Hydaway Collapsible Camp Bowls Review

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Solve problems without making any should always be the motto when bringing something to market! Unfortunetley, because of greed and carelessness the mass production of many things like plastic has been causing more problems than solutions. Plastic should never have hit the shelves but one cannot change the past. The focus now is on finding endlessly reusable alternatives such as food grade silicone that are more friendly for the planet!

The Hydaway camp bowls are safe, versatile and they can be folded into a small space, making them as convinient to carry as the Hydaway 2.0 water bottle and the Hydaway tumbler container.  The Hydaway collapsible camp bowls are made of food grade silicone and integrate a double walled stainless steel rim, which is non-magnetic stainless steel that contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 

18/8 stainless steel has better resistance to corrosion than other types of stainless steel (e.g. 400 series stainless steel) and, just like double walled stainless steel bottles, the Hydaway bowl rim has a vacuum insulation layer, which is designed to help insulate the bowl and your fingers when holding the bowl.The double walled stainless steel rim makes the silicone structure rigid too, preventing the Hydaway camp bowls from wobbling when full of water. Because of the stainless steel, the Hydaway camp bowls are not microwave safe.

Speaking of insulation, the Hydaway camp bowls include removable external insulation, consisting of two sleeve holders made of neoprene-like mouse mat material. The sleeve holders are a clever addition because it adds an extra layer of insulation that keeps the contents hotter or colder for longer. 

The Hydaway sleeve holders works just like the cup sleeves used for hot beverages, sliding over the camp bowls right up to the stainless steel rim. The sleeve holders have a small cutouts at the bottom corners that help flatten the base so, you can rest the camp bowls upright. The small sleeve holder weighs 18 grams and the large sleeve holder weighs 33 grams.

The Hydaway collapsible camp bowls also come with lids, which seem to be made of regular plastic material. The Hydaway lids mark very easily. If you run your fingernail across the lid by accident it creates a permanent scratch. The small camp bowl lid also integrates the same spout opening as the Hydaway tumbler, which turns the small camp bowl into a drinking cup. You can also drink with a drinking straw, although one isn't included.

The Hydaway camp bowls have two collapsible levels.When fully extended, the large Hydaway camp bowl can hold 650ml of liquid volume capacity. When the first level is collapsed, the volume capacity reduces down to 500ml. 

The second way the Hydaway large bowl can be collapsed is by collapsing the bottom base of the bowl inward. which creates a volume capacity of 450ml. The small Hydaway camp bowl also collapsed the same way as the large bowl. When fully extended, the small bowl can hold 300ml of water and 200ml when collapsed from the top down or from the bottom up.

The Hydaway lids integrate a removable rubber gasket, which helps create a snug seal, preventing the lid from opening accidentally. When the large Hydaway camp bowl is full or even 3/4 full of water, it isn't able to prevent water spilling through the lid. This doesn't happen with the small bowl lid, which has a true spill resistant seal. You can fill up the small camp bowl to the brim, turn it around and even shake it upside down without the lid giving in nor water spilling through.

When fully extended and full of water, the small camp bowl weighs 393 grams with lid (156 grams empty). When the large bowl is extended and full of water, it weighs 970 grams with lid (275 grams empty). The large lid weighs 58 grams. The small lid weighs 29 grams. The inner diameter of the small bowl rim is 9cm, while the diameter of the bottom rim is 7.5cm. The large bowl rim has a 13cm inner diameter and 11.5cm bottom diameter. When collapsed, the small bowl measures 2.5cm high, while the large bowl measures 3cm high when collapsed. When fully extended, both camp bowls measure 7.6cm high.

The Hydaway camp bowls wash up and dry up very quickly too. Water beads off when shaking the bowl. It's a good idea keeping the bowls closed when not in use because the silicone material attracts pocket lint and dust like a magnet. 

When storing the Hydaway camp bowls, you can save space by inserting the small camp bowl inside the large camp bowl and place the lid on top. You can also do this when both camp bowls are collapsed, although the lid won't fit on top unless you place the lid upside down. Both camp bowls have three measurement markings levels in milliliters (ml) and ounces (oz)

Being made of food grade silicone, the Hydaway camp bowls are reusable, heat/cold resistant and will not harden, crack or become brittle over time, unlike single use plastic, which is also toxic. The Hydaway food grade silicone camp bowls are odorless and do not contain phthalates, BPA, latex or lead.

Food grade silicone is probably second to glass and ceramic when it comes to healthy food storage. The downside to glass or ceramic containers though, it's that they're heavy, take more space and can break, unlike silicone, making food grade silicone the best portable solution for carrying food and water on the go. The Hydaway camp bowls collapsible feature make them even more versatile.

To put in perspective how insanely unhealthy plastic is, here are some facts. Plastic is typically made from coal and crude oil (fossil fuel), which is the same stuff used to produce fuel (e.g. gasoline and diesel) for car engines. Coal is the stuff burnt in power plants to produce electricity and contains sulphur, mercury and arsenic. Food grade silicone is made of "silica", which is naturally non-toxic. Non-food-grade silicone is usually toxic because it's coated with chemicals (cobalt chloride) like the beads inside silica gel/desiccant packets.The Hydaway collapsible camp bowls is currently a Kickstarter project so, in order to buy one now, you have to back the Hydaway camp bowls project, which is already fully funded with 17 days to go.

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