Edifier TWS330 NB Review ANC Earbuds With Volume And Button Remapping

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A decidedly quirky pair of true wireless, the new Edifier TWS330 NB earbuds short rounded stems sure look like mini hairdryers!

Aside from the quirky design, the TWS330 NB stand out from other Edifier earbuds for having volume support, as well as button remapping, which means can swap touch controls functions to a different function you want. These include play/pause, skipping tracks (next and previous, voice assistant, game mode, anc/ambient mode, volume (up and down).

Touch control functions have been designated as double tap and triple tap. There is no single tap or long press, which means the touch control functionality is limited to two functions per earbud. While touch control remapping is a bit limited, it makes the TWS330 NB more versatile than previous Edifier earbuds, which don't have a button remapping option. Not only that, the TWS330 NB earbuds support volume control, which is a feature you also don't get on most Edifier earbuds including the TWS5, X3 earbuds and TWS NB2 Pro.

The TWS330 NB earbuds have a charging time of 1 hour with 10-minute quick charge, which gives you 1 hour of playback time. The TWS330 NB earbuds have a 4-hour battery life with anc turned on and 5 hour battery life with anc turned off. The charging case takes 1.5 hours to recharge and holds about 15 hours of extra power to recharge the earbuds three times over. The TWS330 NB charging case does not support quick charge and holds less charge than the TWS5 charging case because of the smaller 350mAh battery. The TWS5 case has a 500mAh battery. 

The TWS330 charging case measures 6cm long, 4.5cm wide and 2.5cm thick - similar to TWS1 Pro 2. The charging case does not stand upright because of the rounded base and, it is made of plastic with a glossy finish, which is grippy and looks nice, although it marks easily with fingerprints. The word "Edifier" has been engraved on the back of the lid, which integrates a strong spring hinge. The USB-C charging port is located on the base of the charging case. The TWS330 charging case lid and docking area are magnetized so, no chance of the earbuds falling out. The round stem measures 2.5cm long and has a 6mm diameter.

In terms of design aesthetics, the TWS330 NB are closely related to the TWS5 model, although the TWS330 NB charging case is more pocket friendly, thanks to its slimline pebble-like shape design. Removing the earbuds from the charging case with the fingers is easy. You can do it by simply pinching the earbuds out of the charging. The TWS330 NB earbuds have the same grippy glossy plastic construction as the charging case, which helps anchoring the earbuds in the ears even when sweaty (IP54 rating). 

The TWS330 NB earbuds have a smaller footprint in the ears than the TWS5 earbuds too, which means the TWS330 NB earbuds don't stick out as much. The TWS330 NB earbuds also have an oval-shaped nozzle tip, which makes the opening a bit larger letting out more sound. The included eartips also have an oval shaped bore, although you can fit round bore eartips too by wiggling them over the nozzle tip.

The TWS330 NB earbuds can be paired and connected while sitting inside the charging case. The stereo to mono switching is seamless; however, you cannot use these earbuds independently with separate devices. Each earbud weighs 4.5 grams, while the charging case weighs 37 grams. There is app support too via the Edifier Connect app, which has a clean, non-cluttered user interface. The app requires the usual app permissions (e.g. location), as well as "display over other apps", which most apps don't require because of its intrusive nature. Fortunately, when changing settings on the app they get saved onto the earbuds so, you can close the Edifier Connect app when you're done.

The Edifier Connect app shows at a glance the battery level for each earbud. You can enable/disable the anc feature, as well as make the feedforward microphone more or less sensitive to outside noise so, you can adjust ambient noise. From the Edifier Connect app, you can also adjust the volume of the voice prompt, the touch control sensitivity, power off the earbuds and swap around touch control functions. There is no built-in equalizer in the Edifier Connect app .

The TWS330 NB uses hybrid anc, which has a comparable performance to the hybrid anc of the NB2 earbuds. The NB2 Pro version has better performance though, including the microphone quality. The TWS330 NB mic quality is good too, although the noise suppression algorithm can be a bit too aggressive if you're in a very loud environments, making your voice sound a little faint.

The TWS330 NB earbuds use a bluetooth 5.0 chipset that supports SBC and AAC codecs but does not support multipoint connection nor absolute volume control, which means you only control the volume of earbuds (not the volume of the source device). Like most anc earbuds, turning on anc makes the bass punchier, although it doesn't muddle the vocals and higher tones, which are clean and clear. Inside the box, you also get bowl-shaped silicone eartips of various sizes and  an unbranded USB-A to USB-C cable. You can buy the TWS330 NB true wireless earbuds from Edifier. Check out the review of the Edifier X3 To-U pastel color version, the Edifier TWS NBQ earbuds.

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