Oclean W10 Review Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Teeth Gum Cleaner

Monday, September 06, 2021

The purpose of brushing teeth is to basically keep the mouth clean! Regularly brushing does a good job of keeping teeth and gums healthy but when complimented with dental flossing, it will minimize expensive visits to a dentist! A water flosser (i.e. oral irrigator) such as the Oclean W10 (pictured) is, without a doubt, the more effective way to floss the teeth and, it's also cheaper on the long run than buying string floss and/or floss picks. Another reason why water flossing beats string flossing and floss picking is time and convenience! A water flosser works automatically like an electric toothbrush and, doesn't require a specific technique like string flossing does, which requires positioning the string floss around in a "C" shape.

The Oclean W10 water flosser has a detachable 200ml water tank, which is made of plastic. The water tank is made of clear plastic so, you can see-through how much water there is left. The 200ml water tank provides enough water for two uses in power mode. The main body has softly textured sides and integrates a weighted dip tube to draw in water from the water tank. The dip tube is protected by a cross guard to prevent large particles from being sucked in and clogging the pump system.

Like most water flossers, the Oclean W10 uses a brushless motor and a pump to pressurize and pulsate the water, which creates a surprisingly strong stream of water. If you haven't used a water flosser before, be sure to keep the nozzle tightly secured between your lips because the water stream is so strong that water will squirt everywhere if your keep the mouth open! The Oclean W10 has a interesting rubber handle design that reminds of a canteen drinking bottle and has a practical application too for holding the Oclean W10 securely in the hand and hooking it onto something like the corner of a square mirror.

The Oclean W10 rubber handle has a detachable bottom end, which is easily undone by wiggling the slit opening over the metal capped button stud. The slit opening is also designed to allow you to adjust the length of the handle. The top of the rubber handle cannot detached as it's permanently fixed around the water inlet opening, which is designed for filling the water tank. The water inlet opening has a matching metal aluminium cap with a friction hinge and a rubber gasket that prevents water spilling out when the Oclean W10 water flosser is turned upside down.

There are two physical buttons - one of them is a power button and the other button lets you toggle between 5 automatic cleaning modes (powerful, standard, sensitive, point shooting and impulse) and a manual mode (point shooting), which releases a steady stream of pressurized pulsating water every time you press the power button. Regardless of mode, the Oclean W10 has a water pulse frequency of 1400 pulses per minute. The only difference between each mode is the intensity of the pressurized water, which is highest in "power mode". The automatic cleaning modes work on a 2-minute timer, which cuts off power when 2 minutes are up. You can restart the cleaning mode by pressing the power button again, which also doubles as a pause/resume button.

The Oclean W10 is also equipped with a water level reminder, which kicks in at the beginning of a cleaning mode by pulsating erratically when the water tank is 3/4 full, half full and 1/4 full. The water level reminder is a thoughtful feature, although an audible beep would have probably worked out better. Also, the water level warning can be accidentally triggered when holding the water flosser at an angle. There is a battery indicator light too that flashes red when there is less than 15% of the battery left.

Each cleaning mode uses a different intensity. These include a high pressure mode and a low pressure mode, which is nice for sensitive gums that are prone to bleeding. Four nozzle attachments are included, all made of plastic. The Oclean W10 nozzles are designed to clip into place securely with a snug fit so, the nozzle attachment does not wobble during use. To remove the nozzle attachment, you simply press the release button and pull the nozzle attachment out.

The nozzle attachments include a periodontal brush (thin brush), orthodontic brush (thick brush), tongue scraper (spoon-shaped nozzle) and a standard jet tip nozzle to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline. The jet tip nozzle doesn't have a brush. The nozzles have the same overall design with an angled neck for ergonomics. The thin brush also integrates a small inner cartridge that restricts water flow for gentle, low-pressure cleaning.

The brush tip nozzles have stiff bristles and have a different purpose. The orthodontic brush is designed to remove plaque and clean around teeth braces, while the periodontal brush is designed for cleaning periodontal pockets, which are gaps between the teeth and gum created by gum disease. The thick brush and jet tip nozzles weigh 2.5 grams each, while the tongue scraper and thin brush weigh 3 grams each. The nozzles have the same length (8.5cm long). The Oclean W10 weighs 280 grams.

When using it 2-3 minutes each day on power mode, the Oclean W10 water flosser has a battery life of one week. The Oclean W10 achieves a longer battery life (up to 15 days) in sensitive mode and even longer in "point shooting" mode, although it all depends on usage. Mouthwash diluted with water can be added in the water tank. Another nice thing about the Oclean W10 water flosser is that it only needs 5 watts (5V/1A) to operate, which means, you can use a power bank to power and recharge the internal 1400 mAh lithium battery. An unbranded charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) is included. Charging time is 4 hours.

The Oclean W10 is listed as IPX7 rated, which technically means the unit should be submersible. However, the user guide states not to immersive the Oclean W10 in water, which is contradicting. The water rating is not clear, although you can use it while taking a shower as the charging port is protected with a rubber cover. The Oclean W10 is designed as a single person kit, although it can be used by multiple users if you buy more nozzles

It's only after you use a water flosser that you realize what you've been missing! The Oclean W10 oral irrigator removes small bits of food stuck in the teeth and, most importantly "plaque", which is a sticky build up on teeth that happens over time when you eat sugary/starchy foods (e.g. milk, juice, soft drinks). Plaque can build anywhere on the teeth but, it usually takes place on neglected areas where tooth-brushing isn't able to properly reach such as around gum margins and in between teeth. Many people already use dental flossing (e.g. string floss and/or floss picks), although not everyone is even aware of the benefits of a water flosser, which is probably the most complete way to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. You can buy the W10 oral irrigator from Oclean, which is currently offering a discount offer when buying two, as well as a free travel bag.

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