Hydaway Tumbler Review Collapsible Drink Container

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Taking substantially less space than a bottle or drinking glass, the Hydaway tumbler is a nifty plastic-free beverage storage solution that makes drinking on the go very convenient.
The Hydaway Tumbler comes with a neoprene-like sleeve designed to add a layer of insulation around the Hydaway tumbler, while the tumbler lid creates a "partial" vacuum seal similar to a thermo cup lid. This partial vacuum effect happens when putting the cap on any bottle because air cannot enter so, the pressure inside the bottle naturally drops. To create a proper full vacuum though, you would have to evacuate all the air out like you do with vacuum storage bags, using a vacuum cleaner. 
The Hydaway tumbler lid and tumbler sleeve work well at maintaining the necessary vacuum and minimizing heat transfer to the outside. The sleeve provides up to 90% coverage of the tumbler, leaving out the bottom section exposed similarly to the disposable cup sleeve you get when buying a hot drink from a shop. 
While the Hydaway tumbler sleeve doesn't provide 100% coverage, it works better than a paper cup sleeve because the Hydaway tumbler sleeve is thicker (weighs 17 grams) and made of two neoprene pieces stitched together. Compared to a thermo cup though, the Hydaway tumbler is naturally not able to compete.
The Hydaway tumbler lid is made of natural rubber (biopolymer), which is both biodegradable and compostable, meaning it doesn't become toxic when it breaks down into smaller pieces. Polyester (PET plastic), in the other hand, takes decades to breakdown, becoming toxic in the process. 
The Hydaway tumbler lid biopolymer material is as natural as a banana skin but there is a difference. A banana skin can be composted at home within 4 weeks, whereas the tumbler lid does require an industrial composting process to break it down into usable compost (organic matter) and, this can take up to 6 months.
The Hydaway tumbler body is made of food grade silicone, which does not contain carcinogenic nor petroleum-based chemicals fillers such as BPA, BPS and Phthalates. Despite being made mostly of silica (sand), food grade silicone is not 100% natural; hence the Hydaway tumbler is not compostable like the lid component. 
Compared to plastic, silicone is still the lesser of two evils, taking as long as plastic to decompose and requiring specialized recycling to down-cycle it for other purposes such as silicone lubricant spray, cookware and rubber mulch for playgrounds. 
Silicone does have a saving grace though. It does not become toxic when it breaks down and can be recycled multiple times. Plastic can only be recycled once or twice (at best) before it winds up at a land-filled again. Some plastics don't even get recycled at all because the process is "apparently" too expensive and complicated. 
Being made of food grade silicone, the Hydaway tumbler will not leech any harmful chemicals into the drink nor does it develop unpleasant smells; hence it is odorless. Silicone is also hypoallergenic and it is highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures so, it will not break or crack like glass when exposed to high heat and cold simultaneously.
The Hydaway tumbler lid measures 100mm in diameter and doesn't have a spout but, it does integrate a cut out opening for pouring out liquid and sliding in the included straw, which is also made of food grade silicone and measures 18cm long with a 7mm inner hole diameter. The straw weighs 9 grams. 
The cutout opening of the tumbler lid features a non-detachable silicone rubber flap designed to tightly seal this cut out. This piece of silicone has the word Hydaway and logo engraved on it. The Hydaway tumbler fits well in a cup holder and is pretty rigid, especially with the sleeve. 
You will be able to comfortably hold it without it crushing but, you will need to use the sleeve when drinking hot liquids because the silicone itself isn't insulated and can be too hot to hold comfortably.
The metal-looking rim around the top of the Hydaway tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is the same grade most cutlery is made of. 18/8 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel; hence it is a non-magnetic metal. 
The 18/8 stainless steel is double-walled similar to the double walls of a thermo cup, meaning there is a vacuum (no air) in between the two walls. Double walls in thermos are designed as a barrier to prevent heat to escape from inside and outside temperature to seep in. The Hydaway silicone body does not appear to be double-walled though; hence it cannot hold temperate as long as a thermo cup.
The Hydaway Tumbler has the same fold design of a CV gaiter boot and folds just like the folding bellows of an accordion. Compared to the original Hydaway 2.0, the Hydaway Tumbler looks more like a drinking glass - in this case a tall tumbler - wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. 
Because of the folding design, the original Hydaway 2.0 can be flattened flat by swatting it with the palm of a hand. The new Hydaway Tumbler will not properly fold flat when swatted; hence you have to knead each fold with the fingers one fold at a time. Since there is only four folds to work with, the process just takes a few seconds though, so it isn't cumbersome. When flat, the Hydaway Tumbler measures 2.5cm high (including the lid).
Inside the tumbler, there are three line measurement markings: 8oz (237ml), 12oz (355ml) and 16oz (473ml)
The Hydaway tumbler lid doesn't have a screw on lid like the original Hydaway 2.0 but, it has a rubber gasket around the inner lip that creates a tight seal, preventing drinks from spilling out.While the seal is tight, it is only a snug fit.
The tumbler can be shaken vigorously upright without the drink spilling out. However, when tilting the tumbler upside down while shaking, the lid will break away, releasing the drink. This seems to happen with a full tumbler. If the Hydaway tumbler is only 3/4 full, the lid seems to be able to hold the weight of the liquid.
The lid's rubber ring gasket can be easily removed with the fingers. You should remove it periodically since residue does build up behind it. When removing the ring gasket, you want to make sure not to use any sharp objects and to keep the right orientation when re-fitting the gasket to make sure the lid snugs securely onto the tumbler. Hydaway doesn't currently sell any gasket ring replacements; hence you want to make sure not to tear it or misplace it.
The Hydaway tumbler and lid attract pocket lint/tissue lint and other types of gnurr very easily like a magnet. It does wash off easily but, you definitely want to make sure to keep the lid on since the inside of the tumbler also attracts gnurr. 
The Hydaway tumbler has a 13.5cm height with 90mm diameter top and 53mm bottom. Weighs 180 grams when empty (220 grams with lid) and 610 grams full of water, including the lid. The Hydaway lid weighs 40 grams. The Hydaway Tumbler and lid are top rack dishwasher safe (the sleeve isn't). The Hydaway Tumbler is available to buy from Kickstarter and will be available on amazon too. Check out the new Hydaway collapsible camp bowls

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