NerdyTec Couchmaster Cycon 2 Review Lap Desk For Couch Work Gaming

Thursday, August 26, 2021

No daily commute, no office politics, no sedentary rut, no hot-desking, not having to look busy when there is no work to do! What's not to like about working from home? On top of that, you get the flexibility to seat where you want and how you want, including the bed where you can comfortably hop on with a laptop and do computer work. The couch is another neat little spot for doing work, especially when using a lap desk solution like the Couchmaster Cycon 2 by NerdyTec.

While the target demographic are PC gamers, the Couchmaster Cycon 2 has the versatility of a bed tray, giving you a flat surface to put a laptop, food or a keyboard/mouse combo for gaming or doing work. Couchmaster Cycon 2 uses a desktop, as well as thick armrest cushions at each end to fit across your lap while sitting up in the sofa or bed. The armrest cushions are made of memory foam blocks covered with microsuede (faux suede) fabric material, which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The microsuede material does a good job of repelling stains and water too, although it isn't waterproof. If you spill water over it, you want to quickly remove the cloth cover to prevent liquids from seeping into the memory foam. The microsuede cloth covers have a zipper closure so, they can be easy removed and hand wash. One of the cushions has two pockets built-in: a long narrow elastic pocket (19cm long x 12cm high) and a small mesh pocket (10cm wide).

The Couchmaster Cycon 2 cushions measure 60cm long, 16.5cm wide and 20cm high when laying the cushions on the widest side. The cushions with the built-in pockets weighs slightly more (673 grams), while the other cushion weighs 654 grams. The table board weighs 1.7 kg. The shortest cable weighs 200 grams, while the longest cable weighs 413 grams. Total weight of Couchmaster Cycon 2 is 2.3 kg.

The table desk is the second key component that makes the Couchmaster Cycon 2. It is a long board made of recycled plastic with connectivity ports built inside two large compartments located underneath the board. The compartments let you neatly store the cables, which you can route between compartments, thanks to a small pass-through opening (3.5cm long and 1.5cm high). There is six female connectivity ports (USB B, DC port and two USB-A) on the left compartment and two USB-A ports on the right compartment. The compartments measure 35.5cm long, 18.5cm wide and 1.5cm high.

The Couchmaster Cycon 2 table has a smooth matte finish with the word "Couchmaster" deeply engraved in the centre of the desktop. The far sides of the desktop are textured with protein leather. Towards to the front of the desktop, there are cable management cutouts for routing cables, as well as two additional connectivity ports (one for charging). 

The board has plexiglass strips, which would have been neat if they illuminated. The Couchmaster Cycon 2 table measures 82cm long, 33cm wide and 3cm thick. The textured protein leather sections measure 20cm long and 6cm wide. The cable cutouts on top measure 1.5cm wide and 3cm long, which maybe too small if you're running a power cord or peripheral that has a ferrite bead (choke) inline the cable.

There are two sets of cables included with the Couchmaster Cycon 2. The longest cable it's a 5 meter long USB extension cable designed to extend the connectivity of a desktop computer to the Couchmaster Cycon 2 without having to psychically move your desktop computer. The 5 meter length of the cable should fit just about everybody, especially since the average couch distance to a TV is about 2 meters. The extension cable carries a USB signal and a power line to help carry the signal

Both cables are NerdyTec branded. The 5 meter long cable has a thick square plug at one end, housing a USB-A female port and DC female port. At the other end of the 5 meter long cable, there is a dual splitter connection (male USB-A connector and a female DC port). The shorter cable has a USB B connection at one end and a thick plug at the other end, housing a male DC jack and a male USB-A connector. 

A NerdyTec-branded 12V/1.5A wall power adapter is also included and can output 18 watts. The power adapter has a 3 meter long cable attached to a standard with DC barrel connector. A mouse pad is also included. It measures 30cm long, 23cm wide and 0.4cm thick and has a neoprene-like surface material with 3M repositionable adhesive backing that keeps the mousepad secure on the desk. 

The adhesive doesn't leave any sticky residue or marks behind and, it can be easily peeled off the desk to reposition over and over without the adhesive losing effectiveness. The edge of the mousepad has over-edge stitching to prevent the edges from fraying. The word NerdyTec has been heat printed onto the top of the mousepad.

Couchmaster Cycon 2 includes a pouch designed to store a mouse. The pouch weighs 16 grams and measures 15.5cm long and 11.5cm wide. It is made of the same material as the cushion covers and keeps the mouse securely inside via single snap fastener. On the backside of the pouch, there is velcro with adhesive backing designed to stick the pouch to the front edge of the board. NerdyTec includes two rolls of velcro strips with adhesive backing. Each roll of velcro is about 98cm long, 2.7cm wide and 0.2cm thick. It can be easily cut down to size with a pair of scissors.

Lastly, you get a spare screw, which has been included in case you lose or misplace the screws, which are designed to keep the cable panel compartments securely locked. The screws aren't necessary because of the strong built-in magnets, which keep the lid compartment securely put. 

The only time you may need to use the screws is when the cables bulge out the compartment. To prevent the screws from "magically" undoing themselves and losing them, you may want to dab a bit of blue thread-locker on to the screw thread. You can buy the Couchmaster Cycon 2 from amazon

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