from the suitcase by simply twisting up or down the plastic locks. The divider pads are made of thin lightweight fabric that measure 45cm long and 29cm wide. The zip pouch built-in to the divider pad has a metal slider and a U-shaped mouth opening measuring 34cm wide.

On the side of the Magnum Eco suitcase, there is a large rubber grab handle and a TSA 3 dial combination lock with a spring loaded push button that opens the suitcase. The TSA lock is made of metal and so is the internal latch. The TSA lock measures 8cm long and 2cm wide, while the push button is also made of metal and has a textured surface. Both the TSA lock and push button control the opening and closing of the internal latch of the suitcase. When the push button is pressed, it springs open the TSA lock, opening the suitcase in the process. To close the suitcase, you simply push down the TSA lock. Instructions on how to operate the TSA lock are included with the suitcase.

The Magnum Eco suitcase also has two external securing latches, which are made of plastic and feature a metal spring loaded hinge. The external latches don't have a combination lock built-in other than a small locking switch, which is only designed to stop the latch from opening unexpectedly or accidentally. In terms of security, the Magnum Eco suitcase is more secure than a regular checked baggage such as the Paradiver rolling suitcase. Also, the Magnum Eco is cabin size so, you can take it onboard most planes as hand luggage, making it safer than checked luggage.

The side grab handle measures 16.5cm long and 2.3cm wide and has the word Samsonite etched on top. The grab handle has a robust construction with pivoting joints that allow the grab handle to be lifted up and retracted flat when not in use. The grab handle is made of a comfortable piece of soft solid rubber that flexes so, it doesn't dig into the hand causing any discomfort. The Magnum Eco suitcase isn't IPX rated, although it does feature an internal rubber ring gasket, which would help minimize water/dust ingress.

The outer shell front and back panels of the Magnum Eco suitcase are flat; hence you can lay the suitcase flat on either side. That said, the rear side panel of the suitcase is more sturdy because of the metal brackets housing the dual telescopic handle, which are built-in to the suitcase and measure 39cm long. In between the metal brackets, there is a built-in luggage ID tag cutout with a paper insert inside of it. The ID tag is covered with a transparent rubber cover, which seals it from the elements. The tag measures 8cm long and 2cm wide.

The telescopic handle can be adjusted in two heights, at 39cm and 51cm. Releasing the telescopic handle is easy. The grab handle has a small button built-in that you press and hold to unlock the spring loaded mechanism that allows the handle bars to be raised at the desired height. The handle is made of smooth hard plastic, which is very comfortable to grab and measures 11.5cm wide so, it should comfortably fit small and large size hands. When not in use, the telescopic handle neatly retracts into its hideaway cutout.

In terms of volume capacity, the Magnum Eco can store up to 38 liters, which is enough space for a single person going on a 2 day/weekend trip. You can comfortably fit one pair of shoes, a couple of trousers, a jumper, a few shirt tops and a jacket. There is also a 69cm version (for one 1 week), a 75cm version (for 2 weeks) and a 81cm version (for 3 weeks). With the larger versions of the Magnum Eco Spinner, you will be able to also store a small day bag such as the Securipak or American Tourister backpack. The Magnum Eco Spinner, seen pictured, weighs 2.7 kg and measures 55cm high, 40cm wide and 20cm deep. You can buy it directly from Samsonite and amazon when it comes available. Check out the review of the Samsonite Litepoint backpack

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