Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle With Wheels 55CM

Friday, February 07, 2020

Having wheels and handles on a bag makes a bag even more versatile and convenient to carry, especially if you travel a lot on foot!
There is a decent amount of bags to choose from, including the Samsonite Paradiver Light rolling duffle bag, which is perfect for a week's vacation, business trip or long weekend getaway.
The Samsonite Paradiver Light features two bumper guards on the backside panel, which are made of hard plastic and measure 30cm long by 3cm wide. 
The bumper guards are raised 1cm high, which should help protect the backside of the bag from impacts. The bumper guards also reinforces the structural integrity of the backside of the bag, making it even more rigid.
Hard plastic guards can also be found surrounding the wheelbase of the Samsonite Paradiver Light bag, as well as the base of the bag where there is a 27cm long hard plastic strip with an insert that doubles also as a grab handle.

The Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle has a hard outer shell, spanning the base and backside panel of the bag, while the front, sides and top of the bag have a soft shell construction.
The rolling wheels on the Samsonite Paradiver Light have a 7cm diameter and are made with a hard plastic rim and rubber tire. The wheels also have a plastic rim cover, which is detachable from the rim.
The rim cover has to be unclipped, which isn't as straightforward because the clips face the backside of the wheel and require some type of long tool to unclip them. Once the plastic rim cover is detached, it exposes the hex bolt, holding the wheel in place.
As far as the fabric material, the outer shell of the Samsonite Paradiver Light bag is covered with a durable PU coated 600 denier polyester fabric that is made with different finishes. The base of the bag has a rugged textured finish, while the rest of the outer shell of the bag has a soft finish to it.
The zip seams have a PU leather coating on them, making the Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle fully waterproof.
The metal zips also have pull tabs on them that are made with nylon cords and rubber trims. The dual zips of the main compartment are larger than the rest of the zips and have eyelets for passing through a wire padlock.
The side pockets are thinly padded and lined with the same 600 denier polyester fabric. The side pockets measure 28cm tall and 12cm wide and can expand up to 6cm with the zip closed. Inside the side pockets, there is also a small d-ring for attaching and clipping things like a keychain.
The Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle stands at 53cm tall and 42cm wide and, it has a depth of 20cm, giving the suitcase a 49 litre capacity.
Without any contents inside it, the Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle weighs 2.2 kg, making it extremely lightweight. Because of how compact it is, the Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle can be taken on board most planes as cabin luggage.
There are four grab handles on the Samsonite Paradiver Light bag. Two of them located on the side, one on the front and the fourth grab handle on top. The largest of the grab handles is the front one, measuring 20cm long.
The top grab handle measures 18cm long, while the side grab handles measures 16cm long. All four grab handles are thickly padded and sturdy, measuring 3.5cm wide and 5mm thick.
The foam padding on the grab handles is made of closed-cell foam so, it feels very compact in the hand. The underside of the grab handles also feature small ridges for accommodating the fingers comfortably.
On the front of the Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle, there is a secret zip pocket and a luggage rubber ID tag that slides in and out.
The secret zip pocket spans the width and length of the suitcase and, it's 10cm deep so, it's a very roomy compartment for storing low profile items such as a light jacket, collapsible water bottle, chargers, etc. That said, it's worth mentioning that this secret zip pocket only has a 21cm opening so, you won't be able to fit a large item like a laptop, although a tablet would fit just fine.
Next to the top grab handle, there is a small zip pocket designed to conceal the telescopic handle, which measures 50cm long.
The telescopic handle is operated via a spring loaded button on top of the grab handle that lets you collapse the handle to stow it away.
The telescopic aluminum bar has a rubber grab handle that measures 14cm long and 2.5cm wide. The underside of the handle has a wavy design to accommodate the fingers, as well as thin grooves for ventilation to prevent the fingers from getting sweaty.
The dual-zip clam-shell opening of the Samsonite Paradiver Light allows the bag to be opened like a book, making it super easy to load and unload stuff from the compartment.
The main compartment is lined with the same 600 denier polyester fabric and features dual elastic straps to secure the contents inside the compartment. There is also a long pocket mesh with a yellow zip.
The shoulder strap included is made of thin webbing (2mm thick) and measures 1.27 meters long and 3.5cm wide. The inline shoulder pad measures 27cm long and 6.5cm wide and, it's made with soft, open cell foam padding covered with PU leather (top side) and breathable mesh material (underside).
The clips on either end of the shoulder strap, as well as the d-rings are made of metal. The suitcase style along with the integration of the shoulder strap makes the Samsonite Paradiver Light a clever bag to have at hand for traveling around. Included also with the bag is a limited 2 year global warranty. Check out the review of the Samsonite Midtown backpack and the Magnum Eco rolling suitcase.

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